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Wheel Of Fate

By: Artemis Lykaios Nightshade

Page 1, For UnderXYourXSpell\'s Music Magic challenge. Song-Deaht Came Early That Year by Two Steps To Hell. Wraith is a Reaper, a Seeker Reaper, he is blind unless death occurs. But what will happen when the person who is about to die, is someone close to him? Death has definitaly came early that year.

"You were born here right, so will you die here. No matter how many times one oppses it. No one escapes from the wheel of fate. When the victims cry the world begans to turn." ---Wheel of Fate by Me


I am Wraith, I am a Seeker Reaper. I know all, the past, present, and future deaths of many. It is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing part, you know more than what humans have told you in History books, curse, you witness people mourning over one's death. Friend, lover, fmaily, etc.

Rubbing my temples, I stopped and shut my eyes in hopes a headache wouldn't form. No death has occured yet on Earth so to me, everything is pitched black. Yes, Seeker Reapers are blind unless death occurs, but they can also see other dead people, like ghosts, archangels, devils, poltergeist, fallen angels, and other reapers like me.

"Wraith, how did it go?" Rosario, my elder brother, a Messenger Reaper asked, using his scythe as a cane.

I opened my eyes and looked at my heterchromic eyes brother, his left eyes was gold while the right bestowed crimson, his wife, Ninvera was there beside him, her arms around his.

"Swell, minus the constant crying and crying and the swearing." I said with the slightest of smiles.

Rosario chuckled a bit before wrapping his strong arms around my shoulder. "Come, father is back, we're going to celebrate on the behave of his return."

Once they reached the main room, other Reapers were there and so was their father. The Grim Reaper, Dragomir Grimm didn't have to turn his head around ot see that we were in the room.

"Wraith, Rosario. You finally made it," Our father hugged us along with a broad smile. "Oh and Wraith, someone is here to see you but, you know what will happen if."

I nodded my head in understandment and went off to where my father gestured.


As Reapers, we are dark people, night time is our best time, and cloaks protect us for we are allergic to sunlight. No we aren't vampires, we don't burn or sparkle we...well you do not want to know let's just leave it at that.

The main reason why my father and I or anyone couldn't invite this man is, is because he is a Guardian Angel, they are extremely bright when they first approach new places. I adjust my cloak so the hood was over my eyes, shielding it and placed my scythe other my shoulder, blade facing down.

"You took your sweet time." Evin, the Guardian Angel, my boyfriend teased, wrapping his arms around my shoulders before kissing me as I too kissed back.

His eyes were a mixture of every color of blue and the brightest gold. I lightly traced my fingers on his massive wings. He is quite special, his father is a devil and his mother is one of us, but very rare, a Life Reaper. He was also a curious case, how can he be an Angel when his parents were differ. Many of the dead shunned him for being diffrent from his family line, but they, I, and the other Angels love him.

Life Reapers and Poltergiest are both among the rarest one of all, there hasn't been one in nearly a millennium.

"Are you done daydreaming?" Evin teased again, licking my earlobe, smirking.

I snapped out of my trance and lead Evin outside in the front yard for the "party" wa sin the back.




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