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An unfinished idea where the balance of good and evil are threatened.

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Part One
Sikyon was the name of the planet. It was beautiful filled with jungles, fields, mountains and valleys. The planet was ruled by a just King and Queen. They had loved their people. They were protected by the Light. There was harmony and peace. It was a place for all beings to live and prosper.
The Queen fell sick one day. No one in the whole planet could save her. Eventually she passed on. The King ruled by himself, but a Darkness filled him. There was a darkness that fell over the planet. Evil had finally entered. Unrest filled the people, a civil war began. Sikyon soon was in ruins. The King finally died, leaving Sikyon without a ruler.
The Light created a being that would balance the people, with this perfect being, another being was created to protect her. Guardians were created also. Light had also put some Darkness into this being to create equality within the perfect one. She held them in perfect harmony. The perfect beings and guardians would eventually become a symbol of hope.
Guardians not only protected the perfect one, but loved her also. The guardian was sworn to protect the perfect one with their very lives. Once the perfect being passed away, the guardian also passed away, the perfect one was reincarnated. The perfect being had to pass on to regenerate their power.
There was one guardian that did not pass on with his perfect being. He was special. There was something about him that kept him alive. Perhaps he realized that the perfect one would reincarnate and come back to him one day. He had seen many perfect beings come and go. He tried his best to stay away from her, but it was destiny that he attempted to keep her safe. At times he succeeded and other times he failed. That was how it was meant to be. He just knew that he loved her dearly and would do anything to keep his love safe from anything.
She was running from darkness. She knew if she didn't she would be dead. It had started to surround her like a dark blanket. She was growing tired very quickly. She ducked a low swinging branch. Panic was starting to take control over her body, she stops and trips, landing on her hands and knees. Sobbing as darkness flows over her thin form. She wondered where he was, he had always said that he would be there to take care of her and keep her safe.
She's brought back from her thoughts as pain slices through her body. She surrenders herself to her demise, feeling her life force drains from her body. She wonders where he is and why he hasn't come yet. She closes her eyes and just lets death come and overtake her.
Eve woke up screaming, clutching at her chest, gulping down air into her starved lungs. She starts to calm down; hoping that she hadn't woke up her roommate in the other bedroom.
Shuffling into the bathroom, after slipping on her pink bunny slippers, she splashes some water on her face. Peeking into the mirror she looks at her emerald eyes, the dark circles around her eyes made them look as if they were at the bottom of a lake. Something bad was going to happen and she knew it.
Slipping the bunny slippers off, Eve goes back to bed after satisfying her curiosity as to whether or not her roommate was still asleep. Slipping between the cotton sheets, she pulls the heavy comforter up over her head. It had been unusually cold in the middle of summer. She didn't see the dark shadow outside of the window, watching her as she drifts off to sleep.
He had been watching this Eve girl for nearly a month now. He was positive that she was the one that he was looking for. He watched her go into the bathroom and come back out. He took a deep breath; he hoped he was ready for this again.
A strange feeling overcame him as he watched the girl go back to sleep. He wondered if she believed that she was truly safe from her nightmares if she covered up like that. Frowning about this discovery, he stays hidden that maybe out for a stroll.
He would stay up till morning to ensure her safety. Feelings he hadn't had in a millennia resurfaced. It was dangerous to feel for this girl. At that moment he decided to keep his distance at least for now. A cold feeling overcame him as he made this decision.
His breathing was labored after running after Elizabeth. Darkness had found her. It would kill her, if he allowed it. The thought of his Elizabeth dead was unfathomable to him. He sped up to try to reach her in time to save her. Gabriel had his sword pulled as he sensed her.
She was floating in the air as a dark cloud twisted around her tiny body. She was limp. He sensed her having an extremely weak life force. It was taking her life from her. Gabriel was enraged at this.
Sword drawn he tries to slice his way to her as the Darkness drops her to the ground. He continues to fight through the Darkness. Finally after a few minutes, he slices through to her and Darkness disappears. He drops his sword and drops next to her and holds her as a lover would. The Darkness has won this time. Gabriel watched her and held her closely as her life disappears out of her eyes in death. He carries her back to his coven, heartbroken.
He stayed in the tree all night long. He was determined to watch over her. Gabriel gripped his beloved sword. He smelled her innocence. Smiling to his self, she had saved herself. Her very soul was calling to his.
Gabriel was sure that she didn't know who she truly was yet. He watched her get ready for her day with an uneasy feeling that there was something evil coming soon. His white hair was tied to the back of his neck. He was a bit stiff and sore from being in this horrible tree.
Her roommate was sleeping in. Eve pretended to be asleep still as she heard the man her roommate had in their room left to go to his classes. She hated that idea that she would bring random men into their room. She hated hearing the noises they made also; she was too nice to say so though. She hears the door shut and she sit up in her bed.
Eve was applying her make up for the day. She had graduated from high school when she was sixteen. She loved how her black hair hung in spirals down her back. She started college to become a teacher. She loved teaching and loved children. It was her life dream, just to teach. As she got ready, she thought about her roommate and how Anna would end up pregnant or worse. She walks out the door and shuts and locks it as she goes to her first class of the day.
Gabriel's coven had given Elizabeth a proper burial. He had been bound to her very soul. He was empty inside. He wanted to die himself. Gabriel was becoming numb. He knew he would never ever love anyone else ever again.
Elizabeth had been his one and only love and the one he was supposed to keep safe from pure evil. He would ask his coven to put him into deep sleep only to be awakened when her soul returned to the land of the living. "Are you sure of what you asking guardian?" Eli was asking. "I am very aware of the risks." Gabriel responded. Eli looks at Gabriel; there was obvious tension between the two men. Eli stands up from his seat. "Why do you request this?" You, Gabriel are by far our strongest guardian." Their eyes meet; it was Eli who looked away first. Eli couldn't stand to look at Gabriel for a very long time.
"I wish it because I failed." At these words, the coven started to chant the spell, almost instantly he falls to the ground in an eternal sleep only to be awakened by Elizabeth's soul. Eli watches this. The coven takes his body into a shrine to keep safe. "This isn't right Eli, you allowed this to happen. You knew he would fail her. He sent for help and you did nothing." The young girl looks at him, Eli walks away almost smiling.
Even had spent all day in classes, her roommate, Anna was going to a local club. She had a red dress that did wonders for her thin body. Anna's nipples are almost sticking out. She slides on fishnet stockings and boots. She loved the night life too much for Eve's taste. "Hey hun, you want to go with me? Get out a bit? I'll wait for you." Anna smiles at her. Eve smiles and nods a yes.
Eve goes to put on a silver dress and black boots. She reapplies her makeup and steps out of her bedroom. Eve just runs a brush through her hair. The two girls go out to Anna's red corvette.
Anna's parents were extremely rich, giving their only child everything, including an unlimited credit card. Her problem was the male population. Even would plain out say that Anna was nothing but a slut? Eve stayed her friend because Anna needed Eve. Eve took care of Anna when she was drunk.
Eve met Anna when she started college. Anna had tried to buy Eve's friendship, but eve refused the mountains of gifts, but still accepted Anna for who she was. Anna knew she was extremely lucky to have found Eve for a friend since she didn't have to buy Eve.
The club was packed. They easily got in as regular patrons. Anna always had an open tab there. Anna dragged Eve to the dance floor. They dance and drink. Eve sits at the bar for a few minutes.
Around two am, Eve realizes Anna was gone. She checked the ladies room, nothing. Anna was gone. Even walks to the crowded parking lot and doesn't see the 'vette. Eve was getting scared and nervous. Anna would never leave Eve alone like this.
"What do we have here?" She turns around and sees two huge men. One black and the other white, they are standing directly in the door of the club. "It looks like we have a little lost white slut." "I don' want any trouble, I'm just looking for my friend." She tries to push through them, but they stay in her way. "Please let me by." Panic takes hold of her. The white guy whips out a butterfly knife, grabs her and pushes it into her neck. "Be good slut. My friend likes white girls. He gets to play first." She's flung against a car; her dress gets cut off, hanging onto her by its sleeves.
The black guy slides two fingers into her. She cries out in pain. "We got ourselves a virgin here." He laughs and turns to see his friend's throat sliced. All he felt was a sword slicing his own head off. Eve screams as the sword flashed in the parking lot lights.
Eve watches this new person clean his sword and waives his head over the bloody mess forcing it to vanish. Eve quickly pulls the dress over her looking at him; she realized that she was just about naked in one public and two in front of this strange man.
"Let's go sweaty. I have to get you to safety." He scoops her up into his arms and flies away with her. Eve starts to get terrified, she holds tightly to his neck. She closed her eyes wishing this was just a dream. He was taking her to where ever he wanted to take her to do whatever he wanted with her. She just kept her eyes closed and hoped it would be over soon.
After what seemed like hours, he lands in the middle of a wood. He paces for a few minutes, she watches him. This was not how he planned on keeping her safe. He had planned on keeping a distance from her.
His wings were the first thing she noticed. They were smooth, huge and silver. They were like angel wings with feathers. His white hair was tied back in a ponytail. His bare chest was muscular and hard like a rock. She didn't know how to feel about that at all. His shoulders were broad. She held her dress tightly around her body, feeling exposed and a bit chilly now.
He stops for a few minutes and looks at Eve. He grins and forces his wings to disappear. "You had me scared little one." She doesn't break eye contact, but blushes at him. "Did they hurt you?" She finally responds to his question. "No… Who are you? I want to go home." He looks at her, and then quickly turns his body from her. He had to tell her something but not everything. She didn't need to know.
"I am Gabriel. I am to keep you safe." He keeps his back to her. She sits down on the ground, lost in thought. She was getting sleepy and just wanted to curl up in her bed and go to sleep. "What are you keeping me safe from?" She finally asks him. He sighs, "Pure evil." Was all he responded. Eve bites on her bottom lip in thought. "Why can't you take me home?"
Gabriel turns to her and looks into her emerald eyes. "I'm sorry, but you can't. It isn't safe anymore. Your roommate has failed to stay at her post." He looks away and scans the surroundings. "What are you?" Eve blushes realizing that the question was extremely rude. She continues to watch him eyeing the surroundings. There was something about this man that she was drawn to. She didn't know what, but something about him seemed to be very familiar to her, almost comforting. She shivers.
He was tall and strong from years of possible swordplay. She could see herself snuggled up next to him. She had the feeling that once upon a time she had done just that.
He squats down in front of her and looks deep into her eyes. "I do not matter. It is your life that matters, nothing else." He sits down beside her and wraps an arm around her, warming her; she inhales his scent and starts to get warm. "We aren't safe here for very long. Get some sleep; we are going to stay here for the night." Eve just nods her head. She was exhausted, she just settles in underneath his arm and drifts to sleep.
Gabriel looks her fragile form. This was happening again. She would not die again. He will not watch her die. He wouldn't be able to handle it this time. She was soft against him. He had forgotten how it was to have someone next to him. He had awoken the day she was born. It had taken him sometime to find her, but he had.
Elizabeth had been on the ship bound for Pandosia for many months, it felt good to be on land again. She hated space travel, it always made her feel isolated. The sun was shining, the sky was clear. Her parents wanted a new life for her and themselves.
Her emerald eyes took in the new sites. They widened as she saw new things. Her father stepped beside her. "Welcome home beautiful." Elizabeth's eyes caught something strange, a man. He was young, but his hair was white as snow. She had never seen anything like this.
She couldn't keep her eyes off of him. She was instantly drawn to him. She tried not to stare, but she couldn't stop. He walks past her, stopping for two seconds. His face goes pale; he shakes his head and continues to go by her. He wasn't going to go through this again.
She watches him walk away from her. Her father offers her his arm as her mother joins them. They head towards their new home; the man's face was impaled in her mind's eye now.
That night, Gabriel lay in bed. The girl he had seen was an ancient beings soul. He knew it. He had been drawn to her. He had watched the ancient one being killed many, many years ago. Could it truly be her?
Flinging his covers off of his naked body, he starts pacing. He had watched the ancient being getting murdered. Had her soul finally been reincarnated? Not able to resist the call of her very soul, he slips on pants and lets himself be pulled to her direction.
Arriving at her home, he allows his wings to appear. Flying to her window, she looked like an angel. Gabriel longed to break into the house and hold her, but he wouldn't. Daylight was arriving. Gabriel had to go back to his home.
Gabriel hated falling asleep like he did. He didn't like sleeping in the open of Sikyon like this at all. He was uneasy. Eve was still next to him, still fast asleep. He knew if he moved, she would wake up, so he sat there, uncomfortable, a small curl fell into her face.
He wanted to wake her, but didn't dare. It seemed that he had been sitting against that hard tree for much longer than what it truly was. She sits up and yawns, she starts to panic when she saw her surroundings. Tears threaten to form as last night's events return to her.
"Please let me go home. I need to dress better than how I am now." Gabriel gives her half a laugh and takes her by her hand, helping her up to her feet. He takes her back to the apartment. She keeps her head down, sad that she might not ever see Anna again.
They walk half the day before returning to the small apartment. Gabriel looks around first before allowing her to enter. "Be quick, it looks like something was already here looking for you." Eve nods and quickly slips on a tee shirt and loose jeans and a pair of new running shoes. She didn't know how to dress exactly for this little excursion.
She starts to jot a note for Anna, Gabriel stops her. "The darkness will be able to track you, besides I don't think Miss Anna will be back for a while." With that, they leave. Eve is extremely saddened about the thought of never seeing Anna again.
Anna had been dancing, having a wonderful time at the club, when she spotted him. He was tall, with a great tan and piercing blue eyes. She was instantly drawn to him.
They started to dance, pawing all over her body. He nipped at her neck, forcing a moan out of her lips. As the song ended, they sat down and talked for a few minutes, then left. No one saw this handsome stranger leave with her.
Once outside, they made out steaming up the windows of her corvette. He pulled her dress up to her waist, unbuckling his pants, he slams into her, making her scream out in pleasure and pain. When they both were relieved, he grabs her by her hair, whispering "You are mine always, you will not let another being touch this perfect body of yours." She whimpers out wondering how she had managed to get into this predicament she was in.
"Drive and I'll tell you about myself." She starts the car and pulls out of the parking lot. "What do you want?" He chuckles at her question, "Why dear Anna, to show you what your life could be like and not to be a whore." They drive for a little while, she finally speaks to him, "If you want money, you can have it. My parents will pay anything you want." She blinks back tears as she says this a second time, he laughs. "I have money sweet Anna, It's you I want to have. I want to love you Anna and show you that all these boys you have been with were just using you to be their bitch. They were using you to get their dicks wet."
Anna keeps driving, until she comes to a huge four story house in the country, hidden from the road. She learned that his name was Aaron and that he was a trust fund baby. They drive down the driveway; the first thing she noticed was a huge beautiful yard with a pond. There was a huge porch, screened in to keep out bugs. She saw climbing roses scaling up the left side of the house.
Anna parks, they climb out of her car. "Welcome home Anna, of course if you want to stay." Anna instantly fell in love with the place. "Yes I want to stay." He laughs. "I take it you like it out here?" She nods. He leads her into the well-lit home. Her eyes grow big as he leads her through the house. After the grand tour, she kisses him. Had Anna found the man she belonged to, only time would tell?
Aaron of course couldn't take his eyes off of her. Her friend was cute also, but he had been watching Anna for a while now. He had fallen in love with her. Aaron had wanted her and now he had her all to himself. He would make love to her every day; she might even possibly give him a child.
After a nice steak dinner, he carries her to their bedroom. A huge four post bed waited for them. Slowly he takes his time undressing her. The car had been wonderful, but it was time to make her completely his.
This was amazing. He nibbles her neck as she grips his shoulders. She whimpers, and then cries out as she orgasms with him. Aaron collapses on top of her, hiking her gently, pulling her to him, and holding her tightly, protectively. They drift to sleep, holding each other.
Darkness had finally done what it had wanted. It had obtained a human form. He was now Judas. He quickly adjusted to a living body. He was quite pleased with himself.
This young man was perfect. He had no conscience nor had he cared if he was dead or alive. He had raped and murdered, Judas had tortured people. Darkness would thrive in this corrupted soul. He would look for Eve. Oh yes the things he would do to her. He wanted her more than ever now.
Looking in the bathroom mirror, he smiled, blinking his eyes, they change from pitch black to a dark brown. He walks out of the gas station bathroom. He pauses, catching the familiar smell of lilies.
Snarling, he looks over the parking lot, only seeing a minivan filling up, he leaves slowly. Goodness always smelled like some kind of flower. Judas summoned an imp to fine Eve or even Anna.
Imps were nasty, vile creatures. Most of them stood at two feet if they stood up straight, most didn't though. They hunched over. Their eyes were constantly looking everywhere as if they were going to be caught.
"Yes Master?" The little hideous creature hissed. "Find the one we've been searching for, tell me where the guardian has her. Your very life depends on it." The imp quickly vanishes into thin air. Judas laughs. He would overcome goodness once and for all. He starts his search for a place to call his own.
Anna and Aaron
Anna smiled. The past two weeks were amazing. She had learned how to respect herself and most importantly what true love was. She loved doing what he asked of her and he would do anything she asked of him. He never yelled at her like she had been used too. He treated her as if she was a lady and not the same slut he had picked up in that club. She worked outside in her beloved garden.
She loved this home of hers. Even though she was rich herself, he took care of everything for her. He was clouded in a sense of mystery for her to figure out. He never left her anywhere. She was always by his side. She was unreversibly in love with him and he was in love with her.
She was pulling weeds to keep her flowers from being overwhelmed. He walks up behind her and covers her eyes. "Hey my love, where have you been?" She asks. "I was out running errands getting you something special for your birthday." She smiles and takes his hands off of her eyes. She turns and smiles, "What would that be?" "Follow me please dearest." He helps her get up and leads her into the house.
Aaron had drawn her a nice hot bath with roses in the water. "I want you to relax and make yourself beautiful for me my dear." He walks out leaving her to get in the tub. She spends a good hour in the tub; she gets out and wraps herself into one of the towels. She gets dressed in his favorite outfit. It's a very elegant red dress that stops just above her knees. She slides on some pantyhose, then her favorite black stilettos. She meets him downstairs. He forgets to breath.
He leads her to the car and he drives to her favorite restraunt. They laugh, eat and drink wine. After dessert, he looks deep into her eyes. "I have something to ask you. I want a yes. Would you do the honor of marrying me?" Her eyes light up. "Yes." He hugs her tightly and kisses her. "I love you my soon to be wife." "I love you too my future husband." He felt as if he was a teenager again. He was so in love with her it was incredible.
Eve and Gabriel
"Where are we going Gabe?" He had asked her to use his name properly. He knew she was tired. They had walked for two days. She was being difficult and he didn't understand why she was this way. Elizabeth hadn't been like this. Eve was mortal, he knew this. Mortal was a weakness. They could not stop though, if they did, they were dead. He would not let Eve die again.
Gabriel knew she was crying silently, Eve was hurting, that was tugging at his heart. He had to be tough on her. She wasn't cut out for the wilderness like this. "We're searching for a mage." Her breathing was labored as she asked her next question, "Mage? What's that?" He stops walking and picks her up in his strong arms. He was still so warm against her skin.
He frowns, not liking how hot she felt. She shivered obviously freezing. "A mage is a magick user." She snuggles against him, "A magician?" A low growl emits from his chest. "Don't insult a mage like that." She keeps her head on his shoulder.
Her touch was like electricity to him. She started to cough. Eve was getting sick. Time was of the essence. The mage will help her, if he could find him. He started to run, he would fly, but it gets cold in the clouds. Gabriel kept walking for her sake.
He did wish it would stop raining; both he and Eve were soaked. She shivered. Exhaustion was building in him, threatening to make him surrender to sweet bliss of sleep. He settles her down next to a tree as he finally gives in to sleep; he wraps an arm around her to keep her close. Eve was so warm, too warm for a human that was his last thought as he drifted into dreamland.
After what seemed like an eternity, he wakes up. First thing he notices is his sword was gone, and then notices that Eve was gone also. He lets loose a ball of pure energy into a wall. He had no clue how he managed to end up in a room. Last he knew he had been in a forest with her.
"Was that really necessary guardian?" The voice came from nowhere; it was soft, but definitely male. Gabriel looks around the dimly lit room, he saw no one there. "Where is the lady I was with and is she safe?" the voice chuckles and finally responds, "Eve is safe, resting. That child is extremely sick." Gabriel was a bit relieved with that information. "I want to see her with my own eyes." The voice laughs again. "Do you not believe a mage, guardian?" A tall thin man appears out of nowhere. Gabriel nearly jumps out of his skin. His hair was black and short. His eyes were blood red.
"The perfect one did pick a nice looking body to be born into, but then she was always pretty." Blood boiled under his skin. Eve was a perfect being and she should be treated with respect. "Poor Gabriel, just her guardian and nothing more, destined to always lose her in death." The mage was just being cruel and he knew it. "Follow me if you want to see your ward." Gabriel fights not to kill the mage right there, unfortunately, they needed this person. He gets up and follows the mage across the hallway into another dimly lit bedroom.
This room had a four post bed, with a lacy curtain draping down. Eve's tiny body was looking even more fragile than normal. She was definitely paler. He goes over to her and sits on the bed next to her. He looks at the mage, "You were right, I do love her, but it's not destined for us to be together. We were being followed. I'm not sure by what or even by whom, but something was following us." The Mage raises an eyebrow. "So something is interested that you found her and you lead it right to us?" Gabriel bites his lip.
Elizabeth had never been so happy in her entire life. She was in love with Gabriel. He was strange, but she simply loved him. They spent so much time together as was possible. Her father had approved of this courting; he liked the young man, even if he was a bit odd.
He was meeting her at the edge of the woods tonight. She had decided to give herself to him tonight, which was a full moon. They had been courting for six months. Her family had been in Pandosia for eleven months.
They liked the young man that made their daughter so happy. A few minutes before midnight, she quietly sneaks out of her home and heads for the woods. He was already waiting for her. Gabriel smiles instantly at seeing her.
He kisses her gently, but with passion, with a hunger of a man desiring a woman. He has her pinned between a tree and his hard body. His hands started to gently massaging her tender breast. Her breathing speeds up, she's nervous. He wondered how far she would actually allow him to go.
With shaking hands, she unties her bodice, her pale skin shimmering in the moon light. She blushes at her boldness. This goddess was revealing herself to him, willing to become his. "Gabriel my only love, I want to be yours. I want you to take my innocence." Her beautiful eyes showed him love and fear. He wanted to ease that fear from her.
Elizabeth knew this was going to be forbidden. She had no idea what she would be doing, what if he hated her after he took her? The delightful thins he was doing to her made her feel as if she was the only female in the world. Her eyes widen and tears fell from her eyes as he slide his sword gently into her sheath. He was so gently and loving, giving her release before he had his.
She lay in his arms, her head against his hard chest. She slept peacefully. He loved how soft she was. He had longed for this moment for so long. Gabriel had waited for millennia and now she was back lying in his arms once more. The way the light danced along her skin was divine.
He picks her up, dressing her, sensing a small presence. He wondered if it was possible. This presence was extremely tiny and very fragile. Could it be possible that he had impregnated his beloved Elizabeth?


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