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The Immortal Dreamer

Short story By: Immortal Rosencroix

A brief encounter with an entity of darkness.

Submitted:Sep 4, 2011    Reads: 40    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

The time for sleep came quickly to the realm of the living. The golden sun giving way to the silent moon. A lone figure retreated back to the balcony of her home to watch the last of the sun's rays sink below the horizon. She hadn't felt the least bit tired nor wished to. Instead, she would watch as the town below slept, wondering what fantastic visions would invade their unconscious thoughts.
A writhing darkness twisted into existence some distance behind the girl as a shadowy form silently protruded out.
"Lovely night, isn't it?"
The dark tenor of the voice as well as the close proximity of it made the girl jump. She spun around to face the voice's owner, automatically on her guard.
"W- Who are you? State your business here!"
The murky blackness somewhat dissipated until she could distinctly see a man with long black hair, shrouded in ebony and crimson clothes. His red eyes glowed as a sinister smile played on his lips.
"Ah, that is right. Your kind is not used to the appearance of my kind. Allow me to introduce myself."
With a flourish of his black cape, the man bowed.
"I am Lord Katsuto, Ruler of the Vampire Kingdom Rosencroix in the dark realm of the supernatural."
He straightened up and examined the girl in front of him.
"Forgive me, I did not mean to startle you, young one."
The vampire took a step forward, arm extended. The girl did not take her eyes off this man and did not move from her defensive stance.
"Please, do not be alarmed. I mean you no harm."
He raised his arm a bit higher, palm extended upward. She slowly relaxed her position, eyeing the lord speculatively. After a brief hesitation, she placed her hand in his. Grasping her hand, the vampire lifted it to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on it. The girl was not used to this kind of greeting and withdrew her hand from his cold touch. He merely laughed at her reaction.
"You still have not told of your purpose here."
She stepped back slightly. Coming to stand at her side, Katsuto looked out at the town's darkened buildings.
"Believe it or not, I have been watching you for quite some time. Never before in all my existence have I met such a pure, innocent creature like you."
He turned to examine her, eyes seeming to peer into her very soul. She shrank away, suddenly very uncomfortable. The vampire stepped forward to keep equal distance.
"Do you realize exactly how rare those qualities are, especially in my realm?"
He continued forward, slowly closing the distance between himself and the frightened girl. She shuddered wanting nothing more than to flee, yet his glowing eyes seemed to hold her in place. Reaching out a cold hand, he slid it down her cheek before finally resting it on her shoulder. She opened her mouth to cry out, but the vampire placed a finger to her lips.
"Now, now. No need to be frightened. Remember, I mean you no harm."
His sinister smile said otherwise. The vampire's eyes seemed to intensify in power, completely overwhelming the poor girl. She could only stand there paralyzed as Katsuto slid his hand from her shoulder to the small of her back, holding her against him. He brought his finger from her lips to tilt her chin up, examining the smooth skin of her bare neck.
"I wonder...does innocence have a taste of it's own?"
His voice was silk as he bent his head forward, cold lips trailing along her soft skin. She trembled under his touch as a feeling of dread swept over her. Opening her mouth to speak, the girl struggled with her faltering voice.
"..I- I don't under..stand...what are you..."
He laughed softly, his cold breath beating down on the exposed flesh.
"Consider it as something to remember me by."
Pressing down, the sharp fangs punctured the girl's delicate skin as her pure blood flowed into the vampire's mouth. She gasped out at the unexpected pain and began to lose her footing. The immortal kept a firm grip on the girl, keeping her tight against him. The warm life blood of the girl sang through his veins, overwhelming his senses. Never before had he tasted such purity and unrivaled innocence. The blood continued to flow into him, potent and sweet. After what seemed an eternity he pulled back, coming out of the rapturous state of feeding. He looked down at the dazed girl in his arms. It was clear that she had never had so much life force taken from her. The vampire gently set her down on the balcony, taking care to lay her carefully against the cool stone. He felt such strong emotion swarming through him. Pressing a hand to her eyelids, a red glow dispersed from it. His voice flowed through her mind, soft and commanding.
"Sleep now, it is only a dream. Sleep, my dearest."
With no strength left to resist, the girl's eyes closed and she slipped into unconsciousness. Once he was certain of this, the vampire removed his hand to gaze once more at the sleeping beauty before him. He placed a single red rose in her limp hand before standing. Shadows swirled around his figure before the vampire lord vanished completely.


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