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New moon Bella's Answer To Aro Remake.

Short story By: dclovesfd

In new moon when Aro says
" So you would give your life for a souless monster like one of us?"
And bella says. " You dont know a thing about his soul"
Oh honey that didnt cut it for me! i changed the whole thing to awesome convers!

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Now.. so In new moon when Aro says
" So you would give your life for a souless monster like one of us?"
And bella says. " You dont know a thing about his soul"
Oh honey that didnt cut it for me! i changed the whole thing to awesome convers!

Here it is!

I screamed fro them to not kill Edward and to kill me! I loved him and i would die for him. Aro turned to look at me. His face full of Confusion and amusement. " So you would give your life for a souless monster like one of us?" He said taking two steps forward. He wouldnt understand what i was going to say but i had to say it, i closed my eyes and folded my arms acrossed my chest. I looked up with ym eyes still closed. It was easyer to talk this way.

" I love him.." I began, i didnt care if Edward didnt love me, i knew i still loved him. I heard Aro laugh a amused and doubt filled laugh. " Thats utterly absured, love is fake , love is a lie, how can a human and a vampire love each other when love is pure fake." He said smiling at me, his grin evil and amused, yet confused. He was not going to doubt my love for Edward, " Love is real" I said nervous and partly scared.

Aro laughed this time is laugh louder. " Love is fake, Humans cheat on their mates all the time and Vampires feel fake love toward their mates! Your love toward Edward is pure confusion and it sickens me" Aro said his voice showing his distaste. At that moment the hole in my chest ripped deeper and burned hotter. How dare he say my love for Edward was fake! I would die for Edward, the anger ripped threw me, I knew what i had to do.

I looked up, my hands going to tight balls at my sides, I felt nervous but the anger that went threw my half nocked the teeth off it! " How can you belieive in yourself then" I said looking at him , my teeth gritting. " I dont know what you mean" He said still grnning sure of him self. I walked two steps forward and the stopped i couldnt let the best part be wasted, i had to wait a little longer.

" Love is small, can be as small as a grain of sand, you are unbelieivly fast, strong and talent" I said getting aggrivated yet sure of my self my the seconds. I felt no nervous or scared bone in my body. I was going to show him love was real or prove hm wrong either way, i wasnt letting this go.

" You see my point then!" He said his grin getting more evil.Yet confusion in his eyes , not alot but enough to make me feel more stronger

" No i mean if you can belieive in yourself , how can you not belieive in love something so small and so careing! I said my voice getting a little louder.

" Because love is small and impossible, and we are vampires, strong big and talented" He said staightining up. I wanted to slap him, but what good would that do. " Yes, you are strong and talented, but then why cant you belieive in something small like love!" I said my voice louder filled with annyance. " Because, how can love be possible! when vampires are merly dead and humans cheat all the time!" He said a little louder but keeping his voice calm. He discusted me! My love my Edward was strong then anything .

" Humans who cheat are merely confused and dont know who to love! Their hearts have been broken so many time most of them anyway, that they are lost!" I said. I walked fastly toward him till i was in front of him, my arms to my sides looking him straight in the eyes! He seened alarmed by my closeness. From the corner of my eye i was Edwards shocked face, iwanted to smile but that would ruin it.

" The why do they not just tell there other mates they are confused! And! their wouldnt be any broken hearts if they didnt cheat and lie, if love were real there would be no broken hearts or confusion!" He said his getting louder showing his annoyence slightly.

" Some of them lie because they are scared that they are going to lose their mates, unlike vampires, most humans are scared to be alone because of their broken hearts!" I said showing my discust toward him as plain as day.

If love were real, then why are peoples hearts broken and if Edward really loved you why did he leave, and why is he putting you in his danger" Aro said smilin wider knowing i couldnt answer the last part.

I looked down, but quickly gained it all back. I let him speak first before i continued. " So love is not real! or every one would be happy." Aros aid pleased with him self.

" Love is hard. But the ones who are strong enough to leave some one they love, are the ones that carry the knowledge that love is real and have proved that it is real!" I said trying not to cringe as i used Edward as a explanation and example.

" Ok if loves real why si there no proff, theres no living exsample, no way to really prove it!" He said his grin fading, as he said it, but came back as soon as he was fininished but i could see the nervousness and doubt in his eyes.

" What do you call these people?" I asked him smiling partly. " My freinds and family of coarse" He said in confusion. I smiled wide at the fact he was no were near were i already was.

" Friendship is when you love some one so much you want to be with them for a very long time, but not as a mate, but as a pall or hanging out buddie, so to speak, and to be able to have a family and friends, it takes at least a ounce of love" I said smiling evily at him. He was still confused, i had a vampire confused, his amused me more then ever.

" So every hug! Every kiss! Every touch and every word you say or give to them includes love!" I yelled wile walking fast the four steps i need to take to my two inches from his face.

" SO EVERY TOUCH! EVERY KISS! EVERY WORD AND EVERY HUG! YOU SAY OR GIVE!" i yelled louder!. I smiled wider! in anger and success.

He didnt say anything he knew it was over.

" Are never given, so there for, you have no family, no friends, all teh kisses, hugs, touches and words that u give and say there for never happend! if love isnt real , you arent, your family isn real and there for no one is real! but here we are today! face to face, so there fore! LOVE IS REAL! and i DO love Edward!" I yelled and pushed my face closer to his.

His face was blank. " So there fore saying love isnt real is saying , you arent!" I yelled and laughed in his face. " Think about that for a wile! see how far your family would get you if you didnt talk, touch then or hug them! thanks about that!" I said turning on my heel and walking two steps back and turning to face him.

Of coarse alice has a grin the size of the moon on her cute pixie face. Edwards face was shocked, amused, but mostly shocked.

I laughed out loud, i was dead tired, but i was filled with amusement and success that i felt more alive then ever.

" I see your point" Aro whispers and took four steps back. I smiled at him. " I'm glad!" I said loud still smiling evil at him. I had never felt this way and i liked it!

" Now! that we are done with that...." Markis said interupting his voice aggravated. " Kill me!" I said loudly and smiling! feeling like this wile dieing would only make it better.

" no!" Edward said shocked but i saw he was to shocked to move and felix was holding him down to hard for him to move. Aro looked at te wall thinking i could tell. He looked up at me.

I walked forward smiling. He looked confused." You would walk into your own death?" He asked confused. " To die for Edward would be my pleasure, but to die for Edward wile feeling as good as I do would be my comand" I said loudly smiling. I didnt care if it hurt, as good as i was feeling i probaly wasnt thinknig straight.

I heard Edwards muffled No! When Aro put his cold stone paper liek hand on my neck, i didnt shudder. Aro nodded and breathed in his eyes turning more red.

" Wait! she will be one of us, ive seen it, ill change her my self!" Alice yelled. I was greatful and annoyed at the same time..



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