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angel in the white house.

By: babykolabear

Page 1, a story about a president thats not from this earth.

what do we no about are president.where did he come from.he came out of no be are president.his name obama.a young black man with a wife and two did a young black man that no one new about become president.well he is not a man.not as we no.he was sent here from a angel.he is here to make guide stop are destruction.when he became president the world was treating him like a celebrity.there was standing ovations.from around the world not just the usa.because they new we were getting some one special.he want to bring peace to the world.but theres evil out there that want him out of the white house.satan angel want to be the he can corrupt are mines.make us turn on each other.start a world war.the president has a army of angels.all around the world .watching are every move.they are are protectors.when the battle come they will be colorado up on a mountain.a ufo will stay there.untill the president has finish his job on earth.then he will say good by to the earth people.but his army of angels will stay.watching over us.then one day he will come back.with a different body and face.he will walk the fight with his army of angels.and then one day.the world will see thousands of ufos.that will land in the desert.and the president boss which is jesus.will walked the earth.he will stop all fighting.he will end hunger and sickness.he will end all hate crimes.he will be the new president.of the entire world.we all will answer to him.the world will be at peace.and the man that help bring it.was president obama.peace and love to the world.the end

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