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The Commercee of Death....

Short story By: dclovesfd

I felt my heart turn black and I grinned with all the illness of a rattle snake.
"Nam... Don't..." He said, his eyes widening understanding.. But he didn't fight me...

I wasn't listening, I had his head in my hands strong grip and was beginning to twist...
I could have stopped, I could have let a different will be done and taken my own self...
I could have...

Mama, we all go to Hell.

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this story was orginally stolen from me and I hesitated uploading it. So if you think you've read it before that's why.

Mama, we all go to Hell.

I tapped my foot against the dirt covered floor of the orphanage. Tilting my head to the side just a bit, my sky blue eyes locked on the child in the farthest corner, her tired face covered in a pasty red goo. The flies that buzzed around her mud matted hair seemed to whisper to her softly that she didn't have much longer...

My lips turned up at the corners and I made my way across the room, there was only one way to find out...

As I walked clear through the living bodies, my black hair blew behind me slightly. I kneeled to the floor and looked into the girls face from inches away. She couldn't see me just yet... But soon she would be asking who I was...

I brushed my finger tips along her arm and watched her shiver, not long after the light in her eyes began to dim and I listened to her air way close, her breaths becoming small quick gasps.

"Shhh." I whispered running my fingers through her blonde hair as her darkening eyes registered my presence. She calmed, her heart beat slowing to a halt and soon the flesh suit was a cold still thing...

"Am I dead?" The voice beside me asked and I stood, grinning down at the child.

"You are."

"But don't cry." I whispered as her face started to contort into a depression. Her small nose dripping a thin slime...

"Will I be hungry still?"

I shook my head.

"Will I have flies?"

I smiled and shook my head again.

Her lips turned up slightly

"Where will I go, will I go to Heaven?"

"No child."

Her eyes grew large, her pupils showing her fear.

"I'm going to.. the Devil?"

"Don't be afraid, he is merciful."

"I don't want to burn Miss, please..."

I laughed and picked the girl up, brushing her hair behind her ear.

"Don't fret young one. You will understand soon enough."

She buried her face in the small of my shoulder, her body shaking.

No one had yet noticed the lifeless version of her on the floor yet, and I began to walk out of the room through the living before the child could look at her own dead self.

"Be calm Brenna" I whispered setting her down once we were outside in the darkness of the night. The sound off crickets filled my ears and I was lost in my own thoughts for a moment...

"How do I get there?" She whispered, coming to terms with her fate.

"Shush. Close your eyes."

She did what I said and watched her stand with her eyes closed. After a moment a darkness appeared along the ground, fire licking at its edges...

"Come..." I whispered and I held her hand walking us both into the darkness...


"Where are we?" She looked up at me, the dark flames around us, the desert ground against my boots.


"But it doesn't hurt."

I grinned, I could just as easily make it hurt for the small one, but I wasn't that wicked.

"Don't think it does, or it will."

I walked with her further until we reached a set of black double doors, I reached out opening a door and motioning her to go in ahead of me.

As I stepped into the dimly lit hallway with the child, the door clicked shut behind me.

"This isn't what I thought it would be." She whispered, letting go of my hand and I could tell she was feeling safer.

"Nothing ever is..."

I listened to the sound of her bare feet hit the marbled floor and I wondered how someone could live 8 years of their life with no shoes, then again, with no family...

"Why am I here?" She asked as I stopped half way down the hall way, taking her hand again as a darker shadow made it's way over to me.

I couldn't answer her question.

"Naomi. You've returned." Alec smiled at me casually and looked down at Brenna.

"I had one more name." I said letting go of Brenna's hand.

"I can take her downstairs for you, you get cleaned up."

I nodded and motioned Brenna over to Alec, who tried giving her a calming smile but all it did was cause her to look back at me in a panic.

"Where is he taking me? Will I be safe?" She asked, reaching over to cling onto my leg, but I backed away smiling.

"Of course." I lied.

She smiled, trusting me stupidly.

"Go on."

I watched as Alec walked the girl down the hallway, till I could no longer see the both of them. I turned down another hallway until I reached the door of my room, opening it and stepping in, the warm fresh air hitting my skin, giving me goosebumps.

I shut the door behind me turning on the light, my eyes adjusting the the brightness.

It wasn't like me to feel so out of place, but right then I began wondering if I was getting sick of leading the dead to Hell. If being the reaper would ever get old... But a sick grin covered my face and I shook the thought off.

I pulled off my jeans and black sweater, kicking off my boots. I sat down on the bed naked and reached over for a towel from beside my bed.

Mama, were all full of lies.

I sighed and stood back up, making my way over to the bathroom on the other side of my room. I knew the hot water would make everything slip away and I would forget Brenna's face not soon after.

A few moments later I was lathering myself in a thick soap, the flowery scent made me both sick and calm...

"Naomi..." I heard the low deep whisper from outside the bathroom door.

"I'll be out in a minute..."

I closed my eyes, rinsing my body off slowly...

"Mom!!' I yelled as I watched my mother disappear in the distance, my body being dragged along the cold ground. I cried, wondering why she was just staring down at something on the ground. She couldn't hear me, how I wished she could hear me.

"Naomi..." She began to sob, and I called out for her again, kicking away the hands of the man dragging me.

"Shush. It'll be alright. You have a purpose." He whispered, pulling my 18 year old body up into his arms and rubbing my back softly.

"What's going on? Am I dead?" I began to cry, but before another sob could reach the top of my throat the man tilted my head upwards, and as soon as his dark eyes met mine, a calmness blew over me.

A few tears lined my face, but were not visible with the water from the shower pouring downwards. I took a deep breath and turned the water off, stepping out and looking into the fogged mirror. I wiped the mist off with the towel and turned around, looking at the water that dripped along the tattoo's along my back. The markings of my Hell King lined the flowers of Death which wrapped around my shoulder blades and caresses my sides.


I dried my face off, but decided not to dry anything else and stepped out of the bathroom, facing Alec with my bare body.

"Is it done?"

He nodded.

"Good. You can set my names for tomorrow beside the bed..."

"I already did."

I swallowed and looked into his dark brown eyes, my skin heating just a little, he grinned, his grin containing the wickedness that filled his heart.

Which I loved to no end...

"Nam..." He whispered stepping over to me wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling my close, my breasts pressing up against his dark t-shirt. I ran my fingers through his blonde hair and kissed along his jaw line.

"I love you." I whispered and he grinned against my cheek, his lips near my ear.

"I love you too...."

Alec turned me around, and moved me onto the bed, pressing his chest against my back and kiss along my neck. I felt him undo his pants and I reached behind me, my arms twisting in a way which wouldn't be possible if I was still human; and gripped the back of his head.

He laughed and pressed his erect self against my bare ass...

"Too long of a fuckin' day..." he whispered, kissing my ear and I opened my eyes moaning soft as he ran his hands along my back...


I was about to close my eyes once more until my eyes reached the table beside my bed and I saw the one card peak out from the others... written in black ink was.


My mind stop processing everything else.

Wasn't Alec already dead? How...

I suddenly understood, I wouldn't be killing him, I would be leading him to the pits of fire.

The man I loved... The man who had given me this purpose so many hundreds of years ago.

"Naomi... Are you alright?"

Alec moved off of me and I sat up, putting my hand on my chest, not able to breath very well.

"What's wrong Nam?" he scooted over, his strong arms holding me tightly. I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to understand why this would be happening to him, why would the King want him in the pits?

Was he trying to pain me? Really torture me... Hadn't I done the work he asked?

"You... Alec..." I wanted to tell him...

"Naomi, what is it?"

"You're name is on... one of those cards."

I closed my eyes waiting his outburst of anger...

"I know."

I opened my eyes and stared at him wildly.


He sighed and caressed the side of my face, and the look in his eyes was one I had never seen before, a gentle one... One that lacked the general sickness...

"I did it for you... Naomi. You were supposed to go compromised all those years ago. So I made a deal, and now it must be fulfilled."

I buried my face in Alec's chest and felt tears reach my cheeks.

"Oh Alec... I can't exist without you..."

"You can..." He whispered.

I stood, sobbing into the air and I pushed his arms away when he tried to hold me again.

I had spent so many years with this man, who taught me everything I know. How would I possibly be able to get along with out him? He wasn't just a part of my life, he was the biggest part of my undead life.

"Naomi." he whispered and I shook my head.

I turned and ran into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door.

I would rather be dead than continue on without him. Of all the evil I had ever done, letting him take my place in the pits would be the sickest.

"Naomi don't'!!" he yelled from the other side of the door.

I wasn't listening, instead I opened the door and looked straight into his eyes. My demeanor changed in less than a second. My veins being over taken with the true fires.

I wouldn't let him live on without me. Of all the evil I had done, letting him live on would be the sickest.

I felt my heart turn black and I grinned with all the illness of a rattle snake.

"Nam... Don't..." He said, his eyes widening understanding.. But he didn't fight me...

I wasn't listening, I had his head in my hands strong grip and was beginning to twist...

I could have stopped, I could have let a different will be done and taken my own self...

I could have...


Mama, we all go to Hell.

I gasped being jolted back into reality, blood dripping down my hands and I realized I had smashed my fists into the mirror. I was still standing leaning over the sink, watching the blood drip onto the shards lining the white of the it. Tears dripped down my face at the vision I just had, I wouldn't let that happen. NO matter how evil I was, or how sickened I had been all these years guiding the young and the old to Hell, I wouldn't let the darkness take over me, I wouldn't let myself murder the only man I had ever felt anything for...

"Naomi..." Alec whispered from the other side of the bathroom door and I moved slowly, the blades of glass in my hands stinging as I opened the door.

"Your hands." he said taking them in his own, and I looked up into his eyes. Hoping he couldn't see the pain in them, hoping he didn't know what I had just seen in my head.

But I knew he could.

"You have to send me to the fires Naomi... It is the King's orders."

"I can't end you Alec. I love you. "

"I love you too... But I don't regret making the deal I made."

I put my bloody hands on my face trying to suppress a sob, and I groaned as I got glass along my cheeks and my face started to ooze blood.

"I can't lose you Al..."

Alec took my hands, pulling the shards from them and brushing them off with his shirt.

"We are loyal to Lucifer Naomi, he is merciful."

"Oh FUCK Lucifer, FUCK the merciful bullshit. If he was merciful he wouldn't have me end you, he wouldn't have let you make such a shitty deal. Fuck the King."

I pushed Alec away and pulled the glass from my face letting my tears run over the blood, washing it down my chin.

"Don't say that Naomi..."

"Fuck. The King." I whispered looking over at him, his eyes full of pain and I couldn't tell if it was for himself, me or his precious Lucifer, his precious piece of his King.

"He is my King no more." I whispered between my teeth.

Alec was quiet and I turned away from him.

"If he is your King still, I understand. But if you are loyal to him, you are no longer a part of me."

" He is not my King. I won't remain loyal to him if it means losing your trust. Your love."

I turned around to face him, about as surprised as a Reaper could be. Was he really giving up his loyalty to Lucifer for me? When he could just as easily kill me, and remain Lucifer's second in command? All for a Reaper, who is replaced every thousand years, I didn't have more than 700 years left. Almost like a day when you're unaging. Immortal.

"Don't say such things to be Alec if you don't mean them."

"Oh, but I mean them Naomi."

He said closing the distance between us and looking down at me from his 6'4 stature.

"He is my King no more."

He leaned down, pressing his lips against mine, wiping the bloody wetness off of my face with his warm thumbs. We both felt it, even as we kissed, a disturbance in the air around us. A quake of waking up something neither of us wanted to know.

"He senses our betrayal." Alec whispered looking into my eyes, and for the first time ever, I saw a hint of fear there... I imagined he saw the same in my own eyes, and was equally as unsettled.

"We will never make it if we stay here. He'll have the Knights after us." I said, taking Alec's hand in mine. He had left is King for me, could I possibly ask him to leave his home?

"Go Alec. Tell him you are worthy, beg for forgiveness, be loyal to him. Let me be killed, let me take the place of death and not you."

Alec grabbed me by the shoulders, and I was startled to no end...

"NO. Don't you ever fucking tell me that, or ask me to do something like that Naomi Florance!"

"I won't let you die!" I yelled back at him.

"We don't have to die, we can both leave!"

"No, we won't make it, you have to go Alec!"

" I swear, I will throw you over my fucking shoulder if I have to Nam..."

I took a deep breath and looked at him and over at the door quickly, feeling something coming. A darkness even greater than myself, the Knights of Hell. Nothing could kill them. No one stood a chance against them. Not even Alec.

I ran over to my dresser, grabbing my bag and piling in the visible clothing on my dresser and looking at my mothers beaded necklace before shoving it into my bag as well. I pulled on my pants and shirt looking over at Alec who had already put his pants back on and was standing by the door nervously.

"Nam, come on!" Alec called me over, and I ran over to him, wrapping my arms around him tightly, and reaching my lips up to kiss and kissing him deeply.

He grabbed my wrist, not kissing me back and I could tell he knew we didn't have much time.

As he pulled me out into the hallway, I struggled to run beside him, my bare feet smacking smacking noises against the floor...

Suddenly, I knew I had to do something before we left, there was something I couldn't bare to leave without. Even if I wasn't sure why.

"Wait!!" I yelled forcing Alec to stop still.

"Naomi we don't have much time!"

"We have to get Brenna!"


I huffed.

"The little girl, Brenna we have to get her, I can't... We, can't leave her."

"Naomi, we have to go now."

My heart sunk in my chest and I knew Alec could see the lifelessness over taking my face as I whispered...

"Please Alec...'

He looked at me deeply for just a millisecond.

"Okay, but we have to hurry!"

He held tightly onto my risk, making me run with him again, and I followed him down two more hallways, the darkness creeping closer upon us.

He stopped at the chambering doors, she was still in a waiting cage... I was thankful for this as he let go of my hand, and opened the door, running inside.

I grew nervous as I stood in the hall by myself, even as I held the door open and looked left and right every second.

"Dammit Alec..." I whispered, wiggling my knees and biting my lip hard until I was sure it was going to bleed.

I had never felt so scared in my entire undead life. Even as I had looked into the cold eyes of so many people, led killers to the pits... I had never known fear until this moment. I had never understood what it was like to want something more, to know there is something more and you don't belong... Until right now, when I was being forced to leave because of my own actions.

"Got her." Alec said running out of the chambering room with the blond haired girl I knew was Brenna. Her hair and skin were clean and she was dressed in white footy pajamas. For once, something sickened me. The fact that the guards enjoyed cleaning the small ones and watching their blood pool over white as they were tortured...

I took her from Alec and looked into her eyes.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm scared, I don't want to be hurt like the other girl. Don't leave me anymore." She buried her small warm face in my shoulder and Alec gave me a impatient look.

I motioned him to go, and I quickly began running a few steps behind him, the weight of Brenna slowing my down but I didn't care, I wasn't going to let her go. I didn't understand why her name had been on that card, why a 8 year old would be placed in Hell, why any children were ever placed in hell.

But now I understood why I had to meet Brenna and as I held her in my arms running behind Alec. I knew I would never see anything the same way again.

"Fuck they're behind us!" I yelled as we got closer to the double doors I had previously walked Brenna through, and I could feel the Knights traveling not far behind us, their heat making sweat poor down my face and Brenna groaned in pain the steam filling the hallways burning at her eyes.

"Shhh. It's okay were getting out of here." I whispered breathlessly.

As we got to the door, flames began to lick at the walls and Alec yelled out in pain as he opened the hot door and I ran out behind him, shielding Brenna from the heat as much as possible.

I could see the darkness ahead of us, the way to the other side. To earths plane.

I closed my eyes and just ran forward, knowing Alec was not far ahead of me. And suddenly Alec grabbed my arm pulling me into the darkness with him.

I didn't open my eyes until I heard a soft whisper...


We were lying in the cool grass, earths night sky and it's stars shining down on us.

"Are we okay?" Brenna asked looking up at me...

"Were okay now." I whispered to Brenna looking over at Alec who crawled over to us, not asking me to set Brenna down, but instead wrapping his arms around the both of us.

"I love you." He whispered, leaning his forehead against mine.

"I love you too."

We were in no way out of dangers way. But the Knights couldn't reach us here, they were stuck in Hell. I wasn't sure how we would make it here, no longer being loyal to Lucifer, we had no ties to anything.

We were no longer able to be invisible to those around us, it was like we were alive again yet never aging. But still ghosts of someones past...

How would we live in this world?

"I'm afraid." I whispered to Alec. he said nothing, just closed his eyes and caressed the side of my face.

I could have killed Alec, remained loyal to Lucifer, or killed myself and let Alec remain loyal to Lucifer.

I could have been the Naomi I had known for so many years..


Mama, we all deserve life.


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