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the warlock adventures

Short story By: gabrielle kinnish

I may turn this I to a book so p,ease be patient with me.I am still undisieded.so the end of this is just kind of them disappearing. this will be part of chapter one if I make this a book.

Submitted:Feb 15, 2014    Reads: 28    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

22 minutes ago Amelia walked into the bar with Cecily. "Keep an eye out for Marcus. You know that he lurks about." They slitp up.Amelia headed to the bar. "Hey malinios we are looking for a vampire named crespan. Have you seen him here? Marlinios gave a look of annoyance. "No crespan has not been in here for a while. What do you warlocks want with him?" Amelia rolled her cat like eyes. Turned her head to the side and said "Crespan owes Cecily and I some money for calling up the demon he was looking for." ••• 'Fine fine. Crespan is down near the docks with a group of vampires that doesn't have anything to do with the coven!" Shrieked the vampire to Cecily. "Thanks for the help craven. Your name suits you." With that she turned on her heal and in a flury of skits left the terrified vampire to stare after her. Now I have to find Amelia thought Cecily. The other warlock always seemed to have a way of not doing any of the dirty work.she always wanted to do it nicely. She seemed more human than warlock. Even looked human eccept for this eyes of hers thatresembeled a cats. They were bright red and slit. They were the only thing that gave her the mark of a warlock. If she ddidn't have those eyes none of the other warlocks would speak to her. Cecily was the only one who would work with her and be her friend. She didn't despise the half breeds like Tue others did. Cecily found Amelia at the bar talking to marlinios the bar keep. "Amelia crespan is down by the docks with a group of vamps not know to be a part of the local coven." "How did you find this out cec?" Asked Amelia. "Craven. You know he always has the best information, but this time he seemed somewhat scared. He needed a bit of persuasion to steel what he knew." ••• Uhh thought Amelia. Why does Cecily always find an excuse to use "persuasion"? Normal when she did that she had found some way to torment the poor person into telling her what she wanted to know. "Let's go then I would like our payment soon." " thanks for the help marlinios." With that they disappeared in a cloud of blue sparks


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