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Shadows in my room

Short story By: eludingdarling

The ideas are Angle of life's.It was based on her poem. I just wrote it. Did i fail? Hope not. We worked on this together soo...pat her back ^-^

Submitted:Sep 2, 2011    Reads: 16    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Its not normal, thats for sure. It's not weird either. I slide the key Into my aparment door lock, holging my breath as if this was the climax of a movie I've wanted to see all summer. It's hard to explain, and to be brutily honest, I rather not. This isn't the kind of story that makes you cool, or does anything positive for that matter.I don't even like coalling it a sorty for two main reasons. One: Story makes it sound so fake, and that it is not. If i pretend, then it is fade, but I've never really had much of an imagination. I turn the key and cringe when I hear the doors 'creak'. Two: Its not finished. I think my english teacher said something along the lines of stories having to have a beginning, middle, and end. I can't really recall though. It hasn't been that long since I dropped out of school, six months at the most. Heh, I've been kicked out of my 'home' for six months now. I don't care though, honestly I don't. Me and my parents never really saw eye to eye. I admit I screwed up when I started doing drugs and skipping school. That was bad....but I got better! I clench onto the doorknob. I gave up drugs and started to go to school again. Granted my grades weren't excatly 'exemplory' but still atleast I was trying. It wasn't enough though, It never was. I had those parents who had such high expectations. Those only got them dissapiontments though, the expectations I mean. I didn't go emo or anything, actually I think I'm quite normal. I dress like a girl and I take the required breaths to live. I lean against the door by my shoulder. To be honest I don't Know which life I hare more. My life of reality, which consists of my full time job and bills, or...I push against the door, you have to do that, else the door won't open, and gasp when I stumble inside....Or this one. I kick aside my red sweater that is chilling on my floor, and walk quietly inside. The door closes on its own, it always does that now, softly. I stand there akwardly, in the middle of my livingroom, not sure on what to do next. I yelp, for the next thing I know is that black as night arms wrap around me. He isn't real. I could barely feel it, but it was there. He isn't human. "You were gone later than normal. Finally got your precious overtime." The breeze whispers into my ear, sending a chill down my body. Then what is he? I stand there, silently and slowly, oh so very slowly, a sad smile reache my face. I lean back into the touch, ignoring the pain, ignoring the cold air I'm pressing into, ignoring my better judgement. " I'm sorry. I ran out of gas, so I had to walk home." I replie, calmly, in a sicking way that resembles a tone that a wife would use with her husband. Is it wrong to love something you fear with every fiber of your being? The cold air pushes me forward, making me stumble and land face first onto my tile floor. Pain shoots up to my face, but I remain silent." How irresponsible. I told you to get here early." He says in a condencending voice, I puch myself up and let my tears flow down my face. I don't love this. I love him. The shadows dance around me, resembling night time monsters reaching out to tear apart their prey. I sit there staring at the shadows with a blank face. Before, I would of screamed. Before my heart would of started racing and I would of broken into cold sweat, not as cold as him ofcorse. Now, though...Now I'm tired of this. Now, this is almost annoying. A single thread of a shadow ventures farther than the rest, and scraps my shin. In a lifeless fashion, I pull my legs up to my chest, and cry, and cry, and cry. The things that love does to me. He wasn't always like this. He used to be more kind, less cruel. When I first moved into the apartment I knew something wasn't right about it, but I already paid for it. There was no going back, for then atleast. I noticed that the shadows would move unnaturally, almost as if it has a life of its own. I didn't tell anyone though, because honestly who would I tell? A drop of blood rolls down my leg, leaving a trail of red behind it. Did you know that blood flow down just like a tear? Then the mirrors..Oh, the mirrors! The mirrors would reflect the shadows, and what it reflected..I shudder and start to rock myself back and forth. My biggest mistake wasn't moving into the apartment, no no, I did something much worse. I called out to the shadows...I don't know, but somehow I just knew there was something inside the shadow. At first, there was the hands. They would run down my hair and caress my face gently. Then the arms. They would hold onto me, and offer me comfort. Then the voice. It would promise me sweet nothings and seal away my heart. But then the hands started to rip apart my heart, the arms pulling at it with all its mighy, the voice laughing. Why would he want me here early? I pound the tile repeatadly and curse love. Today was my choice. Kill and reach immortality or die and live forever. Could I kill? Yeah, anyone can. I stop pounding my fist. Will I? No. It has nothing to do with morals. Its just..I'm so tired of this life. Why would I whish a forever upon it? I turn my head slightly and glance at the body on my couch that is being held down by shadows. I'm glad I don't want immortality. It would suck to love it, become immortal and there become tired of life. There would be no going back, ever, at that point. The body is shaking and I try not to think about what I'm about to do too much. " I choose death" I whisper into the dark. The shadows retreat, and then come back moving around the room crazily. "...that was so..predictable. Ofcorse you would choose the easy way out. You never got rid of me because you were lonely, and now you give up because your tired. OH wellll~ Oh, by the way, love is a lie soooo...I lied to you, a bit. The blood my shadow retrived earlier is the blood that will seal this deal. You will die, and I will live. I hope you like the dark because thats your new home. As for me...I shall bathe in the light." he laughs mockingly. I clutch at my heart and fall sideways, onto the floor. Darkness starts to creep in and the shadows are advancing towards me. This isn't right. I knew he was lying, but love...the..things it.................does......to....................................me..............................................


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