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Spring's First Touch

Short story By: BITSxOFxKINKY

Spring's First Touch on the Mighty Oak reveals it's secrets as it's Wood Nymph emerges to dance for him.

Submitted:Mar 2, 2012    Reads: 100    Comments: 7    Likes: 6   

Spring's First Touch

by R. B. Rueby

copyright February, 2012


The warmth of the sun touches my face again after so long. Earth's life blood sluggish at first begins to warm and slowly course through veins so long frozen in place. Stretching toward the sky my home feels the tingle of life melting the way to heavens gate. As the richness of earth pushes new life into my being, my safe haven expands with a life of its own.

The bare branches stretch out from this beautiful oak I reside within. I can feel the the source of life pumping up from the roots and the tiny buds begin to push out and expose themselves to the welcoming sun. My eyes slowly open in time to see my home come back to life after the long winter's night. The bark that envelopes me, protecting me through my slumber slowly limbers from the winter's shield it was, to the early spring arms that hold me in with the hug of welcoming love.

I nuzzle against this loving embrace, knowing that soon I must step out of its welcoming touch. It kindly protected me all winter in on long loving embrace, and in turn I will nurture it through the warming season until next the touch of winter bites the air. Slowly I slide through my lovers embrace. Smiling as I feel him try to hold me in place, but the warming sun is softening my face as the nymph within me wakens my merry thoughts of early spring. Lifting my hand I caress this solid oak from the inside, and feel it shiver at my light touch.

Slowly I continue pushing forward reluctant to leave this sheltered haven, but eager to emerge from the barrel chested trunk. It feels so good to have to sun beat down upon my body. As I turn around I see my old friends standing proudly next to my love. I smile as a bird lites upon on of my mighty oak's branches, measuring the tree's integrity for its little nesting home. Worried my lovers cradling branches may not be to her liking, I smile broad as she calls her mate to show him her selected spot. My tiny, yet sylphlike figure stands ready to nurture and defend my loves amazing girth and stretch.

I feel so inadequate for the job, yet I will do what I may to help my chosen mate. My long limbs so supple and delicate compared to my Oak's massive roots that are sunk so deep and branches as they reach for the skies above so effortlessly. My lean soft body with budding breast wouldn't stand a chance against the ravaging winds mighty whistling blast or the pelting hail as storms collide without my mighty oak to protect me. To this I know, so I try to make up for it with all the love, and care, I can give, for he is my love and that is all that matters.

With my hand brushing against the skin of his mighty trunk I stretch my leg out and with pointed toes I wiggle them as they touch a small patch of earth devoid of grass. I feel the moist earth settling underfoot. The rich soil made up of my lovers composting leaves that enrich the land around our home. With a broadening smile my arms throw out wide as I spin upon the spot and with a spring in my step my toes point out and as they land upon another patch of dark rich soil I feel my loves touch within the ground.

Launching myself into the air again this time I flick my long hair upward onto a branch above, and as I spin, my hair slides along the fingers of bark, as I descend it swirls into a braid so lovingly wrought. Catching it in one outstretched hand I knot the tips off effortlessly and curtsy as I land my feet planting themselves on the gentle kiss of bare ground. Staying such until I hear the rustle and creak of branches whispering their love back to me.

This is the way I spend my day as the sun arcs across the sky and touches the horizon so far to the west. Working my dancing magic to improve his health, entertain, strength him,and thus making us greater than the sum of our parts. As the sun slowly sinks deeper into the distant earth I wrap my arms around my body and lean my back against his strong trunk. Facing East I close my eyes as the sun slowly fades into the west and I feel myself sink deep within his loving embrace. I must await the sun to shine upon my face once more to awaken afresh with the next mornings early light. Only then may I emerge and dance for him that cares for me as I care for my lovers protective embrace.


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