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She never made it home

Short story By: greenallie2000

Tags: Horror, Fantasy

A girl racing home to beat her mom there, runs into trouble when she decides to rest for a few minutes at a local park. What she didn't know was that this race was for her life!

Submitted:Jul 28, 2011    Reads: 44    Comments: 7    Likes: 4   

One night a girl was wandering home after a crazy chaotic party at a friend's house. When she decided to take a break on a slide of an empty Playground.

After awhile of stargazing she heard footsteps running up the stairs that led to the slide. When she turned around to apologize for lying in the way, she found the park was still empty. Looking around the partially lit playground she couldn't find anyone lingering aside from the occasional passing of a car. A little freaked out she decided to go home. Her house was not too much further from here another block or two she figured.

She started to walk again, towards the sidewalk. Just before reaching the pavement she heard a child giggling behind her. With the hairs standing up on her neck. She whipped around to face nobody again behind her. More scared then before she started to back out of the sand more hastily now, her breath sawing in and out of her lunges. "Why did I tell Jack that I was fine walking home alone?" she whimpered.

Her heart pounding she took one last glance back, when her eyes came to a halt. A small child with it's head down and back turn away, slowly swang back on forth on the swing set. "Hell- Hello?" She stuttered to scared to say much, the child stop swinging mid-swing and planted its feet in the sand. She stood still watching the child slide off the swing and slowly turn to face her.

It was a little girl, you could tell by the long dirty hair blocking her face. "Hello?" she tried again hoping to get a response from the child. The child did not move she only just stood immobile next the swing set. "Are you lost?" again the child said nothing. Looking around for hopes of some sort of guardian she focused her attention back to the child who was mysteriously three feet closer. A little spooked she jumped back her heart pounding in her chest. "I-I" she was about to say something when the little girl started to giggle the same giggling that she heard when she was trying to leave.

Her words caught up short she dug for her cell phone in her pocket. Pulling it out and frantically running through the contacts looking for mom's cell. Tapping the call button she looked up to she the child face to face with her smiling a eerie smile demonically saying "Be with me…" she licked her dried cracked lips. "Play with me. I'm very lonely." She giggled as her irises turned blac and grabbing the girl around the waist. She screamed just as her mom picked up the phone. It clattered to the ground as the child pulled her down through the sand. "Help!" she screamed her last words a muffle as the sand enveloped her.

She was to never be seen again. The legend goes if you are ever alone walking through the park you can still hear the silent cries for help and a child's giggle.


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