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Lies. Rumors. Love. True fucking love. But what happens when the love of Cassandra's life leaves her to defend herself against the ruthless Varek? Will Ty come back to save her? Or will the lie she kept for so long keep him away?

Contest entry for Animosity's "Romance Awareness Month Contest". I used the song "The Edge" by Tonight Alive.

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Smoke fills her lungs. A suffocating gasp escapes through her chapped lips as she crawls along the hardwood floor. Her knees are sore from the pressure as she hurries along.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees the burning flames spreading from the curtains in front of her kitchen window, now leading towards her.

Without another thought, she quickly rolls onto her back as the flames fly past, inches above her head. The heat burns the pale skin on her face but she ignores it as she jumps back up onto her hands and knees.

She can barely see through the tears now burning her eyes, but she knows this house like the back of her hand. She has been here before many times, but right now, she is regretting coming back here.

How stupid could she be for thinking he would still be here, waiting for her to come running back into his arms?

Pushing the unpleasant thought to the back of her mind, she dodges yet another ball of fire coming straight towards her face. This time, it hits her cheek and a yelp of pain leaves her dry throat.

Falling to the side, her head bangs against the kitchen cabinet.

A man walks up to her, black cloak surrounding his tall frame and bright red eyes searing at her with rage.

A small grin forms upon his lips as he crouches down in front of her, reaching out to push a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. He stares at the wound that now resides on her beautiful face, and with a small chuckle, he smiles.

"Did you really believe you could out run me?" His face contorts to a more serious look as his eyebrows crease into concentration. "Poor, poor Cassandra," he shakes his head, standing up now. "You know, after 9 months of trying to track you down, I never thought that this-" he waves his hands around, referring to the house that is now burning down with flames. His flames. "-would be the place you would come to. Please, tell me, did you think Ty would be here to save you this time?"

Cassandra glares up at him through her tears. The saltiness from them burns the wound on her cheek, but she ignores the excruciating pain and pushes herself up onto her feet, using the marble counter for balance as the dizziness sets in.

Did she? Did she believe that he would be here, with arms wide open to protect her from the supernatural world around her?

After everything she put him through; All the lies, and then pushing him to the edge like that - Pfft, she must be stupid for even believing that he would be here.

As a matter of fact, he is probably in another country, playing around with some other girl to get his mind off of her. She wouldn't doubt it for a second.

Her heart is racing as the adrenaline flows through her body. The flames are even hotter than before, and the smoke is too much for her human body to deal with.

With as much strength as she can manage, she mutters, "If you are going to kill me, just get it over and done with." Her voice is scratchy. She coughs and holds her hand over her mouth as her sapphire blue eyes water with more tears.

Varek shakes his head, a gleam in his eye as those wonderful words leave her lips. He has been dreaming of this moment for months. Ever since Ty brought her into this mess, he couldn't help but get to know her a little more.

Now, she is his target, and with the shit he has been going through with his 'ol buddy Ty, he couldn't help but use her as bait.

With Cassandra dead, Ty would come for him and that is when he will use his power to kill him as well. It's a beautiful plan that has taken so long to muster up, but luck has finally found him and he will take advantage of it in any way he can.

Varek walks to the side, his long, shaggy brown hair flowing as he moves. With pale skin, bright red eyes, nails as long as daggers and powers so strong that they could blow up the entire planet if he focused enough, he is the typical monster you would be afraid to encounter. One wrong move, and you would be dead before you even blinked.

Leaning casually against the counter across from her, his muscular arms now crossing over his chest and acting as if the house isn't on fire and about to crumble down around them any second, he inquires, "Now, now. Let's have a little patience, shall we?" He smiles, his sharp white teeth exposing themselves as he does.

Cassandra winces a little from the sight, remembering exactly how sharp his teeth are. They once pierced through her flawless skin. The memory is too painful to bare.

He pushes himself off the counter, now standing only inches away from her.

Her scowl never leaves him as his smile only widens.

"I want answers, Cassandra, and I know you have them." He says, his voice hoarse and rigid. "Now, we will either do this the easy way, which involves you spilling the beans about your little boyfriend, or we can do this the hard way with blood and torture, which is what I would most likely prefer as it is more pleasurable for me, but hey, it's up to you." He beams at her.

Silence fills the air as she glares at him, her eyes filled with hate and anger.

Any answers he needed, she wouldn't give. Let him tear her apart, as long as it keeps Ty safe, she would end her life right there. For Ty, she would do anything.

"I'm not telling you anything." She snarls at him.

His eyes widen then close as he breathes in the smoky air. "I wish you wouldn't have said that." He opens his eyes, now a brighter red that burns into her skin.

The burning sensation deepens into her pores, now feeling as if they are burning into her own blood stream like a wave of lava being spread throughout her body.

An agonizing scream fills the air as she falls to the ground, her arms wrapping over her burning body.

The pain then stops, and she lets out a sigh of relief.

Varek crouches down in front of her, his hand now cupping her chin and bringing her tear-filled eyes up to meet his.

"Are you going to tell me now?" He whispers, his deep voice barely being heard over the cackling of the fire around them.

Staring intently into his blood-red eyes, she sneers. "You can do anything to me, but I will never talk."

Those words leave her lips like a sword slicing through the air. Why does it matter anymore? She will go through the pain because this is what she deserves. Karma really is a bitch.

With a deep sigh, Varek stands slowly. "Your love for this... this boy, is really endearing. But darling, you are seriously standing on the edge of your own life right now. Do you really want to die over a blood-sucking demon who, right now, is not here to save your pretty ass?"

She stares down at the dark wood that covers the floor, shaking her head. "Whether he is here or not, I am not giving up any information."

"Even if it's information that could honestly save your life?"

Looking up at him, she scoffs. "Don't play those games with me, Varek. Even if I do tell you all the information I have on Ty, that doesn't mean you still won't kill me."

He takes in a deep breath, his gaze now burning into her once again.

Lifting his hands, palms facing straight out and his eyes focusing in on her, he feels the burning sensation weave through his body.

A powerful force surrounds him, but before it leaves the shelter of his body, he is suddenly slammed into a wall on the other side of the kitchen.

A hard body is pressed up against his own and a hand grips tightly around his neck. His breath leaves his body as his eyes shoot open, now closing in on the one person he wish he wouldn't see.

"Don't fucking touch her." Ty growls, his fangs as white as his skin now bearing. He tightens his grip around Varek's neck even more.

Varek let's out an exaggerated laugh, as if the hand around his throat isn't cutting off his air supply.

"You know-" he stops, trying to catch his breath. "-You should have joined the party sooner...It would have...been much funner...with you…here…" He coughs as Ty's fingers dig into his skin.


Cassandra's pain-filled voice fills the air, now ringing in his ears and causing his body to stiffen.

That voice. That voice that has left him in a blissful happiness. That voice he has longed to hear for weeks now.

His head turns to the side, his bright red eyes now landing on that one person who has built him up then slammed him down to the ground so hard.

Long, dirty blonde hair. Bright blue eyes stare back at him, filled with confusion and fear. His eyes go down to the burn on her cheek, anger now boiling inside him once again.

He can't help but notice the tenseness in her muscles. The way she is clutching onto her shirt, her arms wrapped tightly around her tiny body, as if protecting herself from the harm that he left her to defend herself from. Her white shirt is cut from the right side of her ribcage, where there is blood seeping through the fabric.

The sweet smell of her blood fills his nostrils. His hand falls from Varek's neck, a mistake he soon realized once he was thrown off his feet and into the glass door a couple feet away.

"Ty!" Cassandra screams.

Glass pierces his skin as it shatters around him, shards of it now sticking inside his skin. His body hits the floor hard, but he quickly regains his strength and stands up, ignoring the sharp pain in his side.

Varek lets out a breathy laugh. "Once again, your love for this girl weakens you." He shakes his head, doubt painted on his face.

Ty snarls, his sharp fangs now bearing once again as a deep growl escapes his throat.

Like a flash of lightning, his body connects with Varek's, the both of them crashing into the dining room table. It crashes down underneath them.

"Do you really believe throwing me around like a ragdoll with stop me?" Varek sneers as his hand wraps around Ty's throat, now throwing him across the room.

Standing up, Varek points his fingers at the blood-sucking vampire struggling to get up. A ball of fire leaves him, the blazing fire ball heading straight towards Ty.

It misses and hits the counter, sending it up in flames.

A searing scream fills the air as Cassandra crawls away from the counter which she was leaning against, a 3 degree burn now appearing on her forearm.

Ty runs over quickly, falling to his knees as he wraps his strong arms around her weakening body. She falls into his arms, tired from the fight and the pain now too unbearable to go through.

Varek shakes his head, finding this way too easy. The love between a vampire and a human is pointless. It makes them weak. It makes them unfocused. It makes it them so damn easy to kill.

"The two of you really need a room." He jokes as he rips a leg off the wooden table, sharp enough to stab through a vampire chest. He eyes the weapon in his hand as he steps over the broken pieces of the dining room table. "Better yet, why don't I make this easier for the both of you?"

Cassandra grips onto Ty's shirt, her blue eyes looking into his as a soft whisper leaves her lips. "Don't let him win, Ty. Let me go. I will be okay."

With hesitation, he stares back at her. His breath hitches in his throat as those words linger in the air above their heads.

Let her go? He would be stupid to ever do that again. It's not supposed to be this way. He never intended for this to happen.

Falling in love with a human was never supposed to happen. Bringing her into his mess was definitely never meant to happen.

Now, here they are. Fighting for their lives, barely hanging onto the edge.

Ty watches as her eyes slowly close. She is still breathing. Barely.

With a soft kiss to her forehead, he lays her down on the floor and stands up. Turning around, he faces his enemy.

For seventy years, Varek has been in his way. Torturing him, killing those he has cared about. It's like a curse that has no ending.

He is tired. Tired of fighting and losing those he cares about. A mistake ends up in years of never-ending battles. A mistake he will regret for the rest of his life; however long that is.

Varek looks at him, raising an eyebrow as if waiting for him to make a move. He throws the wooden stake between his hands, a smirk appearing on his face.

"You look upset. Would you like to talk about it?" He asks, a small laugh leaving him as he shakes his head.

Ty doesn't say anything as his gaze never leaves him.

Varek shakes his head as he chuckles. "Jeez, tough crowd. You know, I bet Kane would have laughed at that."

"Too bad he is dead."

Kane was one of those he cared about. Funny, loyal, and one of his best friends. He was turned when Ty was, and ended up dying in the hands of Varek.

The thought tears him apart. One of the many great people who Varek has killed.

"Don't be so sad, champ." Varek implies, now stepping closer. "You put it all on yourself."

Ty stands his ground, his hands balling into fists. His jaw clenches in anger. "You know I never wanted any of that to happen."

Varek scoffs. "Sure. Please, tell me how much you liked killing my wife and son?"

"Your 'wife'-" Ty narrows his eyes. "-killed the one person I trusted with everything I had. As well as your son."

"Yet, you decided it was perfectly okay to kill your enemies' wife and child? Did you not expect the consequences to be so...gory?" Varek asks, his eyes glistening from the light hanging above his head.

He was right. What did he expect? If he had known it were Varek's family, he wouldn't have done it. But what has he done that was never looked upon as "bad". He was the outcast of the clan. No powers except for his speed, amongst other vampire abilities. He was the one person everyone dispised, and it only became worse when he started to fall for Cassandra.

His eyes look over at the girl laying on the floor. If he hadn't have left, would they be here right now? She was on the brink of death, and standing here chatting about the past isn't going to make her any better.

Biting down on the inside of his cheek, he turns his gaze back to Varek. "Enough about the past. Why is it so damn important for you to hurt Cassandra?"

Varek's eyebrows crease in confusion. He didn't expect that question to come out in the open.

With a second to think of his answer, he says without a second though, "You killed my family. You killed the love of my life, and my eight year old son. I have taken it upon myself to do the same to you. Now, of course you never loved a woman, not until you met Cassandra." His eyes land on the girl lying limp on the ground. "It only seems fair that I kill the one person that means more to you than Zane or anyone else ever did."

Ty runs a hand through his tousled, midnight black hair.

Agitated couldn't even explain how he was feeling right now. Not even 'furious".

He felt bewildered, hurt, lost. It felt as if all the wrong things in his life has turned back around to bite him in the ass.

But out of everything, was killing an innocent human being right? Even if it were the love of his life?

Anger boils inside his blood once again at the thought.

It isn't right. Cassandra may have hurt him. She may have torn his unbeating heart apart piece by piece, but she didn't deserve to die. In the end, she is everything to him. She is the one person who gives him a reason to fight; for his and her own life.

"I'm sorry, but that isn't gonna happen." He mumbles under his breath.

Varek cocks his head to the side, wondering what the hell he just said. He is then taken aback when he feels an arm wrap around his throat, pulling him back hard.

His eyes widen when he notices Ty isn't in front of him anymore. Instead, he stands behind him, his death grip around his neck cutting off any air supply he had.

With his nails, he digs into the vampire's skin, praying that it will get him to loosen his grip.

Leaning down, Ty whispers in his ear. "You have ruined my life for too long. Now, it is time for you to visit your family."

A blood curdling scream fills the house as Ty's free hand slices through Varek's back, tearing out the beating heart of his enemy. The body falls limp from his arms and onto the ground.

Fire blazes around him uncontrollably now. Knowing it's best to get out of the house, he runs over to Cassandra, picking her up in his arms and darting through the shattered glass door and into the hallway leading towards the front door.

Just in time, he breaks through it, the hinges flying through the air as he runs into the night, with the love of his life safe in his arms.


Her eyes open slowly to the bright sun beaming down on her through the window above her head.

Slowly, she turns her head to the side, only to wince in pain from the soreness in her neck.

Dark blue walls surround her as she lies in a king-sized bed. The memories from last night are blurry. Where is she?

Just then, the bedroom door opens and Ty walks in. His hair is still wet from the shower and in his hands is a tray full of food. He smiles sweetly at her as he walks further into the room.

"Good morning. How did you sleep?" He asks, now taking a seat on the edge of the bed next to her.

She looks at him, confusion plastered on her face.

Sitting up, she reaches out her hand to touch his cheek.

"You're back." The words leave her lips as the memory of him walking out on her comes to mind.

It wasn't a question, it was more of a realization that the man she loves is now sitting in front of her, even after telling her he will never come back.

Ty nods his head as he places the tray on the other side of the bed, his muscles stretching beneath his gray t-shirt. His emerald green eyes then land on her, causing her to tense up from the intensity within them.

"I couldn't stay away. After I heard the rumors going around the Varek had found you, I had to come back."

Her eyes widen as the events from the night before flashes before her eyes. She had been staying in Ty's house for only a day before Varek had found her.

"Varek…" She breathes out, fear now glazing over her eyes.

"Is no longer here." Ty ends her sentence as he suddenly pulls her into him, his arms wrapping protectively around her. "I killed him, Cassandra. Varek is dead. He will no longer be able to hurt you."

She gasps, pulling away to look at him. "He is dead?"

He nods as he pushes a strand of her hair behind her ear, his gaze lingering over the burn on her cheek but then connecting with her blue eyes. "He is dead." He replies just below a whisper.

It's as if a heavy weight is suddenly lifted off her shoulders. No more running. No more hiding. They are free.

A small laugh leaves her lips as she clutches onto his shirt. "I can't believe this. He is actually dead. Varek is dead." She smiles widely. Taking his face into her hands, she kisses him deeply.

Ty - confused by her actions, yet happy to finally feel her lips against his own again - pulls her in closer to his body as he kisses her. Their lips move together in sync, as if it were years since they have been in each other's arms.

Pulling back, Cassandra runs her fingers through his soft hair, her eyes burning with lust as she looks into his.

"What does this mean for us?" She whispers as she searches his face for answers. Anything, anything to end this guilt.

He bites down on his lower lip, not knowing exactly where to go from here.

"I don't know." He replies, then regretting it once he sees her face fall. "I'm still mad. You should have told me about the connections you had with my father. Keeping that away from me was wrong."

Cassandra looks away from him, knowing that lying to him wasn't the best way to go about this relationship. "I didn't want to hurt you, Ty. You know I would never lie to you. But that...that was something I had to do. It was the only way to keep you safe."

"And what about you?" He asks as he now stands up from the bed. "You put yourself in danger all because of a little lie. What would have happened if I wasn't there in time? If I…" He let's out a deep sigh as he closes his eyes, the thought of losing her breaking him apart even more. "Varek was seconds away from putting you on fire. You were going to die, Cassandra." Opening his eyes, he looks at her intently, anger flashing through his eyes. "And for what? To keep my secret from my father? From the Council?"

She bites down on her bottom lip, not knowing how to respond. He is right. Ty is always right. But what she did was to keep him safe. She could give a shit about her own life when it comes to saving him.

"I know what I did was wrong, but I did it because I love you. I wasn't going to let Varek or the Council hurt you. When you left me, it broke me. It tore me apart." She runs a hand through her thick hair as she looks away from him, continuing. "But just because you left me, doesn't mean I wasn't going to keep fighting for you. When Varek found me, my safety was the least of my worries. If I was going to die, it was because my love for you is more important than my own life."

Looking up at him, her sight now blurring from the fresh tears that are escaping her eyes, she smiles sadly. "I was on the edge, Ty. Did you think I really cared about saving myself when the reason why I was living left me?"

Ty shakes his head, "I left because you lied to me. You lied to me about my father and the Council."

"I lied because I had to keep you safe. If you knew what they were planning, you would have put yourself in even more danger." She states. "I know you better than yourself, Ty. Don't think for a moment that what I am saying isn't true."

He stares down at her, realization hitting him hard. The fact that his father and the Council were planning to end everything between them, and Cassandra knowing about it and facing them herself, was stupid on her part. She could have killed herself, and him.

Raking a hand through his hair, he turns around, his back now facing her. "Why did you do it?"

"Because I love you, and because I wanted them to see that our relationship is more than just a phase." She answers.

He shakes his head, his jaw clenching. "You could have killed yourself, you know. My father could have ended everything right there and then."

"But he didn't." She inquires. "He took my bravery as a way of proof that our relationship means more than any of those rumors going around."

"You could have told me." He whispers, now closing his eyes. Taking in a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves because one wrong move could end badly for the both of them.

"You would have stopped me from going and we would be in an even bigger problem than we already were, Ty."

Silence fills the room as those words suffocate him.

Damn right, he would have stopped her. Facing his father is like facing the Devil himself. Not to mention, she had no protection. She is a human. Fragile; scared. His father could have used her in anyway he wanted and she wouldn't have a say in it.

If it weren't for her speaking up and proving their love for each other was true, they wouldn't be here right now. She would be dead, and he probably would be too.

The Council would never allow a vampire and a human to be together. They were going to kill Cassandra either way, but her bravery and the fact his own father agreed to letting it slide, on one condition, made them back off.

She saved him.

It seems as if she has been doing a lot of saving lately.

Turning back around, his eyes filled with tears, he cups her face in his hands and presses his lips hard against hers.

Cassandra let's out a deep sigh as her hands glide through his hair.

"Don't ever leave me again." She whispers against his lips.

"I promise I won't." Ty replies in a breathless tone.

"Good." She smiles, now pulling back to run her fingers across his smooth skin. "I love you."

He let's out a small laugh, "I love you too. And we will figure all of this out, okay?"

She nods, still smiling as she brings her head back up to kiss him.

© Copyright 2014 EverAfterDarling


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