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My Dark Lover part 5

By: IceBreaker

Page 1, Jade wants to get rid of her evil powers.

When I woke up, I was on the floor. God it was uncomfortable. I pushed myself up and looked on the couch. Jade was laying on the couch with a blood red sheet tangled around her body. Her snores were silent. I grabbed my clothes and silently pulled them on. When I turned to grab my shoes, her eyes were wide open looking at me. "Where are you going?" She asked softly. I smiled. "I was going to let you sleep. I didn't want to wake you up." She sat up holding the sheet against her body. "I want you to stay." She said. I smiled at her. "Really?" I asked. She nodded and patted the seat next to her. I sat down and looked at her. She looked into my eyes. "I think that I'm in love with you." She admitted. I blushed. I never heard a girl tell me that before. I like the feeling it gave me as soon as she told me those words.

"Really? You do?" She nodded and bit her lip. I smiled. "I love you too, Jade." I said. I wanted to kiss her again. I wanted to feel her body beneath mine. "You want some breakfast?" She asked. I nodded. She smiled and got up as she wrapped the sheet around her body. I followed her to the small kitchen and sat down in a small black chair. I enjoyed watching her as she cooked for me. Everey small movement she made fascinated me. I felt my heart beat fast. "I need your blood." I said. She turned and looked at me. "Really?" She asked. I nodded. "Yes. I can't take it anymore. I have to kiss you." She grabbed a cup from the cabinet and placed it on table next to me. She grabbed a knife out of a drawer and came over to me. She sat down on the chair that was in front of me.

As she pressed the knife down to her pale skin, I stared at her lips and her eyes. The perfect shape of her nose. My eyes went to the blood that poured into the cup. She touched the wound on her wrist with her finger and the blood stopped and the cut disappeared under her touch.

I grabbed onto the cup and swallowed down the blood as quickly as I could. Once it was gone, I placed the cup down and looked at her. I got down on my knees and looked up at her. I lifted the sheet and my hand slowly traveled up her thigh. She looked down into my eyes. She ran her fingers into my hair and she gripped it as she brought her lips down to mine. As she explored my mouth with her tongue, I grabbed onto the sheet that was wrapped around her body and pulled it open. I fondled her breast with my hand and she moaned under the kiss. I grabbed her hand and made her standup. I pushed her against the table. She wasted no time as she unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down half way. Then my boxers. My fingers gripped her soft dark hair.

I slid my cock into her pussy and moaned as I felt her pussy squeeze my cock. She continued kissing me as I slowly pulled in and out of her. She was so warm and wet and I didn't want this to end. She closed her eyes and threw her head back. She laid down on the table and I grabbed her legs and placed them over my shoulder as our bodies rocked together. It was so good. Too good to be true. I knew I was about to cum at any second. So I thrusted into her faster. "Oh! Yes!" She cried gripping the edge of the table.

I was so close. "Please fuck me harder." She begged. I placed my hands on both sides of her head and stared deep into her eyes as I thrusted in deeper causing her to scream. I felt it coming. I kissed her as I shot my load inside of her. I did a hard thrust and she cried beneath our kiss. She whimpered and breathed deeply as I felt her cum over my cock. She hugged me deeply into her arms. and I held her body just as tightly. I kissed her cheek and sighed. She let go of me. I stood up straight and she sat up and smiled at me.

I pulled my boxers and my pants up and slowly walked over to sit back in the chair. Jade got off of the table and wrapped the sheet back around her body. She resumed to making breakfast and I wrapped my arms around her body as she cooked. "You just can't keep your hands off of me can you?" I nuzzled her neck and she giggled. "I just want to make everything last until the very last second."

"I can understand that." I played with locks of her hair. "How much time do I have left?" I asked.

"Fifthteen minutes." She said automatically. "Well I'll be kissing you for fourteen and a half." I said as I moved her hair to one side and placed my lips on her neck. She moaned and reached back and placed her fingers through my hair. I seriously was in love with this girl. I lifted my head up slighty. "You do know we were suppose to be in school three hours ago, right?" She nodded. "Who cares? It's friday." That's true.

"So...what are we?" I asked her. She bit her lip and turned to me. "You tell me."

"Well I need you. And you seem like you need me. And we both are in love with eachother. We just got finish fucking. So I guess that we're together."

She grinned. "I guess so." Her grin suddenly left and she was frowning. "But we have to pretend otherwise."

"What?" I asked.

"My dad sent me here for one purpose and one purpose only. To find my biological mother. And if he found out that I'm in a relationship with a human of all things.....he'll be pissed off."

"That sucks."

"Tell me about it." I let her continue breakfast and when I was done eating, she pulled out a black book. She sat it down on the table and left out of the room. When she came back, she was in the black dress she was wearing yesterday. She at the table with me and opened the book. "I've been reading this book lately. It's filled with rituals and all kinds of crazy things."

I looked at the small pictures and script writing in the book. "Why have you been reading this?" I asked. She let out a small sigh. "I ......I was hoping that there was something in here that can take away the fact that anything I touch, dies. But I've read this entire thing five times and....nothing."

"Maybe you just can't help it." I suggested. Her eyes met mine. "I know. It's in my blood. But I was still hoping there was something."

I felt kind of bad for her. She had powers she couldn't control. I don't how I'd deal with that.

"It's not that easy to deal with. But I have no choice. My dad loves my powers and think that I'll be very useful in the future. But.......Who knows?" She ran her fingers through her jet black hair.

"I'm really sorry, Jade." I whispered. She smiled slightly and nodded. "This book contains nothing." She slammed it shut and sighed as she leaned back into her chair. "I'll find something." She looked at me. "What?"

"I'll find something to take care of your powers." She shook her head "I can't ask you to do that. Just leave it alone, I'll find something."

"I will help. I promise I will find something. Anything." She placed her elbow on the table and leaned her head against her fist. "You will?" I nodded. She smiled and grabbed my hand. If it will make Jade happy, I'll do whatever it takes to find a cure for her powers.



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