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Alternative opening- Return of the Forgotten

Short story By: Disturbations of the deep

An alternative opening, wich leads to a slightly different story, please tell me wich one you prefer

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Last Words

It was a dark night with a brisk chill in the air, the perfect night for secrets to be revealed. It was silent apart from sounds of drunkards and a slut toying with each other and the sharp ring of my boot's heels contacting the rough stone of the cobbled street. By my side was the Emperor, Gotinus Daskus, standing not so proud at 5 foot 5, the smallest emperor we've ever had; usually they were giants of men, with boulders for shoulders and a moon between them. Though short and not the strongest man ever, he was the best emperor we've ever had, the most charming with our enemies so we could offer a peace treaty and then come in and stab those in the back, he was the handsomest though he had never married, nor had I ever seen him with a woman, yet one was always trying to flirt with him, he would always ignore the conversation about the bedroom, and switch it to what she thinks the public need, she being them. He was loved by the people, by the soldiers and by me. He walked by me, with his thick hazel hair flowing; it was hair that could make even the straightest man think about maybe running his hands through that hair and then the body. I was calm to have him walk by me, he had done so many times, I was after all the general of his entire army, even though many disapproved of his decision, I was merely a street beggar, it was unbelievable, a street beggar turned protector of the people. People thought it all very bizarre, until at the ceremony for my "promotion", Gotinus stood up and told the story. The emperor had been walking through the market to meet the people as he so often did, usually I was quite good at pickpocketing and those kind of mischievous habits, but on that day I was caught, for the first time ever, a tradesman selling apples saw me steal a china set from another stall and exclaimed to the public my presence, "Thief! A horrible stinking bloody thief!" Unluckily, the closest guards were the Emperors guards, and one took a launch at me, I grabbed his red cape and yanked spinning the guard in midflight , he landed on his back on a rock, strategically placed by me when he jumped, I took his sword and went to work on the rest of the guards, I held them off for a decent time until Gotinus told the guards to back off, good timing as well I was about to pass out, he then took me in and got me to start training, and when I was able to defeat the current general at the time in a sword fight I came out to be the generals heir, so when he died from an assassination, I took his place, and with our brains Daskus became the most powerful Empire in the world since the shadows rose in 2483, it was the year 3918 now, and little relics remained from the old times, I would explain what happened but I must get back on topic. Gotinus looked up and studied the moon, he looked deep in thought, he turned to me and with a weak hoarse voice I had not heard come from his throat before beckoned me to return to his private villa. People always saw him as a secret man but one who had no secrets, who had never done anything wrong, but recently he became ruthless and the people hated him, I always begged him to stop his tyranny but he just repeated that it was who he must be, this was the first time I had seen him calm in 2 years, he apologized that night before we came to the villa we was at his door when he turned to me and said, "The Gods had me a fate and I was not happy, I was challenging the gods to come down and face me and my empire, I got out of control, I was angry at night at first then at day as well then I took it out on everyone around me, I apologize." I could see he had regrets, though n-one else did, maybe that's why he found it so easy to slit his wrist. Because he deserved it that's what everyone said; he deserved it and he knew it. If so then surely he is not that bad of a person? We were in his villa at last, I felt the warmth of the torches welcome me home. Gotinus stopped in the center of the main hall and with a sad tone he spoke his final words, "Love makes you do crazy things friend, I have entrusted you with my army and you have given me what I asked for. I trusted love in a girl, and she broke my heart. Well, it wasn't her, but it wasn't me. It was who I was going to be, I moved so far away, I tried to find her but she became an enemy of the Empire. I couldn't let people know that I was in love with an assassin, it would've ruined me. Why did she become an assassin? It was all me, I corrupted her, I made mistakes behind her back, and it made her hate the Empire. I'm leaving so I can be with her, tomorrow to be exact. I want you to find her, she has a reputation so you should know what she looks like and how dangerous she is, but give her this and she will understand." He handed me a beautiful necklace; a gold chain with a ruby in the shape of a sparrow, he was going to tell me her name but he got interrupted by his maid reporting a fire that had broken out in the kitchen, he always handled things himself to make sure it was done properly, the maids were just there as support. He ran off and I never saw him again, I had to leave too, I had duties to attend to. When I went to get the name of his lover, I found him dead in a pool of blood, he was loosely gripping a knife and when I flipped him over I saw the slash on his wrist. So this was what he meant by leaving. Word got on the street half an hour later, Emperor Gotinus had committed suicide, and General of his whole army, B'yad III, had disappeared. The Empire of Daskus was going to hit a dark time, Love causing death had started a series of events, as I would learn later, the only one that would be able to pull the Empire out of the darkness was me and Gotinus's lover, luckily I knew who it was, "she has a reputation" gave it away, it was obvious why I should know what she looked like, she was the General slayer. I even had a tangle with her before, the acclaimed assassin; Sparrow's Dagger.


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