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a story for Ghosti Harrell's challenge
a vampire love story

Submitted:Feb 18, 2009    Reads: 163    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

I run down the alley looking around desperately for an exit but there's no way out. I try to run faster, my tired muscles screaming in protest but I can feel the footsteps behind me getting closer, echoing in the small alleyway until it sounds like a stampede of monsters is following me. A scream of fear escapes my mouth and the footsteps behind me let out a savage cry of victory as I run into a dead end. Trapped I look around desperately trying to find some way, against all odds, of escape. But it's futile there's nowhere I can go. I spin around in defeat, facing my greatest nightmare and all of my dreams come true. I can't stop the tears from falling down my face to soak through my top as I face the death of my life as I have known it.
The person that stares back at me is so inhumanly beautiful that it makes my heart ache as I take in his turquoise eyes, his high sculptured cheekbones and his fall of golden hair resting gently on his collar. He sees the look in my eyes and smiles as he walks towards me slowly, savouring his moment.
"Please don't." I whisper. "I'm not ready to die yet."
"Rebecca, can't you see it's not a death it's a beginning." He tries to sooth me with his soft gentle voice but I can see the hunger in his eyes, he can't hide the fact that he thirsts for my blood from me.
"I'm only nineteen I have so much that I need to do with myself." I know that resisting him is futile he's already decided my fate for me but I can't let go of my control this easily. "I thought you loved me."
"Of course I love you. That's why I want you to be with me forever."
"If you loved me you wouldn't want to kill me."
"It's not a death Bec it's just a different way of existing, a stronger more evolved way of living." As he speaks he slowly starts to close the small space between us.
"No Michael don't. I don't want to be like you." I cry out desperately looking around me for a weapon.
I don't know if I can hurt him but I have to try I can't just give up. My eyes fall on a broken table lying in the corner of the alleyway with one of its legs snapped off ending in a sharp point. I try not to linger on it, I don't want him to know my plan if I have any hope of defeating him. All of a sudden he starts laughing and shakes his head at me
"Bec, Bec, Bec you are just too cute." All of a sudden he's standing right next to me, I didn't even see him move. I flinch back instinctively but he grabs my arm and pulls towards him. "Do you seriously think that you can fight me?"
"I don't want to fight you I love you too Michael." I sob knowing that it's true. "I want to be with you but can't I be with you and be human as well?"
He looks at me sadly and shakes his head "I didn't want to tell you this but we've been discovered."
I look at him uncomprehendingly and he sighs and continues. "Bec your father knows what I am he's going to hunt me down. If me and my family don't leave tonight he will attack us and we will have to kill him." When he sees my expression cringe in horror he hurriedly continues. "I don't want to hurt him that's why we're leaving tonight."
"I can explain things to him" I moan knowing that it's useless. "I'll tell him that you haven't hurt me, that you won't turn me...."
"Bec you know your father, he hates my kind so much it won't matter that I haven't hurt you. Please come with us I don't want to lose you."
He pulls me closer to him kissing the top of my head and I can feel his tears wet on my hair. All of a sudden I start crying again his sorrow reignighting my own. I love him so much I really do but can I forsake my family and leave my life behind to be with him? But can I also live without him?
I look up at his perfect inhuman face and make my decision. "Ok Michael I love you too much to lose you too." A tear falls out of the corner of my eye as I say this and think about my family. "Will it hurt?" I whisper
"Only a little my love." And he takes me in his arms and lowers his face towards my neck.
I feel a short sharp pain and then I get lost in a feeling of warmth as I think about the new life with Michael that I'm going to be starting when I wake up. All my fears are lost in the moment and everything starts to go black. My last thought is how much I love Michael and anticipation towards eternity spent together.


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