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the tale of the missing dragon

Short story By: brucek

a dragon trainer loses one of his dragons and sets off to find him.

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The Tale of the Missing Dragon

My name is Alex, and I'm a dragon trainer. Do you think that there's no such thing as dragons? Well, you're wrong. They're real, and I've actually brought several of them into existence. I've grown them, trained them, and helped them learn what it means to be a dragon. I had to learn all of this the hard way, though. My search for knowledge about dragons goes back to when I was a boy living with my parents in a town called Leland. Now, Leland seemed just like any other small town in America. It had a Casey's convenience store and a water tower. It had grain elevators and churches. What started me on my journey, though, was the fact that Leland had a place called the Reading Room. One day, out of curiosity, I visited the Reading Room and asked a lady there, named Jane, about dragons.

"Do you really want to learn about dragons young man? Once you start to learn about them you won't ever be able to stop."

"Yes!" I said, "I've always wanted to know about dragons. I've read all the books and watched every movie that's ever come out about them!"

So Jane took me to a secret room deep underground; a huge room full of books about dragons. Every chance I could get I went there to study those books. When my parents thought I was upstairs in my room watching a movie, I would really be down in that room reading. In fact, I went down to that room every chance I could get.

Years went by. I read every book over and over but I just couldn't discover the one thing that I wanted to know; where were all the dragons? It seemed I would never find out. Eventually we moved away from Leland to another town called Decorah, and although I never visited the Reading Room again, I never gave up my search for more knowledge about dragons.


Then one day my Uncle Storm happened to stumble on one of my school notebooks. He looked inside, and saw all the drawings of dragons I had made when I should have been paying attention in class.

"Hey man! So, are you into dragons or something?"

"Yeah," I said.

"That's cool, man. Hey listen, if you want, I can turn you on about dragons, but you're gonna have to go to some really far out places."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Different dimentions, different universes, you know."

"Come on!" I said.

"Yeah! You'll have to study philosophy, and meditate, but I can get you where you want to go. Wow, dragons huh?! Far out!"

And so, with my Uncle's help, I began to study all over again. I traveled to strange, far away, places without even leaving my room. I had long, intellectual discussions with strange colored lights while staring at Bob Dylan posters. When I was finally done with my studies, I discovered the answer to be far simpler than I had ever imagined.

Dragons were actually very common! No one thinks they exist because they don't look anything like dragons when they are in their larval stage! Do you want to try and guess what creature I'm talking about? Give up? Okay, here's a hint. They are small, yellow and fuzzy, and say "peep, peep, peep" all the time. That's right, cute little baby chicks! All that seperates them from becoming dragons is the proper proportion of common household chemicals. When you dip one of the little guys into the mixture, they go "POP" and turn completely inside out. The cute and fuzzy parts go into the inside, and the nasty, scaly parts flip out on the outside! Amazing!


That's how my new career began. I had to keep it all quiet, of course. Over the next few years, now that I had my very own dragons, I became the world's only dragon trainer.

Now that you know about me, I can begin to tell you my story. Just when I thought I had my dragons under control and behaving like proper dragons, a disaster happened! I lost one! Where in the world do you look for a 100 foot dragon? Was it hiding somewhere? Was it lost?

Before I tell you anything else about my missing dragon, I need to tell you more about dragons so you can understand the difficulties I was facing. One thing you need to know about dragons is that they're very smart. Smarter than humans in a lot of ways, especially my lost dragon Blackbeanbubbleburner. He was a tricky one. He loved to play jokes on me. When he was little, about 15 feet, I guess, he liked to hide from me and then jump out and scream "Boo!" Scared me so bad I wet myself! And here's another thing about dragons that almost no one knows. When a dragon wants to use his fire breath, he has to say his own magic word. Greenhornblast's magic word was "poopytoots". Yellowscalytongue's word was "mommy". Well, as it turned out, that was when Blackbeanbubbleburner discovered what his magic word was. It was "Boo!" Not only did I wet myself, but he nearly burned my butt off!

Chapter One

I Lost My Dragon!

The day I realized I was missing a dragon was a lot like any other day when you're around a bunch of dragons;really weird.

"Greenhornblast! Calm down!"

"Poopytoots," said Greenhornblast.

"Ow!! Be careful! People have arms you know!" It was Wednesday afternoon in Decorah, and I had just come home from school. "Yes, Yellowscalytongue, I'm glad to see you too," I said to my other dragon. "Okay, now where is Blackbeanbubbleburner?" I searched the cave that my Uncle Storm had found for me (it was where I kept my dragons) but I couldn't find him.

"Have you guys seen him?" I asked my dragons.

"Hee weentt ouutt the caavve," said Greenhornblast.

"OH NO!!" I gasped, "I've been telling him not to leave this cave ever since he was five feet long! I was going to pop a chick today, but now I might as well forget it. Okay guys, behave yourselves for a few minutes while I go get some stuff from the house. We're going to have to go look for him."

Walking quickly through my house, I grabbed the dragonfeed, a flashlight, my coat, some beef stew, and my bow and arrows, just in case.

Five minutes later I was back with the supplies. "Are you guys sure that he left the cave?" I asked.

"Yeess!!" replied both dragons.

We decided to fly above the town at about 2000 feet to see if we could see him anywhere (once a dragon is in the air it has the power to become invisible) but we couldn't see him.

The next thing we tried was to search the forest and hills around the town. We weren't able to find him but we did find some of his footprints leading to the neighboring town. After following them for about three miles, we decided to stop for a while and make a little fire.

"When I find him I'm going to pop three chicks and make him take care of them until they are twenty feet long," I said angrily.

The next morning we woke up to sunshine and trees. I gave my dragons some dragonfeed and we started walking again. All of a sudden we heard the stomping of many feet on the leaves and twigs. They were heading straight for us! I began to panic.

"Hide!" I blurted out.


"Hiidde?! Wherrre do yooou sugeesst wee hiidde? Beehiind a treee?" said Greenhornblast.

"I don't know! Run then! There's people coming!" I said.

"Therre's treees inn ththe waay," said Yellowscalytongue.

"Fine!! Fly, fly!"

"Tooo laaate," said Greenhornblast.

Coming down the path through the woods was at least a dozen hyperactive Boy Scouts and several exhausted looking den mothers. Everything came to a halt when they saw the dragons. No one moved. The boys stared at the dragons. The dragons stared at the boys.

"Okaaaay!" I said. "I'm glad you happened to come this way! Ya see, I've got this great idea for a new theme park, and I need to know what kids think about it. Do you guys like my dragon robot rides?"

"Act like robots!" I whispered back to Greenhornblast and Yellowscalytongue.

"Hooow unndiignifiiedd," grumbled one of the dragons.

The dragons moved their heads back and forth, and swished their tails, trying to look like robots, while at the same time giggling to each other.

"Cool," said some of the boys.

Just then, a girl stepped forward from the middle of all the Boy Scouts and said, "Those are real dragons."

"No they're not," I said, "they're robots! Hey! You weren't here a second ago, where did you come from?"

"I made them see me as a boy," she said. "And you don't have to lie anymore, they won't be able to hear what we're saying."

"Who are you?" I asked.

"My name is Glorifina. Who are you?"

"Alex," I said.

"I think I can help you Alex. My magic is growing very fast now, and I think I can help you find your dragon."

"Your magic is growing?........How do you know about Blackbeanbubbleburner? Can you really help me find him?"

"I know many things now," said Glorifina. "There are many things that I can do, now that my magic is growing."

"What do you mean? How can magic be growing?"

Glorifina reached into a small pouch that she wore around her neck and pulled out a small clump of earth with a tiny, green vine growing out of it.

"When I want to do magic, I just eat one of these little leaves. I always take care of my magic and help it grow," she said.

That was when I first realized how greedy I was for magic. My dragons were magical, and now I was meeting a girl who was magical too. All I could think of was that I wanted to have magical powers. I started to reach out my hand.

"Iii wooouldn't dooo ththat iff Iii werere youuu," said Yellowscalytongue.

"I need to have one of those leaves!" I said.

"Youou haaavenoo iiideea hoow pooweerful sheee reeally iis," said Greenhornblast.

The last thing I remembered seeing was a slight gesture of Glorifina's hand. Both of my shoes were in the path, but I was thirty feet up into the fork of a tree.

"Ughghgh," I said.

The Boy Scouts decided this was a good time to run away into the forest. The den mothers ran back down the path and drove away in their minivans.

"What did you......erg, unph, ohhh.....do that for?" I asked.

"You know why."

"Okay! I'm sorry I tried to take your.........thing."

"My magic."


"Okay!" I shouted. "How about helping me down?"

"Alright!" she shouted back. She waved her hand, and before I knew what was going on, I was back in my shoes.

"Thanks. So, how do people get magical?"

"You're born with it, but you don't usually discover it until you get to be about our age."

"So, am I magical?" I asked.

"Oh, I believe so," she answered.

"Well, when do I actually become magical?"

"Right now!" And then, to my amazement, she pulled a tiny clump of dirt from her backpack, and there growing in it was a small sprout with eight delicate little leaves. I took it, and stared at it in wonder.

"Do you want to try it before we get going?" asked Glorifina.

"Sure!" I replied.

"Okay, see this stone?" she said, picking up one from the ground. "Try to teleport it over there."

I ate a little leaf, which tasted like candy. Then I concentrated on the stone. One minute I was staring at the stone, and the next I wasn't. I looked around and found it ten feet off to my right.

"Not bad for the first time," Glorifina said. She started to walk through the forest again, and my dragons and I followed.

Later that evening, we came to a lake. The footprints of Blackbeanbubblebunrner led right to the edge of it. If a dragon touches a large body of water, he sizzles up and bursts into little things that look like burnt marshmallows. From a dragon's point of view, that is really not a good thing.

"What do I do now?" I said to myself. I stood there thinking for a moment. "Well, one thing I know for sure, he didn't fly over the lake."


"Why not?" asked Glorifina.

"He's, well, he's kind of afraid of heights."

"Your dragon's afraid of heights?"

Yellowscalytongue snickered. "Heee's a liittle'shshorrt' inn ththe wwing deeparrtmentt."

"Enough!" I shouted. "You're always teasing him about his small wings. You guys should worry about the size of your brains! Talk about underdevelopment!"

"Whwhateverrr," said Greenhornblast.

"And another thing! Why do you two keep talking like that?"

"Iitt maakes uss ssounnd mmore myststeriouss," said Yellowscalytongue.

"Well, knock it off. Don't I have enough problems?"

"You do now," said Glorifina.

"What are you talking about?"

"We're sinking in quicksand."

"Great! Fantastic!" I screamed.

"Instead of complaining," said Yellowscalytongue, "why don't you try to use your magic?"

"Great idea!" Now I knew my moment had come. I had the power to get us out of this mess. All I had to do was concentrate. Just concentrate, concentrate........

Calmly, Glorifina said, "We're still sinking."

"But at least the sand that is about to suffocate us is a pretty pink color," said Greenhornblast.

"Damn!!!" I yelled.

"There's nothing we can do, Alex," said Glorifina. "Someone has used a more powerful magic on the quicksand."

I kept talking to myself to keep my focus. I had to stay in control. "Okay, don't panic. What!? Why shouldn't I panic? This is a panic riddled situation. Help! Help, help!! HELP!!! HELP, HELP, HELP, HELLLLLLLLLLLP!!!

When we couldn't hold our heads above the quicksand any longer, each of us took a final breath, and slipped underneath the surface. Suddenly, I felt myself falling. We all ended up crashing onto the floor of a vast black chamber. There was a blood red throne at one end of it, and a ceiling made of pink sand.



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