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A review of another pending book idea. A small island holding the worlds most acclaimed assassins, the D.E.A.D team, has been beaten by a ferocious storm for over 2 weeks, the inhabitants, hiding in the islands vast system of caverns and passages, are running out of food. More rumbles are being heard, but Madikus the leader insists that it is the storm moving away, but is he holding something back, is he telling the truth. When eople start to dissapear, a group of assassins attempt to find out the truth, right before a big awakening, that will finally decide their fate.

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The storm outside was reaching its arms into the inhabitants of Sede, a small island, but a special island. Though small, it ran deep. Ancient tunnels and gigantic caverns ran through the core of the Island. Even though small it held many secrets. The Island was a perfect site for the D.E.A.D training grounds, no-one really knows what the letters stand for, but what is well known is that if you are a part of the team, you are a force to be reckoned with. D.E.A.D is the world's most famous assassin recruit station, even though it was well known, no one knew where they were, they were invisible to the world, but not to the people's mind. So on this Island filled with killers a storm was raging, and it had been for two weeks. The Island was susceptible to storms, but none had ever lasted this long, but the inhabitants were fine, they just ran around in the tunnels and caverns, that were once inhabited with strange creatures. Of course, they did not know this. No-one knew about the history of the islands, nor the sea that surrounded it, otherwise they might have thought differently about going there.

"Dinners up!" shouted the stocky ginger chef, wearing his dirty apron flailing around an axe as if it was a fork. All at once 100 cloaked figures appeared in the cafeteria, a large cavern on the western side of the island,they sat down on the rows of tables and chairs, there were six overall. Some jut gazed at the surroundings and came to the conclusion that they were in a metal box with a door on one side that lead to a rough rocky passage the intruders were expected. They were after all the assassins. They all wore the same clothing, a dark leather cloak with a hood, with belt buckle fasteners and metal chains on the left arm of the outfit, they were like warriors of the shadows. All sat down and waited as the food was being served, tuna in a can again, they were running out of food supplies so they had to make do until the storm was over. Grumbles rose as the meal was placed before them. "Hey stop complaining, has anyone died this week? No, so the storm has helped in some ways. Think of this like camping, and when camping, there usually isn't good food, now stop complaining and eat up," Exclaimed the chef when he heard a sly remark about his cooking. A silence settled, but not because of the chef's speech, but because Madikus had entered. Madikus was the founder of D.E.A.D, he wasn't a supernatural killer, he was a scientist, and he wore the same style clothing as all the other assassins, but in red, not in black. He sported scraggly black hair, a six foot tall body, and a skinny frame. Madikus did not look like a leader, he looked more like a mascot. He stood at the center of the cafeteria, on the table top of the third table, and spoke," Now I'm sure you have all heard, and felt for that matter, the recent rumbles we've been having. Now some have joked that it's our stomachs from these crap grub we're eating," a small laughter complimented his joke, " Yes well I'm sure Chef is doing the best he can, anyway, there have been silly rumors about the island splitting in half and other nonsense, well no need to worry, it is only the last few hits of this storm we've been having, so these rumbles signify the end, soon we'll all be having steak and fries!" With this came a loud roar of applause, finally they wouldn't be stuck here under in these dreadful caverns, and they will be able to go back onto work.


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