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A Wish Away....

Short story By: dibbledabble

Well here it is my entry into Alicats writing comp. A new style of writing for me, I hope that it works. Thanks Top Cat for making me sweat on this for a few days. I had to pull out all the stops to come up with a way to present the prompts you gave.

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A Wish Away

Chapter 1: Meet Katrina

Oh my days! How many times do I have to say? I told the security guy and the policeman and the medics! Ohh Man! Okay, okay for the hundredth time! My name is Katrina Albertson, I'm 14 years old. I live in Hammersmith, that's in London……. England. Do I have to give you the address all over again? No, just how I got here right?

I guess you're gonna think I'm a crazy girl, just like everyone else. I swear on Billy's life, he's my cat and I ain't messin when I swear like that! It actually happened like I said! Listen Doc I ain't crazy it ACTUALLY happen, it did! Sure I'm getting upset, I want to go home, I want to see my mum and dad! I want to see my friends and Billy! I don't want to calm down, I want to go home!

I'm sorry; I didn't mean to get mad, I don't understand, I just want to go home. From the beginning? And then I can go home?

Chapter 2: In my room

You know when they slam doors downstairs, my floor vibrates. Mum was in one of those moods, when she just says things to rile dad. And boy can he shout. They were have one of those rows when mum throws stuff. I hate that! Or I did! Now I just want my mum and dad back. I was just sat in on my bed reading and stuff. Billy was scratching the corner of the bed. That makes my dad mad, but it's not Billy's fault is it? I mean he's a cat, that's what they do isn't it? Scratch! Better than getting a shoe in your head.

Ok. Yes, continue, the facts. Well like I was saying mum was making dad blow his top. It was totally a ten on the rowster scale. That's how I rate them, the barneys they have. On the rowster scale. I know they are passed a nine when Billy comes hide on my lap. I covered his ears so he couldn't hear them yelling so bad. Cats have delicate ears you know. It's gotta hurt him, that banging and slamming n shouting all. You'd think they were the kids in the house! Oh man did I so want them to stop! I couldn't bear it anymore. Billy and me got under my quilt so the sound was least muffled a bit. I felt pretty mean cuz I stuck my fingers in my ears real hard. You know so like barely nuffin can be heard. I know I should have kept covering Billy's ears but I just wanted 'them' to stop! I swear I was looking at Billy and he was looking back. We both wanted them to stop real bad!

At first I was wishing and wishing them to stop and Billy was looking real sad but no matter how hard I wished, they did not. So I told myself, me and Billy should go away…far away like so far away 'they' couldn't be heard. So far away they would be sorry. And I wished that instead wished harder than life itself.

Then there was a bump, at first I thought it was a door being slammed real hard. This is where it gets real crazy Doc, but I swear on Billy's……have they found Billy yet? No? Oh, they are still searching aren't they, they won't give up? Tell me they won't give up! The bump, oh yes, that. I ain't crazy, you do believe me don't you Doc?

Chapter 3: City Street

There was this bump right, but it wasn't no door. I was falling real fast, like when you're in a dream and you wake with a start. And that's kinda what happen, like the best way to explain it. I was falling out of a dream and actually bounced, like in mid-air. Me holding Billy in mid-air. And we was travelling like, well superman. Really it's the gods' honest truth; I was flying like superman out in the street.

I could see my dad's car parked on the curb, and Ralph, Mrs McGuiness's dog in her yard. And the traffic lights at the end of the road changing from green to red. I was moving real slow, I was real scared I was going to fall at any moment so I held Billy out in front of me so if we did I wouldn't squash him. I reckoned if I was gonna die Billy might be ok so long as I didn't land on him. I'm telling you Doc, when you can reach out and touch the top of the lamp posts it feels pretty high.

I could still hear Mum and Dad yelling, I guess the whole street could. I wanted to get away from that place and that's when I started to climb over the beech tree at the end of our street and speed up. It's funny but the higher I went the less scary it felt and I kinda knew I wasn't going to fall, so I cuddled Billy tight and I thought of somewhere I always wanted to go.

Chapter 4: The Ocean

I could hardly believe as I thought America I was travelling so fast, like an arrow. No, much faster than that. Like London was gone in a few minutes. I saw Wembley they were playing football there, and the M25 all choked up with cars. You don't want to be sat in a jam on that with mum and dad having a ding dong. I was going easily as fast as a jet right over Oxford; I knew it was Oxford cuz of all the spires, but that was gone in a flash, just like Birmingham too and the ground rose and I travelled up over Snowdon and from there I hovered a while. It was beautiful and blue stretching as far as I could see, the Atlantic Ocean.

America I thought was the other side of that and like a bullet we speed off the edge of England and flew skipping over the waves so fast it was hard to pick out each one rolling. Doc, you're giving me that crazy girl look! I swear! It's for real. What are you writing? I bet you think I'm a candidate for the funny farm for sure now. What happened next? You're gonna put me in a padded ceil when I tell you.

As we was racing across the sea I got to think about whales, not the country, the fish. Okay I know they ain't fish for real, mammals right? And I'm doing the super man pose thing, cuz it was kinda fun. Next thing I know I am under the sea, me and Billy under the sea, and there they were whales, a mother and a calf and me and Billy all swimming along. Get wet? Could I breathe? It wasn't wet at all or cold, and sure I could breath, else I wouldn't be here now, would I? And you think I'm the crazy one?

Oh man, it was amazing! Ever since I saw a wildlife thing on TV I wanted to swim with a whale and there we was, gliding along with a whale bigger than a London bus and her calf. What kind? A Blue whale Doc. It was so rad, I was actually sat on her back against her dorsal fin and she was powering along, diving down deep and coming up for air, And when her blow hole opened she showered us in spray, that was wet, go figure how that could be? Me and Billy taking a ride to America on a whale!

That's when it started to go bad, when I lost Billy. We dove once more and as we went deep I let go of him, I didn't mean too, I was just so amazed I stopped thinking about holding him tight and before I knew it he was gone. They're not going to find him are they Doc? They're not even looking for him are they? I wanted to run away and I took Billy with me and now he's lost, most probably drowned. Why did I want have run away? I want my mum! I want Dad! I Want my cat!

Calmer now, yes thank you, I can't help but cry. I really loved Billy and I miss mum and dad. I was just so mad at them fighting. How close too America did the whale bring me? As soon as I knew Billy was gone I let go of the whale and swam all around and flew up in the sky and searched and search. The whales were searching too. I could see the mother and calf circling around over and over and I just kept looking until it was dark. Even then I could hear the whale's call for Billy. I had to give up in the end. I wanted to keep looking but I knew Billy was gone. Billy was dead! Billy is dead isn't he Doc?

Chapter 5: The building

It was so dark out there; I didn't know what to do anymore. I could see in the distance over the horizon a glow. I guessed it was land so I headed that way. For a while the whales tried to keep up I could hear them still rising and blowing. But as I got closer to land the stopped and I felt really alone, without Billy and the whales for company, without mum and dad. Being alone like that is much worse than their rows. The glow ahead became lights, lights of a city. New York. I could see the Statue of Liberty and off to the right the Empire State Building. All lit up, really flooded in white light, the top all shining in the dark above the other skyscrapers around. I didn't want to run away anymore, I wanted to go home, but I was so tired and so sad. That's when I saw on each corner of the building there was a balcony so I landed on one of them. Yes, that's where they found me Doc, They thought I had been left behind when they closed the balcony for view. Like left behind, there isn't anywhere you can actually hide up there.

It was then that I started to feel cold before the security guy grabbed me, before he even saw me. I was huddled in a corner against the balcony wall really shivering. I didn't know if I felt sick or just really hungry. But I didn't want to eat, I wanted Billy to be alive and to go home. That's when I climbed back on the wall, I was going to fly back home, but as I got near the edge I got really sacred, really scared that I was going to fall. I looked down at the cars below so so small, I was so high and I felt real dizzy. I was sure I was going to pass out and that's when the security guy grabbed me. He saved my life!

That's about it Doc, how I got here. So you thing I'm as mad as a hatter don't you!

Chapter 6: The Rescue

A phone call for me? Dad! Dad! Yes I am safe, I'm in America. Are you coming to get me? What happen? You ain't gonna believe me! Can I speak to mum? Oh mum I'm Sorry!

In the background the TV news is on and at the bottom of the screen the tickertape headline scrolls


Shortly after that the news reader begins in incredulous tones….. A rare sighting of a blue whale in the bay has confused bay officials have confirmed that a cat is indeed riding on the whales back…. Coastal Authorities are trying to recover the cat as we speak before the whale submerges… we are staying live with this story.. Bob Macmaster is at the scene now….Bob what can you see?

By Dibs


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