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T'll death do us part

Short story By: greenallie2000

Tags: Horror, Fantasy

newly weds Ron and Mary are head over heels in love. When they retreat to their honeymoon. Love like never before unravels.

Submitted:Jul 28, 2011    Reads: 33    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

Newly wed's, Ron and Mary were the happiest couple in the world until the night of their honeymoon...

When reaching the hotel in the Caribbean, a nice five star couple's suite with a front beach-side view. The site had the couple gushing with excitement. Mary told Ron that she would be right back she wanted to freshen up from the ten-hour flight. Her hair was a mess and she thought she had a distasteful odor in her mouth. With agreements from both Ron and Mary that they should both freshen up they set off.

When Mary emerged from the bathroom towel drying her hair she found Ron slumped over in the bed rocking slowly. "Ron?" She said attentively "are you okay, honey?" she walked over to the side of him where she could scarcely make out the outline of his jaw and the shadows under his left eye. "Ron, honey" she said more urgently as she bent down to stare up into his face. That's when she smelt it, the fowl odor that seemed to cascade off his body like a fountain. It was a mixture of cow manure and rotting chicken. She looked up into his face. His eyes were blood shot and blood was running from his nose. "Oh-my-goodness!" she squeaked wading up the hotel towel in her hand and offering it to him to stop the bleeding coming from his nose. "What happed love?" she cried as he shoved the towel from her hand and grunted, spurting blood all down the front of his shirt. Shocked she crawled over to the towel he knocked out of her hand and grabbed it.

When she turned back around she found two leather shoes blocking her path. Following the shoes that led to black formal pants, which held a half tucked shirt, she found two bloodstained eyes boring through hers. "R-Ron" she stuttered her heart pounding in her ears. He bent down a grabbed Mary by the hair and lifted her to her feet but did not release her hair. Instead he waded her hair tighter in his fist and craned her head. "I am not Ron!" He barked splattering blood all over Mary's face.

Crying she tried to plead with her new husband that something must have gone wrong when he went to freshen up. But he ignored her and shirked again. I. Am. Not. Ron! He yelled each word with an inhuman growl. His face contorted into a sneer. "But I will take what Ron has left behind." He crooned softly into her ear all madness gone just a blood smeared Ron she new with a spine-chilling grin spread across his face. She screamed as he chomped down on Mary's shoulder ripping the flesh from her neck. She groaned in semi-consciousness as her head fell back. She lay there in his arms staring out the arcadia door as darkness tried to settle around her.

When she caught a glimpse of someone screaming silently in the refection of the door's window. The man's arms were stretched out reaching like they were trying to grab her as tears ran down his cheeks. The familiarity rang somewhere deep in her mind but she didn't know. She knew this man from somewhere but couldn't remember where. Out the corner of her vision she saw a women dressed in the same clothes she had on reaching out for the man in the reflection and grabbing him affectionately. Not knowing why she felt a ting of jealousy her vision darken around her as the man kept biting her neck.

The women looked at Mary mischievously as she stepped away from the crying man, shoving him aside as she approached the glass. "You will be I and I will be you." She said echoing through the glass when the darkness enveloped, the sentence repeated though her mind as she slipped into the darkness to never resurface again.


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