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Burden: Chapter 1

Novel By: Haven Degas

Domineak is emotionally shattered when her Clan is murdered. She is one of three survivors of this genocide act commited upon her friends and family. Her, Score, and Zeek must go through the motions of finding their Clan's killer and in the meantime, they must discover themselves.

Submitted:Apr 24, 2013    Reads: 13    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Sorrow and dread filled my chest as death permeated the air with the foul stench of burnt flesh. Ash and smoke consumed the overcast sky. I stared at the incinerated remains of what had been my home, family, and friends. Only two people I knew and cared about still lived and all three of us were now orphans.

I stood numb and frozen in place, my feet having grown roots and planted themselves into the scorched soil beneath my feet. I tried to process the events of the last couple of hours and accept them as reality. I looked away: too distressed to look at the area, or rather what was left of it. Instead, I focused on pulling my roots from the earth.

I looked back, once more, at the remains of what had been my life-long home, my thoughts jumbling together into a massive knot of confusion and distress. My vision started to distort and my knees gave out beneath me. I'm going into shock, I thought to myself. The earth rose to kiss my ashen skin. The world was falling in a revolving circle around me. I felt the air rush out of my lungs. I couldn't remember how to draw in a breath. My thoughts whirled faster and faster in an infinite cycle around my head. I could see the words that formed in my mind. The world stopped spinning; coming to a sudden halt, everything pitched into darkness.


I was drifting languidly through a massive sea of arctic water. My hair floated around my head like a halo. I couldn't see a speck of light in my world of obscurity. I didn't know if I was holding my breath or if I had acquired gills. That would be interesting...I wonder if I'd have a tail? I tried to move my head and look down at my feet, but I was paralyzed; the tranquil water having frozen me from the inside out, where I couldn't move even my eyes. I realized with a start that I couldn't tell if m eyes were open. I stared into the dark that had consumed me and waited for an internal sign that the paralysis I was experiencing was subsiding. That moment never came.

Suddenly, I could hear the murmurs of voices coming from somewhere above me and could almost identify whose voices they were, but when I tried to put names to their voices, I became nauseous.

"Dom! Domineak! Dom!!!

I could hear the voices clearly now, and could now distinguish them for the people I knew, but with the recognition of their voices, came the brutal, sorrowful memories of what had happened moments before I came to this plane. They're dead. They're all dead. I tried to fight the resurfacing of my conscious. I didn't want to retutn to the bleak world where almost everyone I had ever cared about was dead; where all I had left was my best friend, Score, and his twin brother, Zeek. I wanted to stay in this peaceful place, full of content and naivety. As hard as I tried to fight the merge of my mind and body, it was a losing battle; fought in vain.


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