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Mysterious Prisoner

Short story By: DouglasASteel

Captured, trapped, his partner missing. The enemy hunting the information he holds. Will he escape? Will he find his partner?

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Mysterious Prisoner
The room was Black, there were no windows, no lights just darkness. He sat there in the middle of the blackness, not moving. The door opened and 7 heavily armoured soldiers walked in. The light irradiated from the door to fill the room yet he just sat there. The only soldier not holding a gun stepped forward.
"Who are you working for," he yelled at the figure sitting in the middle of the room.
Yet the figure stayed silent
"Well you don't need to tell us that little Bitch already told us a lot about Tartarus." The Commander continued, "After we raped her. What was her name...? Sierra we teased her as we..."
The figure in the middle of the room stood up.
"What's this? So it does move." The Commander laughed.
"Say her name again." The figure spoke quietly.
The smile from the Commanders face fell he opened his mouth, "Sierra"
As the last syllable left the Commanders lips the figures eye's opened. A split second later the Commanders face was pressed up against the wall by the figures hand. The rest of the soldier raised their guns; before they could fire the figure had pulled the Commanders pistol out of its holster. Six shots rang out from the cell, and inside the six guards dropped dead.
"H... h... how did you do that? That wasn't human!"The Commander was hysterical; his best men were just killed without a fight. The figure took his hand off the Commander's head and as he dropped the pistol gripped the Commanders arm. He pulled the arm up until his face meat the Commanders. The figure spoke in a quiet cold voice.
"Where is she?" Was all it said.
"Fuck you!" replied the Commander as he spat in its face.
It brought its other hand up and put it on the shoulder of the arm it was already holding. It gripped his shoulder and pulled with the other hand. There was a snap. Followed by a scream from the Commander.
"What the Fuck?" screamed the Commander, the figure did not stop it kept pulling, "Stop I'll tell you! I'll tell you!"
All of a sudden there was a rip as the arm of the Commanders jacket tore. The tearing sound continued as the skin - now visible - started to break apart between the arm and the shoulder. There was another snap and the arm detached from the Commanders body the bone still sticking out of the top of the severed arm. The figure dropped him but held on to the arm.
"Well, where is she?" the figure seemed unfazed by the fact it had just pulled off the Commanders arm.
"Level... C. Cell Block 5."Screamed the Commander in his reply, holding the point where his arm used to be attached to his body.
The figure started to walk away down the corridor toward Level C.
"You're just going to leave me like thing." The Commander yelled after his prisoner turned torturer.
"I suppose I can tell you this," the figure replied turning into the light revealing his face, "My name is Cerberus. I am a Guardian of Tartarus, and you and your men have been deemed a nuisance that must be exterminated. No survivors!" and with that Cerberus turned the corner and was gone leaving the Commander slouched on the floor with his arm lying next to him and 6 of his men lying dead in the cell in front of him.


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