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Something's Not RIght

Short story By: CreativeDreamer

Something isn't right when you get home. The whole house is different. And is that someone in your house? What is going on? Who is your house? What will you do?

Submitted:Mar 4, 2013    Reads: 81    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

You walk into your house and it's completely different - furniture, decor, all changed- and nobody's home. You feel the smoothness of the furry pink rug that lies on the ground in front of the front door. Cold air blows from the bright blue fan that hangs above your head. You walk into the living room to find everything is different there too. As you sit down on a dark brown couch, you see a shadow coming from the kitchen. You slowly get up and start toward the kitchen. Then you think to yourself, "Wait, nobody was home. Is there a robber here?" You turn the corner and trip over a black rug that sits in front of the kitchen entrance. "Oh, Honey! Are you okay?" A low voice says from above you. You look up and find yourself staring into two bright blue eyes. A tall man with blonde, messy hair offers his hand to you. You grab his hand and slowly stand up. "Who are you?" you ask quietly. He laughs and hugs you. A nice smell runs past your nose. You push him away and rub your nose. "Who are you and why are you in my house?" You stomp your foot. "Ha! Ha! Is this a joke? I'm your husband, silly! We have been married for two years now." You slowly step back and rest your head in your hand. "What is he talking about? Is he drunk or something? I am not married. I have never even seen him." You think. "What is your name?" You ask. The man smiles, "My name is Devin. Are you okay?" He grabs your hand and smiles. You stare into his eyes. You think to yourself, "He seems so nice and he's actually quite cute, but I have no idea who he is. What do I do?" You pull your hand away, gently, and turn around to leave. You make your way to the door and open it. "Where are you going, My Love? You just got here." He asks. You turn around and smile. "I don't know." You laugh like a crazy person and walk outside. "Ha! Ha! I have gone mad!" You laugh as you walk down the silver stairs that lead to the concrete sidewalk. "Hi, there!" Someone calls out. You turn to see a skinny woman with brown, curly hair, waving at you. "I'm sorry, do I know you?" You reply. The woman cackles, "Of course! We have known each other for five months now. Remember when I first moved in?" You shake your head and keep walking. "I need some help! What is going on? Where am I? Who are these people?" Your brain screams out questions. Your walk turns into a jog and then into a run. The wind slaps you in the face as you run past unfamiliar houses. "Where am I? I need help! What is going on?" You cry. Tears roll down your cold face. "Excuse me, Miss?" Someone touches your shoulder. You jump and turn around. An elderly woman stands with a small smile on her wrinkled face. "Um, are you okay?" She says in a soft voice. You shake your head no. All of a sudden someone else with a low voice calls out your name. You look around. No one else is around. You turn back to see that the old woman was gone. You frantically look around. The houses all dissolve and darkness takes over. There is a loud rustling noise behind you. You turn around to see two green, glowing eyes. "It's got to be a cat." You think to yourself. A soft growling noise comes from the two glowing eyes. Then you hear your name again. You feel a soft furry body rub against your bare legs. You look down but nothing is there. It is too dark to see. Once again, you hear your name and something soft hits you in the face. You squeeze your eyes shut and let out a cry. When you open your eyes, you are laying in your warm bed. You sit up. A stuffed bear lies at your feet. You look down at your phone. It is screaming your name. "Did you fall asleep?" Someone says on the phone. You laugh and hang up. Laying your head down on your pillow, you smile and slowly drift off back to sleep.


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