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The wings in the woods

Short story By: greenallie2000

collecting fire woods will never be the same.

Submitted:Jul 29, 2011    Reads: 36    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   


Leaves crunched beneath my feet as I ran fiercely through the trees and broken branches that lay across the ground. My chest burned with every breath I took until it became unbearable. Coming to a stop, more like a stumble, I fell to my hands and knees, hurrying over to a bush where I crushed myself closely to its truck hoping to cover myself. Trying to suppress the loud breathing I covered both of my hands over my mouth and tried to listen as hard as I could through the pounding in my ears for any following footsteps that might have followed me.

Very still I stared out through the leaves. Wind blew softly making the branches and my hair whirl around me in the slightly breeze. What the hell was that back there? It had such huge glowing eyes and… and… wings! Why did it have wings! People are not supposed to have wings! My mind was still screaming when the leaves stirred with running feet. I squashed myself against the tree with a muffled squeak. A large man came to a halt and sniffed the air, his substantial white wings stretched far and wide around his massive shoulders. The feathers of his wings quivered in the slight breeze. I held my breath as he took a step sniffing in my direction.

He was wearing black jeans and no shirt. I don't know how the heck he could even fit those wings in a shirt without ripping it to shreds, each feather looked like it was a tiny little blade. His face was greatly hideous and as terrifying like his huge wings. There was a large scar that ran down the left side of his face and ending at his lip making his mouth sag a little with the uneven healing.

"I sssee you." He hissed his face inches from the bush.

With a yelp I bolted from the bush to stand just on the other side of it facing him trying to give some sort of a barricade between him and me I knew would not hold him back.

"W-what do you want?" I asked shakily. His glowing yellow eyes narrowed.

"You ssaw me fall did you nottt?" he took a step closer with a mimicked move I shuffled a step backwards

"I did not see anything I was…" I couldn't think of anything to say that would save me from this difficult situation.

I did see him fall. I was outside gathering wood for the campfire I was put in charge of starting when a bright light blinded me and with a loud (poof!) the air around the trees and me popped shaking the ground with his tremendous body hitting the earth.

"Youu did!" he claimed angrily using my silence as an answer, taking fast steps he rounded on me.

"No! I-I…" my heart pounded aggressively in my chest.

His large hands came to slither around my neck his fingers squeezed my throat roughly blocking my airway. I pounded on his fist with my own staring into his dark eyes that were not glowing yellow anymore but glowing a disgusting red.

"Ignorantes Kind, das diese Augen Sind nicht fur, solchen Rhum ment!" he spat in another language.

Darkness threatens to take over me. As my eyes started roll back in my head when suddenly releases me dropping me to the ground. Barely able to hold myself up on my elbows I breathed shallowly staring after the winged man as he stalked off in the direction he came. I fell back lying on the ground holding my neck finally having my breathing under control when a gust of air rolled over me whipping everything around me about causing destruction.

I started wide-eyed as the winged man walked through the mini tornado holding a glowing rock or medal.

"Gunstling von meinen" He echoed through the wind again in that strange language.

"Being a man of glory I will not kill you, but you will be under my control and you will do my bidding young one."

On a side note: Here is the translation of the German words spoken in the story by the fallen angel.

"Ignorantes Kind, das diese Augen sind nicht fur, solchen Ruhm ment!" means.
"Ignorant child, these eyes are not ment to see such glory!"

"Gustling von meinen" means.
minion of mine.

© Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved To Allison Carey


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