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Vampires and Humans. The word "De-Vamped" means that how a vampire turns into a human. The event was in the year 2004, the way back from IMPROVISED WRITING OF SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES.

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In 15 July 2004, there was a forest ranger named Oli. His body was much like an adult and eight packed bodied man sat down in an old chair wondered for the nature of the foggy forest of Canada. Suddenly, a woman came and said "Oli, Breakfast is ready!" Oli replied "Come in, Mom!" When he came inside the cabin-like wooden house, he picked up a newspaper and saw today's date. Suddenly, a cell phone rang and when he saw it that was an unknown number, he received "hello". "Ranger Oli, the kids are hijacked by the three dacoits" said the man with a bold voice. "I'll come ranger Roger, my friend" said Oli. He quickly wore his uniform and he ran through the forest and suddenly saw four tents and three short men bind the three kids in an orange tree and guarded them. He threw the numbers of fake dollars. The dacoits thought that it was the original dollar and released the kids. Then Oli made a sound of a werewolf and the dacoits became scared and ran away from the camp. The kids laughed when Oli came out of the bushes. He hugged the kids and took them to an enormous wooden house. He took the phone numbers of their teachers and parents. When he called them, he played with kids and forbidden them not to go outside the house.

At foggy night, everyone was slept in their beds and floors. The kid woke up and he went outside the same wooden house. In the middle of the forest, the kid shivered and suddenly a white man came. He talked to him with a strange language which was a language of nowhere and opened up a large sharp tooth. Suddenly, Oli jumped and grabbed the kid. Oli switched on his powerful torch light and the man turned out to dust. Next day, many people came to Oli's house and took the kids off. He went to the club and saw everything was empty. He came back from allover his club to his wooden house. When he went inside the house, he switched on the torch light. The house filled with blood and it was dark. Suddenly a parrot with a paper came and said "Ufff! Crackers again! Here's your message!" It dropped the paper to Oli's hand and He said "Thank you, Raja, my king". He kissed the parrot embarrassingly and the parrot said in a cracked voice "Polly Want A Cracker". After that he called his mother but there was no response. When he opened the wrapped paper, he read the strange words he knows but he could translate it:

Your mother is kidnapped by a vampire. You have three conditions to fulfill:

• Find friends

It also said:

The rest of it will come automatically if you fulfill the condition. Your Brother is the head of vampires.

"They got to be kidding me, I don't have any brother" said Oli. "Yes you have" said a voice. "Your brother is a vampire. I am not kidding, I am from the sky". When he looked up the sky he saw only clouds. "Who are you?" he asked curiously. The strange voice replied "I am the Ghost of Your Father". "My Lord, BABA!" He cried. "What happened? Why did you leave us alone in the gloomy forest!" "Ask your brother if he is a human" said the ghost. "You mean he is a vampire!" Oli asked. The Ghost said "Yes. But he is a head and king as you say. You have to make him a human until his weakness is not found". He thought and ran in a highest speed that never happened. The dawn rose and Oli stopped when he heard a cry of a girl.-HELP!- Suddenly he saw the four vampires surrounded the girl with a silky hair and pink dressed jacket. Oli switched on the torch light and turned the vampires to dust. "Your torch light is in a use, Thank you Ranger Guru" said the girl. "Oh Ranger No-33 in Pink Ranger Team in our club, right?" asked Oli. "Sheena" said the girl. "I know" Oli said. When Oli and Sheena went on, Oli saw a man running like a cartoon. When he came towards them, he saw Oli surprisingly. "Oli, you are just like your father, strong and brown haired and developed muscles! Which grade you are in?" said the man "I've finished all my colleges and university life when I was fifteen" said Oli. The man said "I am Lola, your ex-butler, also known as Cartoon Network". Oli laughed "LOLA! It's a girl's name!" Lola said "Cartoon would be friendly". Oli saw the vampire surrounded them and Oli was sharp enough to know that the vampires suck kidneys. Then Oli used his torchlight, Sheena used her yellow gun and Lola used his fake kung fu. Some vampires turned into dust, some of them ran away and some of them turned into humans. One of the vampire-turned-human made friends with them. Oli opened the paper and saw it written as:

• Find friends
• Steal some diaries written by Zohon.

Oli was surprisingly tensed about where to go. The vampire-turned-human asked "what are you thinking about? I know where Zohon's forbidden diaries are!"
"Um! What's your name?" asked Oli. The vampire-turned human replied "My name is Rabbi". Oli exclaimed "RABBI! You've physically grown up but I've seen you as you lost and your vampire's physique was as same as when you were seven but you've turned sixteen like and your physique! WOW! Muscular and your hairstyle are quite changed!". "Thank you, Oli, Senior Forest Ranger!" said Rabbi. "I'll show you the way". Then Oli, two friends and the parrot followed Rabbi over a picturesque, cave. There were pine trees beside the caves and the sea. Then Oli and Sheena went inside the cave and saw there were skeletons and the dead vampires and they suddenly saw that there were three books, guarded by stones and eyeballs. They walked through and came near. Sheena picked up her sword and tried to slay the stones and eyeballs. Then they have seen five vampires surrounded Oli and Sheena. Oli used his torch-light and Sheena used her gun and sword but Oli's torch became battery low. When Sheena saw Oli's torch became powerless, she used her gun. It's light was as powerful as the sunlight and all the vampires turned into dust and the dark cave turned out light. The stones and eyeballs turned into dust and Oli took the three books away from the cave. The cave was about the break down and they fled out and ran on to sea which was light. They went back to the forest and Oli helped three friends to stay in the forest. Oli was the fast reader and read his two diaries and he couldn't find the missing link. So he slaughtered a diary written in blood and found out his weakness. The blood was grey and silver and it was bleeding. Oli opened the paper and saw:
• Find friends
• Steal some diaries written by Zohon
• Go To an old talking tree
Oli and three friends went to a mountain which was not that high from the other mountains and there was a tree. It has goofy mustache and two blue eyes. "Hello" said the tree. "Oli, it's me, Parvez, your old friend's ghost". Oli said "Hi Parvez, can you show us the way to Zohon's castle?" Parvez jumped from the roots and picked up Oli and three friends with his long hands. When they reached the castle, Parvez's hands laid down. They jumped a little and crept up inside the castle. It was made of moonstone and they saw humans were blocked up in a large, green cell. Oli suddenly saw a kid with large coat and sharp teeth. The kid commanded the guards to know who the intruder of this castle was. Oli crouched and told his three friends to stay. Armies of vampires were searching for them and he crawled. When he saw one of the vampires, trying to surround him, he used Sheena's gun-rays and turned the vampire into dust. He went to the great-hall and saw Zohon cried "Prepare for battle!" Oli became furious. Zohon was physically a fourteen year old kid. So he used Sheena's gun and every part of his skin turned into dust and slowly turned into a tall, brown bearded man with long hair. All the vampires turned out to humans and their kidneys were refreshed. "Who exactly are you?" Zohon asked. Oli replied "No time to explain! We have much work to do!" Sheena used her sword and broke the glass cells. Men were bear shirted and women were bear footed. They jumped when the glass broke down. Oli saw his widowed mother fell on the floor and huffed. Oli and Zohon ran towards her and Zohon asked "Mother, sorry that I have lost you! I don't remember any of those murders and when I was a vampire. I and My father went to fishing and suddenly we found a green stone. I did not know that the green stone has a curse. When I threw it to the cave, some dragonfly-like insects came and killed my father. The insect's blood-group matches mine. It sucked my blood and I felt weird, that's all I remember, by the way, who is he, mother?" Oli's mother said "He's your baby brother, I lied that he doesn't have any brother but I have a feeling that somebody suggested Oli and you, were back from the dead turned out twenty. When you were a vampire and physically you were same as you were fourteen and now your physique became tall and muscular~ and look! You have a beard, Abdul!" Oli said "Ma, the ghost of my father suggested me and I took it seriously". Oli, Sheena, Lola, Rabbi, Abdul (Zohon) and Their Mother went back to their wooden house by avoiding risks.
~Five Months Later, 16 December 2009 the fireworks blasted off. So many changing moods, fog, mist and vampires were no longer. Lola was dancing and also the parrot. Sheena and Oli at the bridge, Abdul and some of his friends were gossiping and also known that Abdul grew mature and his vampire intelligence still works but he was no longer a vampire. After that, her mother announced "For the joy of brothers! I especially announce to celebrate my sons' birthday officially! I am happy not only about get together but for twenty years, my younger son, Oli found his lost brother with the risk and also the marriage of my two sons!" Everyone at the party clapped and the party had begun. Oli has married to Sheena and Abdul has married to his high school sweetheart. ~


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