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Elvira- My entry for Booklover9216's challenge

Short story By: guitarplayer

When Olly stumbles upon Elvira, can she teach him the values he has forgotten? (Sorry I am really bad at summaries!)
This is my entry for Booklover9216's challenge- and I came third! I was so surpised! Haa, thanks to everyone who has read this =] I really enjoyed writing this, hope you all enjoy- please comment and like! (if you think it deserves it, of course! ) =]

Submitted:Jan 5, 2010    Reads: 467    Comments: 90    Likes: 21   

A/N: Thank you for looking at this piece of work, but please bear in mind that it is one of my earlier pieces! I'm leaving it up to show my improvement (well, Ihope I've improved!) but I would prefer it if you read my more recent pieces =) Thank you for reading~ GuitarPlayer

He stood, in transfixed adoration, basking in the warm ray of her beauty.
She danced across the water, her toes pointed, her arms flung out wide, every limb quivering with grace as she twirled in a fluid motion, which seemed effortlessly smooth and flowing. Especially compared to the way he had stumbled into the clearing where he had found her.
He wondered whether this was some bizarre dream, and his thoughts seemed sleepy and confused in his head.
She was beautiful. He knew, even without seeing her face. She had a sort of ethereal perfection about her that suggested she was not of the human race. No human was this flawless, no person was this untainted, pure, even wild sort of beauty that breathed through the creature's every move.
Creature? She could not be human, but creature seemed too harsh and animal-like a word to describe her.
She beckoned to the mist that cavorted around her, and it obeyed her every command, swooping as swift as a bird to her side, and enveloping her in a fragile embrace, caressing her like a devoted lover.
He stared, starry-eyed, frozen like a statue.
She spun round, the mist twirling above her like a whirlwind… and then she saw him.
She had a small, white face that was mostly filled up with two huge blue eyes, long lashes curving up around them. Her hair was long and feathery, and it swirled around her diminutive frame as gently as the mist itself.
He wanted to smile, and make some sort of gesture that let her know that he came in peace, but it was as if he was paralysed. He could not move a muscle, though his heartbeat pounded erratically in his ears, like a drummer gone mad.
Her lips curved into a shy smile, and she timidly stepped towards him, though it seemed to him that she glided like a boat on water to stand before him.
She was small, barely reaching his shoulder, but he knew she was a fully grown… woman?
"I am Elvira." Her voice, as clear as fresh water, slid gently around her, before it reached his ears, as if he heard only an echo of what was said.
By some miracle, he managed to reply, "I am Olly." But his name sounded feeble and pathetic compared to hers, and his voice sounded tinny in his ears.
She stood on her tiptoes, and he saw into her eyes suddenly.
They were even bigger up close, and they were as blue as the ocean, but rippled with movement and vivacity, as if they were rippling silk.
He felt as if he was falling into the sea, but a sea that would hold him, and never let him go, not drown him with choking salty water.
She leant forward, and suddenly pressed her forehead against his.
Instantly, his mind was numbed, and he felt calm and relaxed, as if he had been anaesthetized.
She probed into his mind, and though it took merely a second, he wanted it to last. He felt as if he belonged to her, and though it was terrifyingly bizarre, it felt right.
She drew back, and looked at him, her eyes tinged with sadness.
"You… you feel like that about me?" she whispered, and her tone chilled him to the bone.
He nodded slowly.
"But… I am a nymph."
He nodded again, though his mind pounded.
"You are a good human being," she went on, "But what you are planning to do is unforgivable."
His tongue was loosed, and he spoke. "What do you mean?"
"You are going to cut down this forest, aren't you? You and your team of evil men with saws and machines. You will destroy my home." Her voice cracked upon the word home, and he reached out for her hand.
"I have given my men no such instruction!" he protested, wanting desperately to wipe the tears that slid down her face away.
"But you were planning to, weren't you?" she glanced up at him, eyes blazing. "Don't you humans realize what you are doing to the world? All this pollution, all this waste you pour into your home. You are killing the Earth."
She spoke about the earth as if it was her friend. His heart ached, he knew what she said was true.
"No, Elvira, no!" The taste of her name was strange on her tongue, like speaking a foreign language. "I have changed. You have changed me. Believe me, Elvira, I will never destroy your home."
Her eyes softened at his plea, and leaning forward, she gazed into his eyes.
The only thought in his mind was that he wanted to stay here forever. He had found his soulmate.
"But… you cannot…" she had evidently read the emotion in his eyes, and she choked upon the words. "You cannot stay?"
"Why?" His boldness startled him, he had always been shy and timid.
"I think I know you, from a dream," she said, slowly, "Why should you not stay?"
He looked straight into the eyes full of emotion. "You and I, we can change this. I want others to know what we are doing to this world that we live in. We can help with the damage, we can."
She stared at him, her breath coming fast. "Yes. We can."
Then, leaning in, she kissed him.


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