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Open Your Wings

Short story By: arun

Submitted for StephanieJane's contest, round 2. Yeah, this is fantasy. But not too much fantas-ical...
A story purely built up by dialogues. Hope you like it..
(The original title is 'Unfold your wings', but booksie said a content already exists in that name... So...)

Submitted:Jul 10, 2011    Reads: 102    Comments: 17    Likes: 5   


'Hey who are you?'

'A new prisoner.'

'Prisoner? What kinda word is that?'

'A prisoner is one who-'

'Never mind. What the hell are you doin' in my home?'

'Home? Ha ha, this isn't your home.'

'Hey geek. This is my home. You won't belong here. Get outa my home or I will hurt you nasty creature. And what's that fluffy thing on your back?'

'Creature? If I'm a creature, then what are you?'

'Just get the hell outa here... Uncle. Unc-'

'Hey kid wait, let us be friends. Shall we share this home? Don't eye me that way. For a few days or perhaps a few hours.'

'Hey don't act like being humble. And you stranger, get the hell outa here.'

'I'm not a stranger. I'm your mother's brother.'


'Yes, I'm Shafulia. I came here for your rescue.'

'Shut your mouth or else you might have to shriek out for someone to rescue you. And moreover, you speak weird. What do you mean by rescue? I'm in my home. And you-'

'Hey kid, this isn't your home.'

'Hey you freak. Get the hell outa my home. I'm tired of freakin' out with you. Unc-'

'He's not your uncle.'

'Stop speaking bullshit.'

'Listen for a moment. I beg you. And don't freak me out.'

'What am I-'

'Listen. Please listen for a minute. I will get this all straight and I'm not mad.'

'Whoo... Okay whatever I'm all ears. Say precisely and get the hell out of here.'

'Okay, I will. What is your dad's name?'


'What? Who told you so? And you are?'

'What bothers you? My uncle told me so and why should I tell my name to you?'

'Oh come on.'

'My name is slave.'

'Listen prince-'

'Prince? What kind of word is that? I'm having a limited, hey hey don't interrupt, and let me speak. I'm having only a limited vocabulary or maybe you're speaking weird, you, freako from a stranger land.'

'Okay let me put this all straight, a story - your story. Please do listen. Will you?'

'What the hell bothers you? Just get outa... Hey okay, go on.'

'Your dad's name is Kallia and your mom is Lestua. We, look at me, look at me kid, WE, are Aerofills. We belong-'

'What do you mean by 'We'?'

'Just shut up. We, you and I, your dad, your mom, all of us, do not belong here. Nod your head kid, DO NOT BELONG HERE.'

'Why am I listening to a shithead who suddenly barges in my home and says this isn't my home. You're killin' me.'

'Listen. Your dad is the king of our... Hey don't ask me. A king is the biggest, err, most powerful man for an entire nation.'

'Got it. Just like my uncle.'

'Sort of. Your uncle is the jailer. Don't ask me what it means. A king's duty is to safeguard his people.'

'Hey Uncle, who's this freako? He keeps on babbling somethin'.'

'Just ignore him slave. He's your enemy. You can do whatever you want. Hit him, bite him or kill him. Now here's your food. And don't give this creature anything.'

'Yes uncle, I'm going to kill him. He's annoying me.'

'Hey idiot, no matter what you say, he won't listen, ha ha.'

'Let's see.'

'Hey what did my uncle whispered near your ear?'

'Is he gone?'

'Yes he is. He won't be back until next meal.'

'Let me continue. In reality, the guy who came in opening that iron door and pushed you this mean food is your enemy. Our enemy. Wait, don't speak, and let me continue.'

'Seems like your story goes well. Fantasy huh? Continue.'

'Your dad, that is our king, in his venture to safeguard our kingdom, failed and was captured by these Wolf-archers. We're, I repeat, Airfillers. Wait. Wait. Let me finish. The wolf-archers shot your dad and captured him and further your mom also fell to their hands. She's pregnant then. Yeah I know you'll ask what pregnant is, let me come back to that later. Technically, you're inside her stomach.'

'What? Inside?'

'Yes, that's how babies are born. Wait, let me not leave out the essence. These Wolf-archers killed both your parents seconds after you're born. You're an Airfiller. Your so called uncle is a Wolf-archer. He's the one who killed them. Being the prince, I mean, the next king since your dad is no more, you're destined to save your people.'

'What do you mean by my people? I haven't had seen a single creature all my life other than my uncle and you. By people, you mean, there are many like me?'

'Yes, please believe me prince; your people are getting killed by these Wolf-archers.'

'Ok, let us have that everything you said is true, but why should I trust you? How could I believe you?'

'You think any freak will deliberately come and get imprisoned like this? I came here intentionally. They will kill me tomorrow morning. I don't care. I'm just a spy who's sent by our secondary chief to enlighten you.'

'Imprison? I don't-'

'Okay, in your perspective, why should I barge in?'

'I'm not impressed.'

'Look at me. Don't you see that both of us look alike, let alone my age?'

'What do you mean? How is one supposed to see himself?'

'With the help of a mirror.'

'A mirror? What's it?'

'Never mind, you will learn everything once you get out of here.'

'Get out of where? Out of my home? To where?'

'Do you think that this darkness is all you have?'

'Again you speak strange. What is darkness?'

'The opposite of light. Wait, I'll show you all. You think this single room is your entire world?'

'Hmmm, I think I don't understand.'

'I have one more question. How did you learn this language, if you've never been out of here?'

'I, I had a guy who came here in my young days, who's name is teacher. He taught me all.'

'Ha ha, teacher is a profession, not a name. Not all. Very little, just to keep you in ignorance.'

'I'm not ignorant.'

'I beg your pardon prince. Now do you want to see what outside this room will look like? What actually is your world? What really does it mean by mirror, light and darkness? Who really are your people? Just nodding isn't enough. Say out loud.'

'Ok yes, yes, I do.'

'You believe that you've powers?'

'What powers?'

'You can send a powerful beam directed to any point that will destroy even iron. It comes from your palm. Wait, don't interrupt, I know you'll be having no clue at all. Listen. Not just you. All Airfillers have, but in very limited amount. A king will have infinite power and you, his son, will have it too.'

'I've never-'

'I know, our honourable prince, I know. Since I've used my power, it has drained fully. I can't anymore. Now you can. Open your palm and show it towards that wall. Close your eyes and imagine like a beam coming out of your palm. It will indeed come.'

'But what's a beam? And how-'

'Yes, I understand, you have never seen light. Imagine your blood gushing out of your palm in a straight line that hits the wall and breaks it. You don't know - we're at a very high elevation. You'll fall from here. You have to use your wings.'

'Wings to fly? I've read about flying in the books that my uncle... Oh, books that guy gave me.'

'This fluffy thing is called wing. You have it too.'

'No I don't.'

'Yes you have.'


'You've it prince. Yes you have. Try to feel the muscles. Unfold your wings. Yes come on that's it. Come on, I see it. Yeah, it will be painful to open it for the first time in ten years. Come on yeah that's it! There you go prince. The hopes of Airfillers are rejuvenated. Go on prince, flutter it like this. Yeah yeah that's it, you rock prince. Hail you. Long live the prince.'

'It feels beautiful. Wow. Wow. Sir but why, why did you kneel down before me?'

'Symbol of respect prince. Now you know what to do. Fly out of here, to our kingdom. Get your majestic sword and release all those imprisoned Airfillers present here.'

'There are many?'

'Yes prince, go on. Long live the prince. Yes flap the wing forcefully. Yes, come on prince.'

'I'm goin' to break this wall. Yeah I feel hotness spreading throughout my palm. Yeah there it goes. Hey, what's it?'

'There you go. Wow all the pent up power. What a power. Bricks to pieces. Did you notice that power coming from your palm? That's just wow! Go on prince. Fly this way.'

'Wow, my eyes are struggling to see. Is this called light? What are-'

'I hear them coming. Prince, don't worry about me. You'll learn everything. You'll find the guards. They're always up in the sky looking for you; they will receive you and get you to our kingdom. Go on. Go on. Fly away from here. JUST GO.'

'Yes I promise you that I will slay these creatures with my dad's sword and will safeguard our kingdom. Goodbye sir. Here I go.'

'They have come. Fly away prince.'

'I will come to rescue you. Rescue our people. Here I go. And yeah it feels refreshing to flutter my wings.'

A/N: Hi friends, this is my new try. Building a story purely with dialogues. How does it look like? Gross? Or worth a try? Please leave here your lovely comments... Thanks for all your infallible support my friends. You and your comments only keep my grey matter working. (And ok, I agree the names look eerie but anyway, this is fantasy lol buckle up.)

And yes, I too don't do fantasy, but it's the prompt! Cheers...


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