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A War Divided: Part II

Short story By: Dare2Dream

Part II of 'A War Divided'

Submitted:Dec 17, 2011    Reads: 10    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Screams erupted from every direction, some human, and some not-so human. My gaze swept frantically over my surroundings, trying to find out where we were, and if there was any way to get out- or at least stop the beast that was creeping its way towards us.

It glowing red eyes were still locked on mine, its gaze unwavering. As the dust and debris slowly cleared, my view of the creature's body became more distinct. It had a huge hulking mass of black fur and gloop for its body, with long tendrils hanging wildly from its frame.

Its wings, spread apart, were the width of at least half the length of a football field; looming above me. They were the same sickening colour, but with less fur, and I could also make out dozens of tiny, throbbing veins along their surface.

As the creature bared its fangs,- which reminded me of terrible, jagged swords, ready to pierce anything that got too close- syrupy, green drool dripped from the tips, landing inches from my feet.

With my moment of fear long passed, I rushed to my feet, running towards a massive willow tree that stood about 100 metres away, its long drooping branches swaying softly in the breeze. It seemed so out of place in this horrid nightmare.

I heard more screams erupt behind me, and turned just in time to see the creature slowly devouring one of the boys that I had not long ago been talking to; blood slowly oozing from its mouth. All the while its gaze still remained on me.

I ran faster, as fast as I could, towards what I knew was a secret haven, hidden far in the depths of the willow. Just as I reached its outer branches, the most piercing of whales and flapping of wings filled my ears, forcing me to the ground with my hands to my face.

Something warm and wet fell onto my face then, from high above. I reached my hand up, wiping at it, and saw red when I pulled it back. I paled as I looked towards the sky, where the creature was perched atop the tree, looking out into the now twilight sky- a sky entirely filled with swarms of millions of other flying monsters. Its Family.


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