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Warrior's Peace

Short story By: Arthur Read

A Warrior who has questioned his role in life meets a woman who changes everything for him and in the end he finds peace.
He not only battles warriors and a demon but himself for the love of a women the most important woman in his life.

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Short story i decided to write a novel first chapter is up to view

In a place long ago in a far off kingdom lived a man a strong warrior who dreamed of love and honor. He fought many battles. He lived all alone and longed for a love that would captivate him. In his tribe men where to fight and die for country and for the honor of the king, a Lowly soldier like him was honored to only die in battle. This warrior wanted more than just a glorious death.

He has known all his life the differences between him and the others and heard of tribes and countries where men grew to ripe old ages with the love of women and children who prosper. One faithful day on a trek back from battle, he comes upon a woman a beautiful woman who was in peril he ran to her quickly and came to her aid. The woman was hurt and dirty he carried her to his home in order to help her. Many in his tribe would discard the woman and would have left her to the elements but for him he saw beauty in her.

For many years they lived as husband and wife and the warrior was pleased he went to war as she stayed behind to care his home. On one dangerous battle he was severely wounded and left for dead yearning for her touch and instead of dying he crept through the death of battle over corpses of enemy and kin alike he trekked through endless nights and oasis days to finally reach home. He returned to a very harsh welcome he was dishonored by not dying where he laid and his tribe loathed him but to his surprise the woman was still there still hoping beyond hope her warrior would return.

Many months had passed and she tended to his wounds when he was strong enough they fled. The tribe had marked him for death the both of them. They ran to her city The city was beautiful full of diamonds and emeralds. She had told him many times of her country and customs and he was accepted in her home as a king.

The woman was a queen or soon to be her parents had died long ago and in her hurt she ran away to find happiness of her own. When she reveals her true lineage the warrior is shocked and hurt he never wanted such glory he only wanted a simple life.

Years pass in bliss they conceived a child a little girl they named her Peace and all of life was wonderful. As a king the warrior never knew how much respect and love he'd experience but that recognition would not last. The queen was a very selfish and damage woman. And soon her love turned into contempt she berated the warrior and emasculated him on many occasions when life for her was not well.

One day on one of the warriors many walks through the courtyard with his daughter he finds out that the queen was to remarry. Enraged He confronts his wife the queen but she dismisses him as it is custom and she reassures him that she only loves him. Blinded by love he relinquishes his anger and allows the marriage. Many years and the warrior raises his daughter with his wife as her concubine but always believing that she is a monarch and must follow custom. When he finally meets the new spouse to his surprise it is a woman.

Feeling more and more relieved by this revelation he falls more and more into her spell. The warrior becomes fat and content in life and loves his queen more and more always doing his duty as he was trained and honoring her as not only a wife but a queen. When one faithful day his daughter the princess is off to her studies he goes to meet his queen but to his surprise she is loved in the embrace of her wife and to it all she is enjoying every minute of it. The warrior shocked and hurt leaves. Years more pass and the queen becomes less and less involved with him and the warrior becomes sullen.

If it wasn'tfor the love of his daughter he would of left long ago. When one day when he is with his guards and watching his daughter playing he receives news that the queen is to marry again this time to a man, another warrior from a far off land. This enrages the man he storms the palace to question her but he is met with disgust by his wife when he tells her he will leave his life is threatened and he is told he can never leave and this is the fate of his daughter. Defeated he returns to his quarters broken, angry, hurt.

When the wedding day comes and the whole kingdom is in delight celebrating the nuptials the warrior loses it he storms the palace with the only guards he knew to be loyal since they had befriended him, he kills any and everyone who opposed him he enters the trophy room to collect his armor and heads to the wedding to retrieve his daughter. The kingdom in a uproar curse the warrior for not bending to custom. The new king, the new warrior challenges the warrior they fight one for the love of the queen the other for the love of his daughter seeing as the new warrior is younger and stronger and skilled. The warrior relinquishes to accept death but a fate for his daughter similar to this was something hecouldn'tdie knowing. He bested the new warrior and instead of killing him leaves him to his fate with the queen and her customs.

The warrior wanted nothing more than to kill the queen he had the opportunity to but he spared her life, the warrior still loved her, true love and to kill her would be like killing a part of his daughter he flies the kingdom with the princess and for many days and nights they live off the land.

Not knowing what will happen to her he decides to go home. When home his tribe takes him back but they in retribution want to kill him and kill the child. The king an old comrade in arms who loved the warrior as a brother decides to adopt the princess and imprison the warrior. Ten years the warrior spent in the cellars until a war erupted, and all soldiers were needed. Never forgetting the love he felt for his friend released the warrior and gave him the option die in battle or return the victor, but for the sake of his people its best he didn't return and have of semblance of honor

At battle the warrior never missed a step many years living off the land and as a prisoner the warrior lost all the fat he obtained and still not as physically aesthetic as he was in his youth, he proved that his training served him well. He grew to be a force to be reckoned with and found fame as a great warrior

Snow started to fall on one of the battle campaign and every man in the warriors camp had fallen to the black demon that had slaughtered all over the country side, the warrior now a legend on and off the battlefield challenges the demon, the battle rages on for days, but not as powerful a being as the demon he is bested in combat. The warrior falls bleeding and dying and to the warrior a surprise he smiles with visions of his princess happy, playing, living, this made all his life worth it and his death worth it finally fighting and dying in battle wasn't for king and country it was for his little girl Peace.


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