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The True Story of Cinderella

Short story By: Ienne

The story of what Cinderella is really like.
This idea has been kicking around in my brain for a really long time and I finally sat down and wrote it. I'm not really sure how much I like it so if you read please comment and tell me what you think. Don't be afraid to tell me if you didn't like it. =P

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Once upon a time, there lived three peolpe, a man, woman, and their daughter. But one day, when the daughter was about four, the mother died.

about a year later, the mand married again. The mans daughter was not happy. She felt it was a betrayal to her mother for her father to marry again, and though the new wife tried to be kind to the little girl, the girl was determinded not to like the stepmother, or the stepmothers two daughters.

The years went on, as they always will, and money was a problem for the family. The little girl did not understand why they had to sell their big house where she and her real mother had lived or why they had to dismiss all the servants or why she now had to help with the chores. She thought it was because her stepmother was wicked and cruel. And she felt that she was made to do more work then her stepsisters, which was not true.

The young girl felt more and more trodden upon. She mauned about the chores she had to do and even came up wiht a name for herself, "Cinderella," for she said that she was always down in the cinders.

As Cinderella grew she became quite beautiful, but inside she bacame mean and was always pittying herself. She imagined her squabbles with her stepsisters were caused by her stepmother, who she thought favored her daughters.

One day, when Cinderella was sixteen, the prince announced that every young woman in the kingdom was invited to the royal ball, and the most beautiful woman there would be his bride. All the young women in the town were quite excited when this news was announced, and all dreamed of becomeing the handsome young prince's bride. Cinderella and her stepsisters were as excited as the rest and got fitted for beautiful ballgowns. Everyone said how beautiful Cinderella would look at the ball, and that they thought that she had quite a good chance of becoming the new queen.

The night before the ball was to take place, the stepmother told Cinderella and her stepsisters to be home early so they could get plenty of sleep. The stepsisters remembered what their mother said, but Cinderella, who never listened to her stepmother, came home well past midnight. When she arrived home she found her stepmother up waiting for her, very worried. Her stepmother told her how sad she was that she had done this, and that it had happened too many times. Cinderella didn't listen until her stepmother, finally losing patience said, "That's it Ella! You cant go to the ball! You never listen to me and I've tried to be parient about it, but enough is enough!"

Cinderella pretended to take the punishment calmly, but her stepmother, knowing that Cinderella would go to the ball whether she had permission or not, hid Cinderella's ballgown.

When Cinderella's stepsisters had gone to the ball, Cinderella called her fairy godmother to her, she told her godmother that her stepmother had made her stay home because she was fealous of Cinderella's beauty and worried that she might lessen the chances of her own daughters of marrying the prince.

The Fairy believed every word Cinderella told her and told Cinderella to go out to the garden and get the big pumpkin there. Cinderella did as she was told, wondering if her godmother had lost her mind.

When she had fetched the pumpkin her fairy godmother turned it, much to cinderella's suruprise, into a coach. The godmother then asked Cinderella to get the mouse trap ("Ew! No!"), where in were four gray mice and a large rat.

With a wave of her wand the fairy godmother turned the mice into fine gray horses and the rat into a folly, fat coachman. Thegodmother then looked behind a rock and found two lizards, that she then turned into footmen.

With another wave of her wand the houses were harnessed to the coach, the coachman was sitting on top of the choach holding the rains, and the footmen were standing on the back of the coach, all as if that was where they had been their whole lives.

"Well all this is a lot of use." cinderella said sarcastically "It doesn't matter that I don't have a dress good enough to go to a royal ball in anymore."

The fairy godmother, missing the sarcasm in Cinderella's voice said, "But it does matter!" she waved her want yet again and truned the ould nightgown Cinderella was wearing into a ballgown even more beautiful then the one she had had made for her, and beautiful glass slippers.

"You do look nice." the fairy godmother said "But you have to be home by midnight, or the spell will vanish and you'll be left in you nightgown."

Cinderella got in the coach and rode to the ball. When she arrived at the palace she was announced as a princess from a far away land, and the prince himself came out to gread her.

When she and the prince entered the ballroom together everyone gasped, never, they said, had such a handsome pare been seen together, and when they started to dance all the other couples stopped to watch.

The prince was delighted by Cinderella's beauty and stared at her the whole time they were together. This may have made some other people rather uncomfortable but Cinderella thought it quite a complement.

Cinderella was having one of the best times in her life, she had often been complemented, but never by royalty and never by people wearing cloths that looked like they cost enogh to feed a hungry family for a year.

But then she heard the big clock striking the hour. She looked up, thinking it was only eleven, and saw both hands of the clock pointing at the twelve.

She broke away from the prince and ran through the couples dancing the waltz, down the big stare case and out the door. She made it out just as the clock stopped chiming, but as she stopped to catch her breath, she saw that she had left one of her glass slippers behind her.

The day after the Royal Ball, the prince announced that the woman who's foot fit in the glass shoe, would be his bride. He sent out men with the glass slipper with orders to have every young woman try it on.

When the men arrived at Cinderella's house she wasn't home, the sisters tried on the shoe, but of course, it didn't fit. The men were just about to leave when Cinderella arrived home, she asked them if she could please try on the shoe, and they, seeing that she was quite pretty, let her.

The slipper fit her quite easily of course and she and the prince married each other the next day.

And they lived as happily ever after as two such empty headed and empty hearted people could.


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