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By: Darklily

Page 1, The thoughts of a 15 year old girl named Zarah, who lives in a world with permanent winter.

I look towards the woods, I close my eyes and imagine I’m running free. I imagine the sun shining down on me, I imagine the flowers blooming in the green grass, and deer running with me. But then I open my eyes and come back to reality, to this cold world I live in. A world where the sun never shines, flowers never bloom, grass is never seen, and where everything is covered with snow. I wish I could stay in my dream world, but I know that is not possible. The nation has destroyed all the hopes of my generation. We have lost our world, and there is no getting it back. Maybe we have even lost ourselves underneath all this snow. I have often wondered what if there never was the war. We would still have Summer, we would still be free, and they’re wouldn’t be so much death and destruction. For now I’ll just close my eyes and dream.

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