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Shead and the Astral Plains

Short story By: Gekkou

Shead, a person who was once a life is now traveling aimlessly through the astral plains seeking redemption and entertainment.

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I began to question my motives. Can I really trust this guy? Perhaps I made yet another silly mistake, by having faith in a stranger. What if it's a trap? Even though he seemed like a trustworthy, determined person, I still have my doubts. One of the reasons for this is, because I am waiting in this damned, dark alley for 2 hours straight, I am losing my patience.
Once I reached into my pocket to grab yet another cigar, I realised that I have already smoked all of them. Unsure wether to stay or go, I used this situation as a sign. Thus I headed back.
It is 6 am in the morning. Even though I should wake up by now, I decide to take a quick nap, it's not like I have anything to do today, especially that it is sunday.
Here I am again, walking through a gloomy, dark road. I wonder if I will meet anyone of value. As my legs grow weary, I decide to levitate instead. No I am not physically exhausted, sticking to one method of transportation is sometimes a bit too much for my mind, my ability to concentrate is not as powerful, as when I used to be alive. Right, I forgot to tell you. In fact I am dead. You could pretty much call me a ghost.
As I dive deeper and deeper into the astral roads, I finally spot another being. It was a musculine, pale man. I think it would be perfectly fair to describe him as an ideal example of a fresh, new inhabitant of the astral plains. By taking just a quick glimpse of his behavior, it was already clear to me, that he did not wish to end here. After aimlessly staring at the area surrounding the person, I decided to get back on my feet and approach him. If I am to have any chances in not getting ignored from the sight, I need to imitate a standard, living human.
- Welcome to the plains of the astral. Would you like me to guide you, aswell as explain the basics of this world?
After nervously analyzing every bit of me, the guy decided to reply.
- Wh-who the fuck are you!?
- Please calm yourself, I am not here to harm you
- Hahahaha, of course you aren..just like this little cunt who stabbed me in the back! Just look me in the eyes, do you really fucking think I want your help?
After doing as he asked, I did what I should not. After taking a brief trip through the man's line of faith, I realised that I came fifty years too early. There's no helping for a lad, whose body still exists in the plane of the living.
- Can you please tell me your name? - I asked politely
- Kuno, now fuck off.
Thus I bowed and took my leave. After moving a good enough distance, I wrote the lad's name in the air with my finger, as to store it in my memory.
You know, even after 859 years of traveling through different planes, seeing all kinds of nasty stuff, from people being tortured by astral copies of their life - long companions, to fellows trying to commit suicide over and over, without realizing the fact tha they cannot die in this realm, I still didn't become an ice - cold monster.


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