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A Small Role Play

Short story By: imightloveu

Me: Imightloveu
Melantha: Imightloveu's charter
Kade and Blake: Imightloveu's charters too
Adreana: Emily's charter
Ryuu , Rena, Daisuke : Katie's charters

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Adreana: *sighs* I'm boreeeddd....
Ryuu: I'm sad.\:
Melantha: Why am I here?
Adreana: I don't give a shit, Ryuu. *glares at Melantha* Get the fuck out then. -_-'
Ryuu: That's great bitch. Melanthat, I have no clue..
Melantha: *sighs at Adreana then appers next to her and holds her against the wall.* Dont make me get Blake and Kade for you. *growls*
Adreana: *growls back* I can fight them!
Ryuu: Uh what the hell..?
Daisuke: Sis, what the fuck..? Are these shitheads giving you trouble?
Melantha: *ignores them.* You think you can? You've been raped several times and have you gotten away? No! *pushes her away*
Adreana: *snarls* Shut the fuck up bitch! *flips her off and begins stalking off*
Daisuke: Wow. Can you say bitch?
Ryuu: Yes. BITCH! Haha, *punches Daisuke in the arm playfully*
Melantha: *sighs and runs hand throw silver hair.* Aw to bad I could of got a good fight out of her. * snickers and takes a rubber band and shoots a hornet at her ass and watches her yelp. Laughs and she shakes her head* Ahh.
Adreana: *jumps up and yelps* OW! Fucking bitches! Go fuck yourselves, even though you already do, I'm leaving. -_-"
Ryuu: I don't need to fuck myself, I have Dante for that. *smirking, laughing as well*
Daisuke: Stupid child. *bonks her on the head* You don't have Dante, you have Intense--Waiiiit. That's Rena. Silly old me.\:
Melantha: *doubles over with pain of laughter* I CANT BELIVE U SAID THAT! HIGH FIVE NEW GIRL* but cant put hand up because hands are on sides trying to stop the pain*
Adreana: Oh like he'd go for such an ugly hoe like you. You go after other people's boyfriends cause you can't get one on your own, bitch. *shifts into a wolf and leaps at Ryuu, biting into her arm and shaking her head viciously*
Ryuu: Ah! Get off me, canine! You fucking douche! *flailing her arm around, screaming prfanities at her*
Daisuke: Release. Release now, you mongrel!! *shfiting into a wolf as well, running and jumping at her, grabbing her neck. He bites down, making the female release*
Melantha: *growls and throws the male into a tree* Back the fuck off thats my prey. *turning to Andreana she grabs her by the scruff of the neck and lifts her into the air.* do u really want to go back to me hurting you.... deary? *smirks evily*
Adreana: *snarls, baring her teeth, totally pissed off* Get your dirty fucking hands off of me! I can take you! *snaps her blood-covered jaws at Melantha, attempting to claw at her*
Ryuu: That's right puppy. Listen to your owner, you selfish little doggy-poo. *smirking, thus looking at Daisuke, starting to crack up*
Daisuke: Ryuu. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Before I tell Mom. Mom, will smack the SHIT out of you. Dad, will kill me for not controlling my baby sister. *grabbing Ryuu by the ear, pinching down.* Shut up!!
Melantha: *smirks* Go ahead Ill just have even more control* throws Andreana into a tree while laughing and wings grow out but then go bak in* Hmph dam not yet I guess. * slowly walking to her while the male clamps on to the new girls ear she smiles* U should listen to your brother. *underneath breath* dumbass.
Adreana: *yelps as she hits the tree* *whimpers, but gets up after a minute, growling*
Ryuu; Melentha, stay out of our family business. Please?
Daisuke: No child, we are leaving. Come on kiddo. *Daisuke and Ryuu exit the room, as Rena walks in*
Melantha: Aw poor baby knows she cant do anything. *takes out the same knife they used to carve the X into her back before.* Come on come play with me *smirks devilishly* * wings sprout again for longer but go back in again*
Adreana: *stares at the knife fearfully, backing away, teeth bared defensively* Stay away from me with that....
Rena: Melantha. Drop the knife. Leave the defenseless bitch alone. I hate her because she insulted my family, but she has no right to be abused. By her master or not, you have no fucking right to touch her.\: it's just like damn child abuse. I wonder if you abuse your children at home. If you can even get laid, that is.
Melantha: * smirks and snaps her fingers* Now miss thing you should have stayed under the rock from which you crawled out of. *a bubble appears around her not being able to destroy it unless Melantha wants it to.* *turns back to Adreana* Now come* walks quicker towards her* I have many things I wish to happen to you* grins and appears behind her as a collar appears around her next and a leash clamped onto it. the leash is now in her hands* Try to bite me and you will be shocked with much pain as you were before.
Adreana: *swallows fearfully, whimpering and backing as far away from Melantha as far as the leash will allow her* *glares at Rena scornfully* Stupid bitch. Fuck off!
Rena: Melantha, by the way your hair looks, you look like you just crawled out from under a fucking rock. And Adreana, don't tell me what to do, fucking bitch. Also, you have no right to tell me what to do. Ass wiping penis wrinkle.
Melantha: Get your own fucking insults you dumb ass whore. *snaps as wings extend again* *gets dazed by the beauty for a moment but clamps down hard on the leash* I have no time for you, you whore.
Adreana: *snickers at Rena* Someone's PMSing! And apparently doesn't have enough brain cells to think up of her own insult. I don't care about your fucking rights, ho, I do whatever the hell I want, you aid infested cum bubble.
Rena: And yet, you accuse me of PMSing. Go get laid, Adreana. *walking away, yelling slightly* 11 Toed, inbred bitch.
Melantha:* Laughs and should of never but the bubble around her so she would of hit her head and suffered from the shock.* Ah I didnt know u were inbred little pussy licking whore. * waves bye bye with a sly grin stuck on her face*
Adreana: *snickers* *tugs on the leash while she's distracted, trying to get away*
Rena: I vote we put the dog down. She's been a bad little bitch. She has bit someone, correct? All dogs that bite someone should be put down, so they don't get all pissy and freak out again.
Melantha: *sighs sadly* see now MY master woundnt be happy with that. But that is a good idea because no one will claim her in the next half second which just went by so she will be put down *wings outstretch again but go back in* Damit why wont they stay out! *growls and pulls on leash bring Adreana to her feet and snaps at her* STOP TRYING TO GET AWAY OR WILL HAVE U FUCKING RAPED IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!* smacks her hard on the head and her head slams into the ground* stupid bitch.
Adreana: better than being killed! *gets up again, head pounding, and tries to run off again, pulling on her leash full force*
Rena: Hobnocker. *walking over to Melantha, looking at her* May I choke this child? It won't hurt...Too bad.
Melantha: * Sighs once again* no ripping her from her pride will be much more enjoyable* pulls harder and slices the knife throw her shoulder blade and twist then pulls out* What the fuck did I tell u! *wings out strech and stay out. a dark blue color almost looking black*
Adreana: *screams in pain, shifting into human again and collapsing onto the ground, clutching her shoulder and whimpering*
Rena: *staring down at Adreana, sighing* Poor, poor, child. *sighing once again, walking to her car, driving back to her and Intense's house*
Melantha: *huffs and ties Adreana hands together and her feet together* * picks her up bridal style and flies away with her towards the palace*
Adreana: *screams* Oh my god, you're gonna crash and I'm gonna die! Just let me go home!
Melantha: *smacks her across the face* shut the fuck up if u move and make me fly into a fucking tree ur going to die anyway!!!!!!! *flaps wings harder getting into the sky* Maybe I will let you go..... maybe... after your raped..... just maybe to behave* grins again*
Adreana: *whimpers, but remains quietly, looking fearfully at the ground*
Melantha: *feels slightly sorry and looks at her wounds and heals her* Never minchen me letting you go to anyone and I let you go right now ok? * smiles slightly wings starting to turn light blue*
Adreana: Really? *looks up hopefully*
Melantha: * nods with a sweet smile wings white now but the tips r still light blue* *lands on the ground carefully and studies Adreana* Dont make me regret this deary. *slashes the ropes open and lets her go with a smile*
Adreana: *blinks, nodding at her, before turning to run away into the woods*
Melantha: *after a moment the wings turn a dark blue and she grows mad again and snaps* KADE! BLAKE* they appear* GET HER *They run after her*
Adreana: *looks behind her* Oh shit! *runs faster*
Me: Melantha I thought you would let her go. *frowns and she bows on her right knee*
Melantha: Im sorry Ill call them off. *bows her head*
Me: Melantha are you lonesome?
Melantha: No Master why would you ask? *looks up*
Me: Never mind go save her and try.... Never mind just go get her and leave her be* turns away into the wind and disappears*
Melantha: *sighs and stands and runs after them*
Adreana: RAPE!
Melantha: *appears next to them and pushes them away while they growl* Master said no!*they back away and i glare at her sadly* get out of here now *face softens and wings turn white again with light blue tips
Andreana: *runs away *
Melantha: *flies onto a cloud and sighs and lays back falling asleep*


AN: Might do more later lol

Love, Imightloveu


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