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My Dark Lover Part 2

By: IceBreaker

Page 1, Jade\'s and Aidan\'s relationship becomes closer

Author's Note: Just for you all to know, this story is fast and crappy on purpose.


The next day was dark and gloomy. I got up extra early so I would have time to pick up Jade. Her beautiful face appeared in my head. I had no problem with her being the daughter of the devil. I was going to have to get used to it. I took a shower and got on my clothes. I looked in the mirror to make sure I looked good enough. I did. I slipped on my shoes and grabbed my jacket as I ran down the stairs. My stepmom stared at me as I grabbed an apple from out of the refrigerator. "You can't say hi?" She asked. "No." I answered. She sighed. "I try to make you happy but you keep pushing me away." She said shaking her head.

"You want to make me happy? Don't fucking talk to me." I said grabbing my bookbag and walking out of the door. I hated that bitch and she just put me in a pissed off mood. I walked through the woods slowly remembering where her cottage was. I was happy when I finally found it. Just as I was about to knock on her door, it opened. She was wearing a black tanktop with a leather a jacket. She had on dark blue tight fitting jeans and black boots that came up to her knees. Her hair was in a loose side pony tail and she had black eyeliner going around her eyes. She looked beautiful. "Thanks." She said.

I smiled remebering that she could read my mind. She led the way away from her house. "So are you going to start with the questions?" She asked. "Yeah, but I want to apologize for my behavior yesterday. It was inappropriate." She nodded. "Me too." She said softly. I looked at her. I wanted to touch her at least once. I looked down at the ground. "Okay. Well the question I've been thinking of last night was the whole vampire thing? Are they real?" I asked. She nodded. "Yeah but not the sparkly vampires from twilight. Actually all these vampire movies and shows have it all wrong. Vampires are not beautiful at all. They're in hell with my dad. They're his minions. They're faces are all rotten. They have sharp teeth and they will eat anything that had blood in it's system."

Wow. So the underworld is out of the question for me. "You're taking this quite well." she said. I nodded. I was slightly disturbed but I knew I would get over it. "I know." I answered. I looked over to her. She looked back at me. She slowly smiled and looked away. "Next question." She said. I looked forward. "So why are going to high school if you're trying to find your mother?" I asked. She shrugged. "My dad said I should make sure to blend in. And highschool makes me blend in." I grumbled. "Highschool is retarded. If anything, it'll make you want to commit suicide." Jade shrugged.

"So you want to be called Jade or Hermionie?" She thought for a second. "Jade will be better. But when we're alone, you can call me whatever you want." She said. We were finally in front of the school. "So we're friends now?" She asked. I nodded. "If you're okay with that." She smiled and walked forward and into the doors of the school. I shortly followed her. She went to her locker and I went to mine. Shane was standing there. "Well, well. Looks like someone has the girl of his dreams." I rolled my eyes and opened my locker. "She's not my girlfriend, we're just friends, asshole."

"Yeah right." Shane said. I grabbed my algebra books and closed my locker. Jade was looking at me and then turned away. "You two are so together." Shane said. I turned to him. "Aww. Are you jealous?"

"Fuck off." He said. I laughed as he walked away. Jade walked over to me with her journals in her hands. "Ready to go to Algebra?" I asked. "No." She answered. I smiled. We both walked down the hall glancing at eachother every few seconds. A few guys were walking pass. They began to laugh while looking at us. "Look, The goth bitch is fucking the loser of the school." Said a jock that I've always hated. Jade sighed as we walked pass. "Are they always like this?" She asked. "Yeah. I've been saving an ass kicking for them." I said. Jade giggled. "I'll take care of them myself. I'm Hades's daughter, remember?" I smiled at her. We walked into class and sat next to eachother. Throughout the class, we looked at eachother. Communicating with our eyes. I kept talking about Mrs. Waltz. Well in my mind so that Jade can hear. She would laugh in the middle of class and no one would know why because the room would be completely silent.

'Awkward' I said in my mind. She laughed silently. Once class was over, I walked with her to her locker. "Algebra wasn't that boring thanks to you." She said. I smiled. "Thank you." She opened her locker and got out the black book I saw her reading yesterday at lunch. "Hey, what is that?" I asked. She looked down at the book for a second. "I stole my dad's journal before I left." I raised my eyebrow. "Why would Satan need a journal?" She shrugged. "He wrote down how he tricked Persephone into coming into the underworld and his fights with Zeus. And he talks about the very horrible details of him raping my mother. It's pretty fucked up." Seems like it.

"You can read it sometime. I'm almost done with it." She shut her locker. I wanted to hold her hand. Touch her somehow. She blushed and looked down. "Walk me to my next class?" I nodded. "Hey, so what are you doing tonight?" I asked. We started to walk down the hall. "You asking me out, Aidan?" I nodded. She bit her lip. "Why don't you meet me in the woods around seven thirty?"

"Yes. That'll be great. I walked her to her next class and I went to my other class. I couldn't get her out of my head. She was all I can think about. I even drew a picture of her on my desk in biology.

The guy that was sitting next to me looked at my picture. "Wow. You really have no life. That goth girl must not have one either if she's hanging out with you." I just ignored him. He's a fucking idiot.

When it was lunch time, I sat with Jade and all of my friends were staring at me in confusion. I was reading Satan's book with her. I read about what he's done to Persephone and a woman named Dire. It was weird. Being in the thoughts of Hades. I felt like I was trespassing. I mean Jade was aloud to because daughters could sneak around and do whatever they feel like. But their daughter's friends was a whole different ballgame.

When lunch was over, we went to our classes and of course I've thought of her there. She was just.......I couldn't even explain what it was like to be with her. Or the empty feeling without her. I don't know if it was love or strong lust I felt for her.

She didn't want me to walk her home this time but that was okay because we were going on a date tonight. And i COULDN'T WAIT TO SEE HER.

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