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Jar Of Hearts...

Short story By: dclovesfd

Forest is trapped, almost as if her own heart has been put in his Jar, yet somehow she knows its still beating.

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Jar Of Hearts
My eyes scanned the darkness in front of me, everything was quite, almost as if the world had been put on mute. I could feel the cold, hard, ground underneath my bare feet. With every step I took, sharp, jagged rocks dug into my heels, and the arches of my feet. Causing me to flinch. I breathed in and out, trying to deal with the pain. As it was little, nowhere near what I could be going threw, if I had not gotten away from him…
The pain that would tear open my chest, and eat its way to the surface of my soul. The pain that I had wished would never be seen by anyone one else. The pain that was causing me to want to run faster, and faster, stumbling with every step.
Finally after a few minutes, I stopped, leaning against, a half rotten tree, I could feel small ants, crawling on my hand. I sighed, breathing in and out, trying to catch my breath. I stood up straight, looking around, trying to see better. No such luck, all I could see was the low dark shadows of the trees, from the barely noticeable moonlight. I felt so alone, so utterly alone. I knew, I was at least a few miles from any roads. I was beginning to wish I had stayed in that room with him. Letting him yell at me, cry at me, tell me lies.
I would feel my ocean blue eyes tearing up, stinging with the pain of Damons words ringing in my ears that were red and numb from the icy wind biting at them as I tried to run again, but failed terribly falling to the ground, and deciding to lay there, curled up in a small ball, the sound of my shallow breaths echoing all around me, I closed my eyes….
" I love you Forest" Damon said, but I could see the way his emerald green eyes were tinted, with evil, and lies. He had left me twice before, only to come back with his lies. I knew why he would leave and come back. He would go, and steal other girls hearts, loving them for a few weeks, lying to them, breaking them, hurting them, killing them inside, taking their hearts, and saving them for his cruel memories.
Then come back, and say I was all he ever needed, I had fallen for it way to many times…
" How do you expect me to trust you! When all you do is hurt me! You promised once, you would never leave me, and you broke that promise" I said almost to loud.
I could see how upset he was with me, for talking to him like that. I could see the anger in his eyes. I could see was going to hurt me again, with his awful words.
" How dare you talk to me like that, after I took you in, I am everything to you Forest! I gave you everything…!" He yelled, losing him self in the anger once again, my eyes misting up. I held my hands in fist's by my side.
" I gave myself everything! I chose to trust you! I can choose not to!" I yelled back at him sick of his games. He ran a hand threw his coal black hair, his face turning slightly red. He walked over to me, grabbing my cherry red hair with one of his hands pulling it back, until his face was right into mine. I was trying not to sob…
" You say one more word to me…" He started but I interrupted him.
" Leave! I want you to… I hate you!" I screamed and some how managed to get out of his hold, running out the door. Wishing I could be anywhere but there… Anywhere… Even the middle of nowhere.

As I lay there, in the cold, crying, sobbing, wishing for some one to find me. I fell into a deep sleep. A sleep that somehow comforted me. I did not know how, but I would get out of his. I would make everything right. Damon could take his Jar Of Hearts, but he would never take mine….



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