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Singleton Point

Short story By: Faux Clove

Written for Future Author's Christmas short story challenge.

1,009 words total.

Won 13th place with a total score of 174/200 (87%). Not bad for my first contest!

Submitted:Dec 2, 2012    Reads: 20    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Singleton Point was a place of pure beauty in the winter with steep cliffs and pine trees that hid caverns that were so deep and bountiful that no villager from Mocking had ever visited them all. The waters of Ferrell Gulf were like the darkest part of the night, contrasting against the white flour colored sand on the beach. It is here, on one pale winter mourning, that our story begins; when a man, three days before Christmas, decided to take a walk on the beach for some fresh air and relief of the holiday chaos in his home.

He was nearing two miles into his walk, when he noticed something rather peculiar.

A small hole had been dug in the sand and filled with water from the Gulf by what appeared to have been man's doing. He walked over to it and a thick blanket of ice had covered the hole. He wasn't sure what made him do it, but he was suddenly pulled to kneel on the ice. He used the sleeve of his jacket to make a clearing and what he saw startled him! A young woman lay beneath the ice, pale and appearing to be dead. Strings of her long wispy ash colored hair clung to her neck and floated around her incasing her in an eternal casket, fitting for the scene.

The man's instincts washed over him like high tide and he frantically searched for something that would help him free the young woman (though dead she was). Finally, the man found a shining blue stone that he thought would work on breaking the ice. He slammed it with his fist against the ice again and again, his strength failing him as the minutes ticked by until it felt like an eternity before the ice finally cracked.

Satisfied, he used his hands to break the rest. It wasn't until three hours later when he finally cleared away enough ice to pull the young woman through. He sat there on the ice, breathing hard, holding the cold woman in his arms. The man couldn't help it, but tears started to fall as he stared at the beauty he held.

Who could do this to anyone? He asked himself especially just before Christmas? He wailed so loud that he thought all of Mocking would hear him, but he was too far from the village. A single tear broke and fell upon the pale cheek and what happened next was too great not to mention. The woman's pale cheek turned to a rosy red. Her eyes fluttered open, revealing a bluish-grey color. She stared at the man who held her, while he did the same.

The woman put her hand up against his right cheek and sighed. Images filled his mind of a war nearly 2,300 years ago that caused a land to fall under the reign of an evil lord. One image stuck out amongst the rest and it was of the woman who he held.

She was standing on a balcony of a palace, looking out onto the war that had leashed its vengeance throughout her land. Her enemy, the lord, approached the castle mocking her. He was both beautiful and frightening at the same time. His bloodshot eyes stood out against his pale skin and his black cloak covered half of his eyes. The man shuddered as he listened to the slithering voice of the lord's.

"Come, see your kingdom now!" He scoffed "A woman cannot hold it like a man can!" The lord spat on the ground and continued "If you want to stop this war, you can only do one thing!"

"I will never join you!" The woman yelled from the balcony, the lord cackled.

"Why would I want a woman to join me?" He asked his lips slithering into a cruel smile "No, the thing that I want is for you, a willing ruler like you claim yourself to be, to sacrifice yourself and save all of mankind!"

Unquestioningly, the woman stood straight her voice strong and echoing across the land "I will sacrifice myself for my kingdom!" She replied "I will show that a woman can rule and hold the same love that a man can for his kingdom! But mark my words Greenstone," she exclaimed turning back to the lord "you will meet your end, when a young man of nineteen shall free me from an icy prison, just a mere three days before Christmas 2,300 years in the future! Upon freeing me, he shall release a curse that will go throughout all of your brotherhood, destroying every last man, woman and child that pledge loyalty to you!"

"You are not a sorceress like your mother was before you!" The lord proclaimed "how can a man 2,300 years from now destroy all those pledged loyal to me, when the world will be destroyed after you sacrifice yourself?"

After she was unwilling to answer, soldiers from the opposite army grabbed her and chained her while dug a hole and threw her in it after she was finished, using a charm to conceal her in.

The images were finished and the man was brought back to the present. Realization struck the man. He was the was the one who had freed the princess from 2,300 years ago that he held now in his arms, he was the one to have called the curse to finish the enemy, but one question lingered in his mind.

"It is because of my sacrifice that world has not yet been destroyed," the woman answered his unasked question "I saw to it that before the war had even started that my mother would cast a spell which would protect all of mankind from Lord Greenstone and quest to seek power and it is because of you that Greenstone had finally been defeated and for that I am most thankful."

The man wasn't sure what to say, but he wasn't willing for the woman to leave when she stood up "not to worry, I shall be around."


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