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I just had a crazy dream last night and thought I would share ti with you!

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I JUST WOKE UP FROM A CRAZY DREAM! I do not understand it or remember alot, but I do remember somethings like. Jacob Black was in it...Bella Swan was in it.....Talking Money half people were in it....and it was about the world coming to an end because a pwer that the money people had got seeped out when I human is in teh air it got seeped out from..they become evil because the power takes a bad effected on humans....SO HERE IT IS FROM THE BEGINNING OF WHAT I REMEMEBER TO THE END OF WHAT I REMEMBER!

"Wait up for me!" A girl with blonde hair said. ( I dont know who she is...lol) " I'm waiting lacy" I said. We were at a skate park and needed to get home, the knew swas talking about some weird power that the Dolliasas ( yes...thats what they are called..in my dream the money people said thats what they are called) are giving off. The power is a green gas that is invisable in human air. In swamps or near entering holes for the Dolloiasas it glows green and floats in the air. I didn't know what it did, but it didnt sound good. I didnt breath the whoel way home, but by the time I got home with "Lacy" ( I thats what I called her in the dream..idk) she was holding like 5 kittens and two lollipops. " How did you get those?" I asked. "I wished I had them..and they suddenly were there"She said. No one has ever seen the Dolloiasas, but they are sopost to be half monkey and half human, ugly things..... For some reason my dream went from that to it being 3 months later.......... It had got out of hand, to many people wishing for to many things, the Dolloiasas, had stopped sending the gas out and just been keeping it near their entering whole. The entering whole was way in the sky, to get up you hand to climb the ropes made from electric papis vines. They glowed green and sparks flew off them. My own best friend Bella, was goign crazy because she wanted everything in her dreams, I needed to find a way to stop this madness. I ran to the entering hole, being chased by crazy addicted people. Bella had passed out near my feet, to tired to run anymore, she wanted to come, but I know she just wanted to start the gas back up. People cryed and told me no, I wont make it..but they were wrong..I reached the top, I looked around no one was there. I found a button that has gas,..with out thinking I hit it..Some one came behind me. I looked around to see who it was...There was a girl..her hair snow white flowing half way down her back, her looked all human but a white tail coming from behind her. "What are you doing?"She asked, her voice was angelic like. " I'm trying help my people, you have caused them to be craz, they are turning into monsters. "And you think we dont know that!" She yelled her voice just sounding like silver bells. I started running and pushing every button for no reason. ( well atleast in teh dream..i didnt know why) I was suddenly in a room with people that looked like her, some men, woman, girls boys, some balck hair, some red, some white, all white tails though. " We need to stop this"I said trying to breath. "Yes, and now youve let the red gas out! Do you know what that does?"He asked. "No..."I said confused. He flicked a switch on a it showed the ice rink, people were laughing and skateingm they werent outside in the air, so they werent addicted. "To have power, you have to have want, to have want you have to have all control, the red gas, is a suplument that takes over the mind, and makes you froget all about the ones you love, and makes you greedy for what ever want is in your head before you smell the red gas in the air. Its smell is like strawberry wine"He said, as I watched the screen of ice skaters , i began to see red gas coming from the cracks in the windows, the next second, I watched as person after person froze in their spots and began became one and aliek greedy zombies. " Do you see what you have done!"A man yelled. "You must stop this or we will have no other choice, but to end human life"The first girl I met said beside me. SOME ONE ELSE POINT OF VIEW..i dont know who..but its a girl..i think its bella.. or lacyy.. I was walking toward the phone booth, every one was starting to go crazy, starting to take thigns from others, fighting, not caring about what another person was doing. I wsant breathing, I knew it had to do something with the air. It was now red looking gas. I wasnt going to take a chance to see what it smelled like. I ran into the phone booth.. A lady was in it. She was wonderful and angelic, her hair white as snow, her tail white, she must be a Dolloiasas. I never beleived they were ugly. "Do you know whats going on here?"I asked her she nodded. "Yes! A boy, Jacob hit the red button for for red and didnt understand what it would do, when ever a human smells it they become lost in sex lust, money lust, friendship lust, what ever they want lust and forget about every one else"She said looking around her. I understood then, "What do we have to do to stop it?"I asked her. "There is no way...but to end human life, some can be saves, teh ones liek you who are not full of the toxic can be saved if you come with us"She said looking at me. "How long do we have!"I said scared. " a hour"She said before giving me a air mask and pushing me out. I ran toward the street, I saw uncle tom. " Uncle tom!"I sai running up to him. " Do you have money! Give me it!"He yelled, I knew he was over taken. I ran back to teh house, by that time, I had 30 mins. I needed to find Jacob, I tried to talk to my mother, she understood, but as soon as we got outside she started breathing by accident. " Give me it!"She started saying. She kept chasing after me. After pushing her back inside the house she started chasing me again..I had five minutes...I ran into the bed room. I called into the closet to see if any one was there. No oen said anything..I ran out in the other room, no one. Two minutes..."Jacob!"I called into teh closet again. "If your in there!"I called, I was suddenly pulled into the closest....My lips hit something warm..jacobs..I opened my eyes to see his full of fear. I was kissing his again. "I love you"We both said for the first time in our lifes..the way we meant it was not just family...belieive me...there was a bang and a boom so loud it would blow anyones heads off if they were outside...my body felt like some one was setting it on fire...then it went black..we all were dead......its over.... Now as, we watch from our save heaven above..down at earth now, waiting for something to happen, we know it will not, The Dolloiasas, are long gone, moved on, to a planet were the will no longer cause harm to human life, ever once and a while, a human gets to thoughtful, and trys something, and a slight bit of Dolloiasas enters the earth. But is soon killed over....... THATS ALL I REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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