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Journey to Jarratpur

Short story By: Fahmid

An Epic story Divided in to three parts. They are short because it's about three brothers who are searching for their aunt. There are new creatures which are not known for everyone.

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Once, there were three brothers and their names are: Ali, Maqbool and Rashed. They were the sons of the Landlord of a village named Prachinpur. It was between Jaipurhat and India. Ali, the eldest son was on a farm and he was planting a rice plant. Suddenly, a Maqbool, the younger brother called him "Hey, bhai!" He came and asked "what happened?" Maqbool replied "a pity man came on our house". Then Ali and Maqbool went to the drawing room. He saw a wheel-chaired man. "Let Peace be Upon You, two Muslim living decedents of Gopi and Bagha" said the man. Maqbool said "sorry, we are three. The third one is coming from the market". Suddenly, Rashed the youngest came with the bags full of vegetables. "May I know you sir?" Rashed asked. "Let Peace be Upon You, the third descendant of Gopi and Bagha. I am Mrivanoti Farid Moharab. Address me as Farid Uncle". The three were shocked that they could not recognize their uncle. "Let peace be upon to you too kaka" said the trio.
"Baba, I am sorry, I haven't seen you since your parents passed away in a car accident (Dhaka). Ali was born in Jan 1994, now its 2019 Maqbool was born in July 1994 and Rashed was born in December 1994. You three were born in the same year. Your parents died in 1997 in New York. Your young maternal aunt who took care of you three that time she was 18. I used to visit you in Prachinpur and your aunt was vanished because of many reasons we cannot share of but she is still young physically and now she needs you and go to a place called Jarratpur. You will find her" said the Wheel chaired man. "Kaka, I am sorry to hear that. After we came from London to finish our Honors, I doubted and I found a letter from my vanished aunt Rahida. It says, she was in peace and wanted us to visit her in Jarratpur". Their uncle decided that they have to go to Jarratpur. The three brothers packed their bags. They went to the garage. Later on, they used a car and when Ali switched it on, the wheels were packed and the wings on the jet came out of the car. It flew up the sky and went forward towards the mountains. They passed and suddenly, the car shook and all the red lights from the car were vibrating. The trio looked furious about those and they knew that the brakes were jammed. Then the car went down fast and crashed. The doors opened and they fell down. The car blasted and the fire sparked. When they gain consciousness, they found their bags were not burned and it was still with them. They were gained their consciousness that time and Ali saw that his guitar was with him. He suddenly saw that there was a round door on the mountains.
"Vol-1 The Passage''
Then he led the two brothers to the round door. When Ali knocked the door, he saw that an old but short man opened the door. The time was night. "Excuse me, who are you, three brave young men?" said the old short man.
"We are the Muslim descendants of Gopinath Gyne and Baghanath Byne" said Ali. The short man laughed. He said "the kids whom I used to love, grown so old! May be you would not remember me because after your parents passed away, I used to visit you and how was your kind aunt, Rahida?" Then Maqbool said "We are in quest, searching for her. She's in Jarratpur". The short man said "Oh, Allah, what have you done and in Jarratpur, many terrible things happens whatever I hear from the villagers from Khattamuni means our village. Oh, my name is Kabir Joselam and I am your godfather and the uncle Farid is my friend. Come in." The trio came in and took their dinner together. They slept in a very tall room with tall bed but rest of the rooms was short. At dawn 6, Ali woke up and he felt that the winds came. He saw that there were natural farms and scarecrows made of pumpkin and the under hill doors were beautifully shaped. There were carriages of a horse-like eagle and the fish like creature. Suddenly, Kabir came. Ali asked "What are these?" Kabir replied "Those are Fishorsan. They are very good hunters. They are the warriors of the great sea. I think you would like to ride it". Ali and Kabir went to the house again. Later on all came out at afternoon and went to a mountain rest house, taking parathas and vegetables. Behind the under hill house, Kabir and the trio saw a Fishorsan eating a jelly fish. "Bow" said Kabir to Ali. Ali slowly came near the Fishorsan. He bowed down and he went there rode on it. When he said fly, the Fishorsan flew upwards through Rock Mountains and sea.
"Vol-2 Underwater"
When they returned to the land, Ali saw Kabir and the two brothers stood beside them. Later on, the others tested except Kabir. "It's in our blood" said Kabir. "Today, you have to go to the sea because it is the way to go to Jarratpur". "Thank you" said Ali with tears. "I missed my aunt and she is in terrible danger! I will find her but she is still young when we saw her. She is still 18 but mature enough to help us." Kabir took them to his house. Then gave them an old map "This is where we live, The Hall of the Earth. You have to go to Jarratpur across the sea city named Sagorahati" said Kabir. Then the three brothers prepared for swim in the sea. When they swum inside the sea, they saw a large glass-covered and gold buildings and a broken ship with gold. There were green human-frog legs like creature stood on the main gate. When they went to the main gate, the creature asked "Who are you?" Ali replied "we are the sons of Ibrahim Kazi, descendent of Gopinath Gyne and Baghanath Byne. We want to see your king".
Then the creatures opened the door. Rashed asked "who are they?" Ali replied "they are the creature called Bangmanob. They like music. We have electric flutes and glass guitar to persuade the king. I think we could stay one night with him". When they followed the guards to the broken ship, inside, they found a 'Bangmanob' wore a crown and looked handsome. "Well, sons of Ibrahim Kazi! I welcome you and I am King Ramon. I want you to take rest and before that, please I want to hear some Rock and Roll music". They used the electric flute and guitar. The king was so impressed that he gave food to them. "Well, there are many stories from your parents, your maternal aunt and your Kabir uncle. How are they?" Maqbool said "our parents passed away by car accident in Dhaka. Our maternal aunt, Rahida is in a terrible place named Jarratpur, Kabir uncle is fine and Farid Kaka is allright but in the bus accident, his legs were paralyzed". Ramon said "Sorry to hear your parent's death and sorry to hear about Rahida and everything that I heard". Ali asked Ramon to go to Jarratpur with them.
"Vol-3 Desert Island and Jarratpur"
Another day, they swum through the north and saw that there was a desert. It was quite and cold. They suddenly saw that there were camel-like horses with sharp-teeth creatures. "Yaud, the fastest camel" said the trio. The trio, Ramon and his armies rode on the Yaud. The Yaud rode faster than a car but when they reached the sea, the Yauds stopped. They realized that Yauds cannot swim. Ali used the electric flute and called all the Fishorsans at the time. Many of them came and grabbed the Yauds. At night, they went to the place full of tress and thorns. They suddenly saw a huge manor which looked like the witch's castle. Ramon and the other creatures, made their tent with leaves. Then the trio went inside the manor. In the entrance, it has a huge stair and the glass made chair. The woman who wore a crown and a man who wore the crown sat on the glass chair. "Who are you strangers?" asked the woman. Ali said "We are from Bholapur, the Khan descendant, your highness, Queen Transta". "Come in, my guests" said the woman, Queen Transta.
Meanwhile, the trio, the king and queen took their dinner together. After they slept, Ali sneaked out and saw that there was a prison. All the prisoners were the creatures and human races. Somebody knocked Ali. When he looked back, he suddenly saw a young girl. "May I know you stranger?" asked the young girl. Ali was shocked that she couldn't recognize him. "Your face is same as before. I know you since from the beginning. You have been taking care of us but you have vanished. Why?" asked Ali.
"Khoka?" said the young girl. "Well, I am a jailor here now. Are you Ali?" Ali replied "well, correct! But I miss you so much that I want to take you. What are the terrible things in Jarratpur?" The young girl said "After your parents passed away, we had planned to take care of you three but Queen Transta returned to Prachinpur after they died and we had a war with her many years ago. She was a cruel person that she used to torture me and you three in a persuasive way because she thought that we are slaves of her and everyone in Prachinpur hated me for her. Before you three were born, we were in Dhaka. Your parents, Ibrahim and Anis, I Rahida, your paternal uncle Farid and Kabir, your godfather were friends. One day, when we were camping, we found strange creatures indeed and we went places and places we had never seen before. The terrible thing in Jarratpur is there will be a war between you and the queen but thank God that you had hidden your identity. I was sure that one day you three will come with Ramon's armies, Fishorsan, Bangmanob and Yaud but our armies are full of vampires and un-dead." Then the grey clouds rose that time was morning. When Ali went to the castle, he woke the two brothers up and Ali used his electric flute to call up all the creatures. Later on, they went to the battlefield. Two sides stood on. Opposition and Proposition. They made a cry and the battle begun. All fought and blood came out of the creatures. Humans are red, Fishorsan are pink, Bangmanob are glittering green and Vampires are grey. They used all the bows and cannons. Ali stabbed the queen and all the undead armies are turned into dust. The race of men came back and all the creatures bowed the three brothers.
They got married to their high school sweethearts and they became kings and queens. The aunt was always with them and got married to Farid. Kabir stayed with them and all are reunited and Jarratpur became a peaceful, technological city.


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