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The Land of Neva

Short story By: Chiqui

Tags: Fantacy

This land of Neva story lets me see Love through the eyes of a child.
dedicated to: One Love, 'OUR' dream forever and a day!

Submitted:Jan 11, 2009    Reads: 110    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

The Land of Neva

by; Chiqui

Once upon time a long, long time ago when kings, queens and vagabonds walked this earth there was this pretty in actual fact beautiful little fairy, her name was Snukum.
Before bedtime every evening Snukum would gather all her dolls, teddies and other toys who shared her bedroom and tell her favourite story to them. She had one favourite toy though it was a tiny pink butterfly that would glitter in the moonlight as she put her on her knee to catch the light of the moon shining on her, her name was Babykin. All the toys including Babykin would listen with eyes wide open paying so much attention and taking in every word that Snukum said, and so the story began.
"There was this far, far away land where only swans could fly to, there were no kings or queens or even vagabonds there. And if you made a wish upon a falling star, wish I make, wish I might make me dream come true tonite... and u told no one of the wish it would come true and you would be able to go to this lovely land, flying on the back of the black swan to the land where only swans can fly where eagles dare and angels fear to tread. This land it is called Nevaland." She would tell then all. Every toys eyes were now stretched open wide waiting patiently for the next part, Babykin would flutter her little wings in pure delight.
There you will be able to see the most wondrous things which you only hear in stories, and you will also be able to do things which you cant do here in this land where we live. There you will learn the meaning of true love, peace and harmony. You can kiss the moon a million times, and dance with angels in the sky and even see snowflakes in the summer time. Taste the love from the purest fountain and kiss the angels a hundred times. You will see the sun make love to sea. Your rollercoaster will be the lovely rainbow from east to west where the wind blows thru your hair while you ride it. The clouds become your many playrooms where you will play hide and seek with gnomes, elves, fairies and giants.
The stars will light your way as you walk the milky way to find the long lost unicorn, and when you find him you will be able to touch him, and if he likes you he will allow you to ride on his back and his long white and soft mane will be your reins, he will take you across the rainforest which gently wets your pretty face to the far, far other side and then he will let you off his back where you will sit under the weeping willow to watch the fairies and elves do their dance of the dying swan under the stage lights created by teeny weeny fireflies, and to the amazing orchestra of frogs playing the magical clastanets, the crickets fervently playing their violins and the snail at his base guitar, and the rattlesnake with his rattler, the dormouse on the baby grand piano, the flamingo at the harp, the hummingbirds will hum to the drums of the beaver, the wise old owl will direct this orchestra with all his wisdom he has until the end of the play.
Remember from the day we arrive on this planet, and blinking, step into the sun there's more to be seen than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever can be done. Some eat or be eaten, some say live and let live but all are agreed to join the stampede and you should never take more than you need. In the circle of life,
it's the wheel of fortune...
it's the leap of faith...
it's the band of hope...
till we find our place on the path unwinding, in the circle, the circle of life. For this is the song that all stand up and sing at the end of the show.
The unicorn will take you back to where he took you from where the black swan awaits you to take you back home again, back to my arms where I am waiting to tuck you into bed for I now want you to close your eyes and go to sleep my pretty ones until morning doth break. Snukums now carefully lifts all her toys and puts them in there sleeping places, only her little butterfly stays with her all the time.

She climbs into bed puts Babykin on her pillow beside her head and sleepily says… "You know what Babykin? I will love you forever you will always be my favourite toy." Her blue eyes close as she drifts off into the land of Neva.

dedicated to: One Love, 'OUR' dream forever and a day!


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