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One Bloody Night

Short story By: forbidden

A night in the life of a vampire slayer... This is for mommy3's challenge... I had to do mine on a vampire

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One Bloody Night
The cold, chilly night air was like death; Cold, mysterious, deadly. The storm wasn't that far off but neither were they - don't ask me how I knew, I could just feel it.
"Av, come on! We gotta get out of here, they're closing in! And don't tell me you..." Michael's voice drone on - Michael was my partner and closest friend, in fact he was the only friend I HAD and we went way back. He was right though, I knew that they were close but I didn't exactly care yet alone the fact that I was, well curious about them.
"Alright Mitchy, if you're so scared of running into them, then go, I'll be fine," I replied sarcastically, already knowing the answer, he wouldn't leave me behind no matter what, we were in this together after all.
"You know I can't do that Avery," it was never a good sing when he used my full name, especially when we were on the job, "besides I was only thinking of your safety but if you're so interested with running into the damned then heck we'll stay around a little longer." Michael replied sarcastically with a smirk I knew all too well, a smirk that made my insides melt, a smirk that hid everything from me.
"Avery, they're here!" He whispered to me, trying to get me to hide but I couldn't budge, I couldn't move, they were here, the vampires were back in their coven.
"Michael, what do we do?" I asked him anxious, wanting to attack and yet having no weapon to do so.
"Here, take this and whatever you do don't get yourself killed, please Avery I'm begging you."He whispered, trying hard not to let them hear us, handing me a long, sharp double blade made from the toughest metal to slay any vampire, or immortal for that matter. Michael gave me one more meaningful look - one that I didn't know what it meant - before dropping off of the roof and out of sight. I didn't hear him land but I knew that he had already sneaked into the building. I looked over the edge of the roof - saw that he wasn't in sight - before I slinked down to the ground just as silently as Michael had. The second my feet were on the ground, I placed my hands on the door ready to open it when my "Slayer" sense's picked up a presence not too far behind me.
"Hello, haven't seen a pretty face like you around 'ere recently, do you KNOW it's dangerous around 'ere?" I turned around to find an amazingly attractive boy who looked about the age of 18 - just like me - who had black hair which hanged in his eyes, wearing clothes that only the most hardcore Goth would wear and a stupid smirk on his face as if he knew more than he was letting on. I decided to play on as if I had no idea that just beyond these doors were a vampire coven and Michael who I have no doubt was almost done with slaying them.
"Wow really? I had no idea! What's dangerous in there? It just looks like an old abandoned house." I replied trying to enforce as much enthusiasm as I could, but he didn't seem to notice he just kept wearing that stupid, annoying grin.
"Oh, you wouldn't believe me if I told you." He stated, the grin never leaving his face, I moved my hands from the door and walked closer towards him.
"Try me," I tried to flirt with my most flirtatious voice, enjoying it when I saw him swallow knowing it worked.
"Fine," He swallowed again "There is a vampire coven beyond those doors but if you want to get in, I'd suggest you use the side door they won't notice you as much then." The grin re-appeared on his face tempting me to slap it right off, which I did giving him a playful smile and a wink and then turning away to walk around the side of the building towards the side door he mentioned, I could hear his silent footprints behind me but not his breath,
"Damn Vampire," I thought, I knew what I had to do, kill him, he was a vampire no matter how good looking he was. I forced a flirtatious smile onto my face and turned back around to confront him.
"I'm sorry; I didn't catch your name back there. I'm Avery and you are?" I asked him as if I still didn't know what he was.
"I'm Adam," He replied with a smile stepping a little closer towards me as if to kiss me but I could see the tips of his fangs showing on his blood red lips.
"You have a pretty name Avery," He said with a smile taking one step closer towards me, closing the distance between me and him, putting his face right in mine.
"And if I may add you smell amazing." He leaned in and kissed my neck, now was the time to kill him before he killed me. I pulled the blade that Michael gave to me before he disappeared and plunged it into his shoulder blade letting it slip right into his heart - the only sure way to kill a vampire. He pulled back away from me and stared into my eyes completely shocked that I just stabbed him, there was no smile or gin on his face now just that completely stupid look of total surprise.
"Any last words?" I asked him, knowing he was on his last breaths.
"Why?" He managed to choke out; it seemed to be the only words he could say at the end of his life - typical, they were all the same. I looked deep into his eyes, searching for the soul I knew wasn't there and smiled.
"Because I am a Vampire Slayer," I replied, grinning as I watched his un-dead body turn to ashes and drift away into the cold, lifeless night.


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