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Posion of your love

Short story By: blackheartroza

Sarah was 10 when she first met Troy, it was love at first sight well in a ten years old eyes it was a mega crush with his name plastered all over her notebook.It was a dream come true when he asked her out when she turned 16 an they have been together for almost 9 years. From the outside they look like average couple madly in love,but on the inside none knew how he realy was. When Sarah starts geting bruises and cuts on her body people start asking questions but like a trooper she doesnt tell a soul.

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~please note when i wrote this i was 15 years old and well doing it on a laptop that didn't have spell check comment more if you think i should put this into a novel~~~~~


I looked at her an hated myself for how I treated her. But as i watched her quivering an crying i felt disgusted by how she was acting. anger swelled up in me i hated crying. I let my hand fly out it came in contact to her left cheek with a loud smack. she went flying back falling back a small trail of blood ran down her slit lip, the faint sign of a bruise showed. the sight of the red blood made me stumble back as my past flew before my eyes.

my father hitting my mother, me getting in the way taking the blows. as i looked back at her the voices screamed for more blood yearning swelled up in me. I turned away from her an walked to the sofa an sat down slumping over trying to push away the voices, i held my head in my hands. i looked up an watched Sarah struggle to sit up with one hand on her bruised cheek she whimpered softly an dragged herself to a corner at the other end of the room. she wrapped her arms around herself lips trembling as she muttered to herself slowly rocking as she tried to calm an comfort herself. something i knew i could never give her. it was a mistake to ever ask her out. someone like her shouldn't be with someone like me.

my past life didn't help any of it. i thought i could over come my past and live a normal life but fail when i tried after we got married i began to abuse her like my father did to my mother. i am exactly what my mother called me 'the son of the devil' a 'monster'. "you know i love you right Sarah?" i asked as i looked at her. she flinched into the corner trembling at the sound of my voice. but then she slowly nodded as she turned her pale face to me, her brown eyes lost their rich shine. "good" i nodded. at least she hasn't lost that feeling. "comere babygirl" i opened my arms. i could bring myself to at least comfort her a little, or at least try to. she got up slowly an walked towards me timidly keeping her eyes down as she came into my arms sitting on my lap stiffly.she body quivers slightly. as i held her in my arms she gave a soft sigh as she loosened up an leaned against me.i rocked her quietly just holding her looking down i realized how small she was compared to me standing at foot exact she was borderline shorty. her soft brown hair was a mess from the thrashing i had givenher, her pale skin marked purple an a faint yellow as bruises healed an showed. i felt a sting of regret. i was a monster for hurting her.

the next time i may hurt her even worst then now or even kill her in blind rage.

i knew what i had to do. i couldn't allow myself to hurt her ever again.

standing up i walked towards the bedroom carrieing her pushing open the door an continuing to the bed gently pulling back the covers an laying her down pulling the blankets over her i turned and walked out of the room to the basement.

the darkness surrounded me an again the voices returned. kill her...blood...living sacrifice!KILL HER!! they screamed

the wanting to hit something filled me. with one last surge of power i reached into the desk an pulled out my hand gun. my hands shaking i put the gun back an grabbed a note book an peen scribbled down a couple sentences an pushed it away. with that i hope she would forgive me. a gut wrenching scream echoed through the room as i put the gun to my head i looked at the stair way an seen Sarah hanging onto the banister. tears. the voices roared through my thought without saying anything i got ready to pull the trigger Sarah runs towards me arms wrapped around me she begs me not to tugging the gun away trying to get me to stop my finger slips the gun goes off with a ear splitting BANG warmth splatters on my skin i looked at the red blood Sarah goes limp crumpling onto the floor blood spread out around her sorrow filled me. i had killed the one person who ever loved me. falling to my knees i gathered her into my arms her body limp. mutting broken words i put the gun in my mouth still holding her an pulled the trigger... me an my blood splattered angel...

after life

I'm standing in a mist looking around there is to road one that is black as night you cant see down it an one that glows a bright gold. Is this heaven or hell?

"Troy" a soft voice called its her but how? hadn't i???

i turned to the voice in the darkness i watched a small figure show Sarah her white gown stained red blood splatter everywhere. my heart jerked in sorrow.

"Baby i didn't mean to..." i cried brokenly stumbling to her.

she opened her arms silently as i walked into them hugging her close. ehr body was cold only then had i notice her skin was a pasty white looking papery an falling in. "SARAH" her name touched my lips as i looked down into her glassy brown eyes she face twisted into a horrid smile as behind her the ground split open flames licked into the blackness, her arms tightened around me an she flung herself back dragging me with her. i screamed in horror as the thing i called Sarah transformed into a monster its horns where blackened with dyed blood its body distorted with malice.... its eyes glowed yellow as they glared at me with hate. i twisted away a looked up the light shown brightly almost blinding me i seen her. her wings extended as she looked down upon me her face twisted in sorrow her gown glowed a pure white she was radiant with beauty.she dove towards me her wings carrying her gracefully to me with a wave of a hand the monster disappeared catching me in her arms Sarah looked at me.

it was then that i realized she has always saved me from my own nature...


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