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A guy is immortal but does not have any memory of it. When he finds out he does not know what to do.

I tried to make this different from my other story since that was the only thing I had on my mind when writing this. At first I couldn't even think of a name for the main character. I might write more.

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I shouldn't be alive, I told myself as I ran around the corner. She just… killed me. There was a hole in my new shirt, no wait there was one big hole in the front and there were about twenty other holes in the back. The spot hurt at first. However, when I looked down as I ran there was no blood; it disappeared, and as far as I could tell, so did the hole in my chest. I was moving at the speed of light. The thing was that I could feel her near me. It was as though she could have jumped on my back.

Why did she do it? Why… why did she protect me if she would try to kill me later? How did things end up like this? Think. Think. Think. What happened exactly? Where did the sword come from? How will I get away? What if the wound closing up would not happen again? Will I die now because of her? Think.

I remember when I first met her. I bumped into her while - ironically - running away from a girl. That girl was chasing me with a bat for no reason at all. I mean all I said before she slammed the bat right in front of me on the concrete was that we were just friends, and get this: I wasn't even talking to her. Lucky for me, I was moving backward from almost falling when she swung a second time. Who would've known that I would be running away from the girl I bumped into? As for the girl I hit while running, she didn't fall, but I did. When I hit the ground, I could have sworn that I saw her putting a sheathed sword into her neck, or rather the tattoo on the left side of her neck. It didn't actually touch her neck. It seemed to disappear an inch away from it. I sense of nostalgia. She picked me up and when I say picked me up I mean she could have thrown me across the street or even into the third story window in the house over there. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She had black hair with streaks of gold that ran down her back almost to her butt. Her eyes were two different colors. One was emerald green. The other eye was silver like the coin I had tied around my neck. She was well… endowed. This, I noticed as she picked me up. Her skin was a little pale but it seemed to add to her beauty. I also noticed that my hand was freezing. I did not know if she were undead or if she were squeezing too tightly. I hoped for the latter because she was extremely beautiful and it wasn't like I believed in the undead, but it was especially because of what happened after I saw the other girl.

She was about the same age as the first girl. She became visible to me just a foot away from the first one. This girl was also very pale. Her eyes were the first thing I noticed. They were yellow. She looked almost exactly the same as the girl with the mixed eyes except her breasts was not as big and her hair was well… like fire. It was yellow, orange, and red in that order from the roots to the tips at first. Then it even seemed to alternate. It was red, yellow, and orange. Then it was yellow, red, and orange. It was scary, but I was mesmerized by it. Then, it stopped. It was like they got a sort of alertness that wasn't there before. They looked past me. I looked back as well thinking that my ex would be behind me. It was all I could do to break from the hypnosis they had on me. Behind me there was a pitch black stretched limo. I was almost afraid that Death himself would roll down the window, take his scythe and slice my head off, and finally take it to hell, while the two girls stand there horrified. I felt very cold and even though it was the beginning of August I did not care. All I can remember is being so terrified that I would piss my pants. That's when the two girls got into the back of the limo and it drove off. My ex - her name was Hilda by the way - found me. She was crying now with the hand that the bat held at her side. "I… I still love you Jess. I do not care what happened before this era. If that was the one then I will not interfere this time." I stared at her for at least a minute. In my head I was going, did you just say era? I simply disregarded it. It was a long month for her. Her parents just divorced. Also we just broke up so I let her be. I made no attempt to comfort her. She is a strong girl. She'll get over it. I went home to think about what I just saw. I know they looked familiar.

I still think about the icy glare she had when she pick me from the concrete. Her eyes were filled with sorrow. It made me want to do something for her. I also remember that the girl with the fiery hair had a somewhat happy expression. She looked like she accomplished something. It was faint, but I could see it though. I think that when she showed herself that I was in love with both of them. After that day I did not see them. I sometimes saw a black limo driving by. I hoped the girls would come out and talk to me so I could get to know them. I couldn't get them out of my head. Because of my artistic skill I was able to draw the girl with the black hair but as for the girl with the fiery hair her drawing seemed to be missing something. I decided not to obsess myself with it constantly thinking that I'd see her again the next day. To my dismay, I never did see them for the rest of the summer. I dreamt about them both. They did not make sense at all though. In one dream they were shooting and stabbing me shouting "Why won't you die?" In some dreams I found myself making out with either one. Then something bad happened, like we blew up, or whichever one of them I was making out with would kill me or I would kill them. It was so bizarre. I had no idea who these two were and yet I began to feel like I knew them from somewhere.

By now you should know that my name is Jess Stone. I am a junior in high school. I was captain of the track team. My mother my brother and I live in a three story house. We are kind of rich. My mom was a painter. Her paintings were so amazing. People liked her paintings. Whenever we were in a bind or had problems with money, she sold some of her original work that she had since she was in high school. She regretted letting go of those paintings. They were dear to her, but she did this for me and my brother. My brother Charley Stone who is two years older than me had a job at the time. We were close and we still are now. He was always the smartest person I knew. He worked with computers as a part time job. He also seemed to have so many secrets that he wouldn't share with me. Mom knew them… whatever they were. Whenever we were eating and I asked about how his day went he would either avoid the subject or give me broad short answers like "it went great." or "fine." I have no other talents besides from running, drawing, and writing. Some teachers would even compare my writing to professional writers.

By September the dreams occurred less and less frequently. At the time I'd guessed that the memory of them would just fade away like any other pretty girls I've seen. Half of the month passed and I ended up going out with my Hilda again. I was getting good grades so far and she actually contributed to it. Hilda and I were invited by my friend William to come to a party. He was invited to it and was asked to take anyone he wanted to take.

The party was on a Friday night. Charley drove us there. The house where we had the party at was huge. I'm talking swimming pools on the inside and outside. It was the same with the basket ball courts. When me and Hilda got inside there must've been over three hundred people and the place was not crowded at all. This wasn't even part of the actual place that the family lived. The parents were out of town and the kid who threw the party already had permission so there was no need to worry about them barging through a door and sending everybody home. I saw people that I knew and people I hadn't seen before. Everyone was friendly with the four of us; me, Hilda, William and his girlfriend Cammy. I was talking to William's girlfriend - and yes just talking, I don't cheat - when I heard a strange noise outside of the house. I looked around to see if anyone was rushing to see what happened. However, they didn't react at all. Everyone was still talking, eating, or just partying. They didn't hear a thing.

"Did you hear that Cammy?" I yelled trying to get my voice over the loud music and talking. Seriously, how do these people hear each other? I thought to myself.

She heard me over the noise. Her answer was, "Hear what?"

I knew something was wrong so I left Cammy and ran outside to the spot that I thought I heard the noise. I was curious. It was on the left side of the house. This side of the house seemed private. There was nothing there. Then I heard it again. It was deafening, but no one noticed still. Finally two girls showed up there. They seemed strangely familiar. I couldn't place them at all. They both had brown hair. One of them had blue eyes. The other girl had two different eye colors which were brown and blue. The only thing was that I couldn't exactly see their faces. I wanted to say something but in an instant I felt terrified. A feeling of total despair passed over me also. They started speaking.

"Is this the guy, Jewel?" one of the girls asked.

"I think so. Do we really have to do this?" the girl named Jewel asked.

"Are you not feeling up to it? He is dangerous to us."

"Don't you think I know this Chrystal? It's just that he couldn't possibly know about this." Jewel said, "we don't have to kill him do we."

Once I heard that I tried to run. I couldn't move though. "I tried to say something but it came out as gibberish.

The one named Chrystal looked at me with yellow eyes that felt like she was staring into my soul. Her piercing eyes were actually painful to me but she looked happy or energetic even. She said, "Then I'll do it just to see if he can come back." At that moment I realized who these two were. They were the girls I met that day. There hair was not the same and neither were their eyes. I knew that they were the same. What she did next was instantaneous, but I remember everything she did.

She pulled up the left sleeve of her shirt. Her eyes started glowing. Her hair turned into fire. Like last time the fiery hair she had stayed down. She used her right hand to reach for a tattoo on her forearm. The tattoo was just like the one on Jewel's neck which I could not see at this moment. Like Jewel, her hand disappeared about an inch away from her arm. Then out came her hand. In her hand was a golden pistol. She looked at it reflecting off of the sunlight, and then pointed it at me.

I felt something hit my chest or rather my heart. Imagine having people repeatedly nail every joint in your body. Now imagine that, but at least five times as much pain and center it in your chest. That is what it felt like. Everything seemed to be slanting. I assumed that I was shot in the chest. The house that was straight at first began to slant. The colors all around me started turning a different color. That color was red. I tried to focus. I'm dying, I though. I did not hit the ground though. I got some focus. It was enough to finally find out what just happened. Jewel was in front of me. A sword point was inside of my chest. Chrystal's face was surprised. Then she started laughing crazily.

"So you can do it? Good work sis." Chrystal laughed.

"Run." Jewel whispered under her suddenly black and gold hair. Her eyes were the same colors that they were when I first saw her. The right eye was emerald green. The left one was silver. That was before she angrily pulled the sword out of my chest, "I was ordered to kill you. But you cannot die, at least not like this."

That was when I thought wait a minute. You ARE killing me you fucking idiot. I hit the ground hard. I was dead one minute but then I was alive the next. I say minute because I think that this was how much time Chrystal took evilly to shoot my unmoving body about twenty times before she knew I was dead. She must not have known that I will not die. At least that's what Jewel said.

Well looks like she was right. I can't die. I mean she stabbed me in the heart right? With that I shouldn't have been able to hear her so she had to be right. I thought to myself. I got up and did just as Jewel told me to do. I ran faster than I ever did before. I should be dead. I ran around a corner with new found energy and saw my brother Charley in his Truck eating a Wendy's cheese burger.

"What's the hurry? Let me guess. You made some girl mad like you always do and her boyfriend wants to kill you." He sneered cheerfully.

"Hell no. Plus I wouldn't be running from her boyfriend. Also - never mind that!" I shouted, "I can't talk about it now. Just get me away from here."

"Hey Jess. Long time, no see," Said a girl that just seemed to appear behind me. She had brown hair with blue and brown eyes. My brother was fooled into believing that I knew this girl. I knew instantly that it was Jewel.

"She looks cute. Don't tell me that you were running away from this lovely young woman. What about Hilda?" Charley whispered leaning out of his truck, "My name is Charley. I'm this bonehead's brother."

"Hello, my name is Jewel. It's nice to finally meet you. Your Jess has told me a lot about you." Jewel said. She even blushed though I could see that she was acting.

"Well see you later bro." Charley drove away and left me with her.

"I thought I told you to run. You do not have much energy left. You can die if you do not get some rest before my sister sees you." She explained to me, "She will find out how to kill you sooner than later. She does not only have guns, she has a katana just as sharp as mine and she will not hesitate to use it. She could just kill you by luck. All she has to do is -"She paused and looked around, "She is near and she knows that I am helping you now. Come with me."

I was scared out of my mind so all I could do was follow. I do not know haw far we traveled but we were nowhere near the party. She stole a motorcycle hotwired it or whatever and we rode that for at least twenty miles. We were in the middle of nowhere and somehow it was still around five o'clock in the evening. We got off of the motorcycle and walked a mile off of the road.

She put her left hand near the left side of her neck - the side with the tattoo - and it disappeared inside of a rippling black hole. That was what I thought of it when I got to see her do it without being horrified. Like Chrystal's tattoo her hand did not touch her arm it rippled trough an empty space about an inch away from her arm. However, it made a slight sound; the sound you would expect to hear from a guitar rift. She pulled out, as I expected, a sword. She looked tired, but about thirty seconds later she did it again. Using this seemed to wear her down. This time the sword was longer than her first one. The first sword she pulled out was something between a Japanese samurai sword or katana, and a short ninja sword. It was sheathed of course. The second sword was a little longer than a katana. It was also sheathed. The passed the sword to me and I caught it. It was a lot heavier than I expected it to be.

She unsheathed her sword and charged at me. I blocked with the sheath of the sword. On instinct I unsheathed my sword and nearly cut her head off. I cut a few strands of her gold hair. I would have picked it up if I'd found it.

"At least I was not wrong about you Jess. I can ask you for help. You know what you are doing with a sword. I could've killed you again. Now…" she pointed to the ground and I already knew what to do. I took the sword in my right and ran it into the dry earth beneath my feet. The ground started to rumble. It opened. The opening was about seven feet wide and six feet long. I subconsciously walked down the stairs that were visible to me after about a minute of staring at a dark space. I hoped that Jewel was following me because my body was moving on its own. It was a long way down. I finally reached the bottom step. Lights automatically turned on as I walked passed them. I was in what I assumed to be dozens of underground metal corridors. There was a map. The walls were blank and I had a feeling that I would be staying there for a while. I instantly thought about how my mother was doing. I got to a door that said Do Not Enter in bold letters. I found my brother down there along with Hilda and William. There were also others that were like me; immortal. This place was like a home for immortal people. When I turned a corner

Whatever my brother said I looked at him like he was crazy.

"Come on bro you're still alive right." My brother said "if we do not hurry and make up a plan, Chrystal could kill you."

I was still mad as hell that he did not even listen to me. Things could have been so much easier and less terrifying if he had not driven away. What made me even angrier was that he knew that I couldn't die easily and he hid this secret from me for years. There were other people that were there. These people were just like me. They could not die unless, what I later found out, their heads were cut off and separated from their bodies for more than a minute. Well that was when I knew that I could not take this girl lightly, not that I didn't before, it's just that I thought that I was unstoppable just a few hours ago now I know that if I give someone the chance that I will die. A thought finally occurred to me: does this mean that my mother is like me? Being immortal does give you some worries like people who are also immortal killing you because they are faster than you. There is no reason to worry about giving them the chance. Now my mother is involved. Maybe she was involved long before I was even born.

I think it was two days later when I saw Jewel again. She seemed to disappear as soon as we got here. "You don't expect me to kill your sister do you?" I waited for some sort of response. There wasn't even as much as a twitch on her face. When I didn't get one I kept talking. "You might have to do this yourself Jewel. I have no re -"

She stabbed me again directly in the heart. "She does have feelings. What if we don't have to kill her?" I said sarcastically hoping for another response. She has been cold toward me all this time.

"You have to do it. Damn it Jess! There is no one else… not even I could -"

"Jewel, your sister is here to see you. She knows where we are." Charley interjected.

We went to a room full of computer screens. Most of them showed Chrystal standing in the middle of nowhere just as Jewel and I were. It has been two days. What took her so long? I thought about the fact that after only these two days I felt comfortable talking with Jewel. It was strange. When I first met her, I couldn't even get a word out. At the time that I was down there, I could speak to her as if she was my best friend. She certainly did not seem like the same girl she was on that day in August. She still had the coldness, but she also had a type of resolve. She was really going to kill Chrystal if she had to. She just did not admit it to herself. When I was around her I thought of how I fell in love with her.

I only lost interest in her because I haven't seen her for a month. She did not seem like she was interested in me. I wanted to be with her, not Hilda. I knew that I would regret going out with her again. I'll admit that I had fun with her that year, but I knew that we wouldn't last. I wanted Jewel, but I knew nothing about her. I decided to ask Jewel to tell me a few things about herself.

I thought about this on our ten minute walk from the monitoring room to the stairs that led to ground level. While walking up the stairs I asked, "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?"

She regarded me coldly and said, "No I do not mind?"

"Okay. Um… why does your hair change color?" She looked disappointed. Still her glare was really chilly.

"That's not important." She looked down at the next step.

"Well, then what does your sister want with me?" She seemed almost too hurt to answer. She said that she didn't mind but she won't answer anything. I decided to ask one more thing. "Alright, where did you get the tattoo?"

I got a better response. She almost seemed to smile. It was the first time I saw it. She was beautiful. Her face was illuminated in the sky blue light that lit the staircase. "It isn't a tattoo. It is a birthmark. It is for storing things namely weapons. Every girl in my family has one." For the first time I noticed what it was on the left side of her neck. It was a Chinese dragon coiled on her neck. "Only I can take things out of this. When I die it will disappear."

Since I was finally getting somewhere in knowing her, I did not want to ruin the only topic that I could get her to talk about. I asked nothing else. I couldn't ask anything else because before I knew it I was in the middle of what seemed like an old Japanese war. Chrystal came with the resolve to kill me and Jewel.

I instinctively reached to my side for a sword. It seemed that I somehow knew how to use a sword. I was over two thousand years old. I found this out from my brother who was only twenty years older. This was in my memories but they seemed to be jumbled. I guessed that I lived for to long and I had too many memories so I decided to seal them away. Before my head was chopped off by some old looking guy Jewel threw the long sword to me and I blocked with the sword still sheathed. I found out that I was good at killing also which disturbed me greatly. I guess that is why I wanted to forget. However, I needed this skill when three more people charged at me with broad swords that were bigger than them. I found out from a memory that broad swords were awfully heavy but these guys were swinging them effortlessly.

I killed them easily though. They were fast and the swords they carried were no handicap. I blanked out. This was too much for me. The memories I had of childhood were not what I thought they were. They were simply made up. When I came back to my senses everyone was dead. I hoped it wasn't me who killed them all, but Jewel was fighting Chrystal the entire time. I screamed so loud that my throat became sore. Then I screamed some more. This is not me; I thought slowly coming to the realization that it was in fact, me. I wanted to forget again, but it was impossible. There was blood everywhere. All I could do was watch as the sisters fought. Chrystal had a gold gun and a sword with a black blade. It was the same size as Jewel's sword. All Jewel had was that sword.

I think now how strange it was, the way that Chrystal fought. Her gun which when I thought about it was unlike any gun I had ever seen. It seemed alien, but it made the same sound as any other pistol like weapon would be expected to make. I took a step and was suddenly able to hear them speaking.

"I told you that he would be dangerous to us. You don't listen to anyone sis. He can kill both of us if he wants." Chrystal said angrily.

"He is a completely different person now." Jewel said solemnly. It was as though she was trying to convince herself of it.

I thought to myself, I understand why Chrystal would think I want to kill her but why would I kill Jewel? I felt like something with the force of a speeding train hit me in the head. I would have fallen if it wasn't for me jutting the sword into the ground. I got memories of my father being killed. There was a man that looked just like me. I guessed that he was my father. He looked at me with confidence but there was also sadness in his eyes. I was hidden behind a chair. I remember being afraid. I must have been small. A tall blond haired man walked into the room with an axe. He had two familiar looking brown haired girls watching, apparently frightened, behind him. One had blue eyes. The other had one blue eye and one brown eye. He said, "This is how you kill one, children."

My father fought the man while taking attention away from my position. My father was a powerful man. Suddenly his head was not attached to his body. "Long live the King." The blond haired man said manically and sarcastically. He was holding my father head. My father's body slowly reached for its head. The man unknowingly rolled the head towards me. When the head reached me the body fell limp. My father's eyes seemed to study me. He was dead. The man set the place ablaze. A few minutes later my mother and brother came. My mother picked me up and ran out of what I noticed was a burning castle. The two girls were Jewel and Chrystal.

When I pulled myself back I had tears running down my eyes. The Jess Stone before this one or whatever my name was then, definitely did not want to relive that experience. I closed my eyes and pointed my head toward the orange sky.

"I do not want to kill neither of you." I shouted painfully with my sore throat crying, "You did not do it. You didn't kill my father. You did not know what was happening. All of us were terrified." I dropped to my knees holding the sword that was still pushed into the Earth.

They stopped fighting. It was silent except for my whimpering. They both looked down sadly. There was blood running down both faces (more on Jewel than on Chrystal) because of hits with the handles of each sword. Neither of them was cut too badly. "You remember now. That is all we needed; your trust." They both said quietly enough for me to just barely hear them.

I hesitated, "But I have done something very wrong." I said looking around me at the dismembered bodies with despair passing over me.

They looked at each other and back at me. Then they put their weapons away slowly. They walked toward me. When they were about ten feet away they stopped. They looked at each other with blank faces. Chrystal spoke, "this was going to happen. You killed them but they are simply scum. Do not worry about it my King." They both bowed on one knee.

At this point I fainted. I woke up in a bed. It looked like I was in a hospital. I looked up thinking; I am the king of what exactly? Shouldn't the older brother be king? This is confusing the hell out of me. I pulled back the curtain to find the faces of my friend William.

"So how does it feel to be king?" he asked cheerfully.

I'm sure my expression was not as happy as his but he still smiled at me. "What am I king of? I couldn't do this. Maybe a thousand years ago I could have done something like that, but not now." I explained.

"Come with me man." He told me walking toward the door. I was in the underground place again. I guessed that I was going somewhere I hadn't been yet on the two days I stayed. The metal walls started turning gold. I saw a door ahead of me. It was white. When I went through I was amazed. There was every immortal that stayed there. They were separated by an aisle on two sides. It was for me to walk through. I looked straight ahead and saw a throne. It was my throne. Charley, My mother, Hilda, Jewel, and Chrystal were seated. There was one more seat to the side of the throne which I guessed was William's. I took my seat thinking, am I really going to do this? I remembered that even though I looked seventeen I was the oldest immortal and only direct blood link to my father. My brother was not related to me by blood. I was told this while walking with William. In my seat I had a view of everyone in the room.

A burly African man came forward. With a heavy accent he said, "We have been waiting for you to take your father's place for nearly two millennia and now we have our immortal king."

I can remember thinking guiltily, well who should be my Queen?


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