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Please don't leave me. Renesmee Cullens short story..

Short story By: dclovesfd

Please dont leave me. Renesmee cullen..

Submitted:Jan 6, 2010    Reads: 610    Comments: 5    Likes: 4   

Renesmee: Why can't you be more understanding Jake!

Jacob: Well maybe you aren't making any sense!

Renesmee: I'm only 16 years old Jake, how can you expect me to trust love!

Jacob: I tell you I love you and you say ok. How do you think that makes me feel!

Renesmee: I'm a confused girl! You may be sure of love. But how can I be sure!

Bella: Calm down guys.

Renesmee and Jacob: No!

Edward: Stop, this minute, no this second!

Renesmee: I can't take it anymore! He thinks I have to love him!

Jacob: You don't have to! But for some reason you think its ok to hurt me!

Renesmee: You think I need you all the time when truth is I dont!

Bella: Please stop!

Edward. NOW!

Jacob: I'll leave then!

Renesmee: FINE!

Bella: Jacob don't.

Jacob stomps up stairs and comes back down with two suit cases.

Bella and Edward as standing by Renesmee.

Bella: You have no where else to go Jacob.

Jacob: I'll fine some where.

Edward: Jacob stay.

Jacob: Why do you care!

Renesmee looks sadened. She walkes in front of Jacob.


Renesmee:Stay! Please!

Jacob rolls his eyes.Edward and Bella and standing watching ever move she makes incase she trys to hurt him.

Let the singing begin!

Renesmee: I don't know if I can yell any louder!

Jacob: Oh I'm sure you can. -Rolls his eyes-

Renesmee: How many times Have i kicked you out of here? Or said something insulting?

Jacob: Why is she singing? -Looks at edward and bella with a what the fuck look.

Edward and bella stare at renesmee.

Renesmee: I can be so mean when I wanna be.

Jacob: Yes you can....

Renesmee: I am capable of really anything.

Jacob and Bella and edward stare with what the fuck looks.

Renesmee: I can tear you into peices! When my heart is broken...-Falls to the floor-

Jacob rolls his eyes and picks up his suit cases.

Jacob takes one step.

Renesmee: Please, dont leave me. Please dont leave me.

Renesmee trys to grab his hand.

She grabs is and stands up and trys to pull him back.

Renesmee: I always say how I dont need you but its always gonna come right back to this. Please dont leave me.

Jacob. Let go! Jesus.

Renesmee has tears rolling down her face.

Bella: Renesmee let go.

Renesmee starts crying.

Jacob walks out the door and into the rain.

Bella takes renesmee in her arms.


Renesmee walks toward the tatoo shop is black leather pants and black leather tube top her hair wind blown and black make up on.

She walks in.

Renesmee: I need a tatoo, of a dog paw on my lower back.

Tat man: Sure sexy lay right down.

Renesmee lays down on her belly popping gum bubbles in her mouth.

Tat man starts..

Renesmee: Ouch damit! Slower!

Tat man: Sorry girl

Let the singing begin.

Renesmee: How did I become so obnoxious? What is it with you that makes me act like this?

Tat mans done. Renesmee throws him a twenty and walks out wearing her 3 inch black heels.

Renesmee walks toward her moto bike.

Renesmee. Ive never been this nasty.

Renesmee gets on in a sexy way.

Cat calls come from behind her. She takes off at 80 miels per hour.

Renesmee: Cant you tell that this is all just a contest.

Renesmee hairs blows in the fast wind as she drives down the high way.

She stops fast tires makeing a loud noise in front of a club.

Renesmee. The one thats wins will be the one that hits the heardest.But baby I dont mean it. I mean it. I promis.

Renesmee gets off bike walking toward the door.

A guy smacks her ass. She keep walks. Chewing her gum.

She sees Jacob, she walks forward.


Renesmee: Its all for you buddy.

She says it coldly.

He walks away.

Renesmee: Please dont leave me. Please dont leave me.

Renesmee walks after him and grabs his jacket arm.

Renesmee: I always say how I dont need you but its always gonna come right back to this. Please dont leave me.

Jacob turns around.

Jacob: What do you want?

Renesmee: I forgot to say out loud, how beautiful you really are to me, I cant be with out, your my perfect little punching bag. And I need you, I'm sorry.

Jacob starrs at her.

Mascara smudges tears roll down her face.

Jacob pulls her in and kisses her.

Renesmee: Please dont leave me.

They start kissing.....

Jacob: I wont....

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what renesmee is post to look like...after jake leaves..




heres before he leaves








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