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Green-Eyed Monster

Short story By: Frostedge

It is often that which we despise that comes back to haunt us, demanding we acknowledge them. This story is meant to show us the grey areas of humanity.

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The tall grass tickled my feet as I made my way to the designated area. The note had been packed in a black envelope with a crimson seal on it.

"It ends, meet me there."

For some, it would have been a riddle. For me, it was a final insult. A final kick in the festering open wound that hadn't closed for years.

Once I got close to the centre of the plains, a large tree stood stalwart, its leaves rustling in the wind. A figure detached from the tree. He was there, I was there, and she was there too, lying under the tree.

Old memories, killed, then stuffed to be put on display.

"Why are we here?" I ask, as the wind shook the leaves and the tree began to stir.
"Where it begins, it ends," he muttered, after which he pulled a sword from his waist. I, too, take up my blade.

Together, we rush at one another. A race over who gets to see her first, a race over who gets to die first.

"You're going to miss class if you keep loafing around here," I said as I looked down at her.
"I can afford loafing, besides, why do you care?" she said, dismissing my concern. She intrigued me, her ways and methods. The way she spoke to others and me. Despite her weak heart, she was full of vigour.

He, too, was interesting. He liked to compete with me in everything, be it studies, sports or games.

She thought it was fun, but I saw differently. The time we spent together was nice, until things started to unravel.

She took an interest in me, more than in him. This frustrated him to no end. He would do whatever he could to seem better than me. He would belittle me at all times and underhandedly pass insults to me whenever he could get away with it. He would beat the ever-loving crap out of me during swords practise, and ignore whatever yield I threw his way.

The way he looked at her and the way he despised me. I wished that things could go back to how they used to be, but his eyes betrayed it.

The Green-Eyed Monster.

The monster in him took control on that fateful day.
"I love you."
I wasn't blindsided by it, there were obvious hints, but I never expected her to actually say it to me. It blindsided him, though.

She and I spent more and more time together, doing things that silly children new to romance would do, to things that were reserved only to adults.

I knew he wanted her, but she was mine.

Until one day, she was not at home. She was not at school. She was not at the tree in the grassy plains. He had taken her away from me.

I remained in absolute despair for two days. He returned, with her corpse in his arms.

Her heart had given out due to stress, since it was already weak to begin with. It had been too much for her.

He vanished immediately afterwards, and I was left to pick up the pieces.

And now, he lay down on the ground, bleeding. It wasn't much of a fight, I wanted vengeance, and he wanted an end.

"Why come back now? Why not vanish into nothingness, where you should have stayed?"
"Why indeed?" he whispered as the blood slowly flowed from his mouth.
"You're a monster," I said as I stood over him, like a colossus.
"No, you're wrong, the true monster is y-" I drove my sword through his heart.

I killed my only friend, because he took what was mine. Once I came home, I changed clothes and looked in the mirror, staring myself in the eyes.

Green Eyes.



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