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Stolen into another time.

Short story By: Iva Stone Adair

(PG-13) I was taken from my time, 2012, and brought into 2356 to be some man's horrible sex toy! I woke in a white room and had no clue where I was. Can I get away?

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I woke in a room of all white. White walls, white ceiling, white carpet, a white bed with white sheets. And a man, tangled in those white sheets wearing white himself. I supposed to match the room. I was also in white. Looking around, I saw no door. I slid out of the covers and let my feet sink into the warm, plush carpet. I walked over to the wall and began pushing, hoping for a door that was made to look like the wall. My hands felt around for a seam or maybe even a crack I could break through. I thought I was banging quiet enough to not wake the stranger but I guess he was a light sleeper because from behind me I heard, "You're not going to get out doing that."

In freight, I jumped and faced him. "Who are you?" I yelled. In all calmness he stared at me. "I said, who the hell are you!?" Instead of looking at me like I was daft, he moved forward. I cowered into the corner of room. He stood over me, still not saying a word.​How dare he kidnap me then not talk to me! How rude!

"I did not kidnap you, Cherry. You came on your own accord. However, I did erase your memory and for that you may think me rude." I stared at him blankly. Thinking of how he could have guessed I thought he kidnapped me. "I didn't guess. I am a mind reader. Well, I can't call myself a mind reader." He laughed. "At least not a true one. I had my brain reprogrammed to let me hear peoples thoughts." He paused and when I said nothing he continued. "The year, my dear, is 2356 and you come from 2012. Now, I'm sorry but that is all I can tell you." He smiled a killers smile. "If I told you anything else it might trigger something I don't you to trigger. This part may be hard to hear but I brought you here to be, for lack of a better term, my sex slave. Now, get up. You look like a child there on the floor."

​How could he expect me to believe that load of crap! "Why?" I asked. "Why me!? Why not some beggar from the street or.... Or was I a beggar? Oh! This is so frustrating!" I began crying.

"Now listen!" He picked me up by my shoulders and gave me a shake. "I did not bring you here from 2012 to sit on the ground and cry! You are to be my sex slave whether you like it or not! It took a very long while for me to get the council's approval to even go back to that forsaken time!" When I didn't agree right away he he said, "Keep in mind that if you do not do what I want that you will not be sent home but to a type of holding house where they keep sex slaves that could not please their masters." By this time I was shaking by myself out of fear. Finally, he let me go and I fell back to the ground. "I will be back in several hours with food and new clothes for you." With that he left me alone. While he was gone I cried myself to sleep, woke up, realized I was still in this tiny white room and cried again. Hours had gone by when he finally came back with food and drink. I must admit that the food smelt amazing and I knew I was hungry but I didn't feel like eating. He left everything for me on the bed then left again without a word.

With all my free time I thought about where I came from. Though I tried to remember family and friends all I could think of were the buildings, the sights. Sometimes I mustered up flashes of faces but nothing that made my memory come back. Every so often a face of a girl came up and it made me cry. I had no idea why, but it did.

Months went by with me living like this. Though by that time I had realized that I had no other choice than to pleasure him and forget about my past life. He would come in almost every day or at least every other day with a new costume and another fantasy. He would have his way with me two or three times, lay there on the white sheets for a while, breathing heavily, then leave with a simple good-bye as if he weren't keeping me here against my will. I never slept in the bed. I tried, but I couldn't. As soon as he disappeared from the room, I went to the floor.

Though I wasn't showering, I never felt my hair become dirty or my face seem oily. I supposed it was something new they had come out with in the last three hundred and fifty odd years. Probably in the food or drink. I hadn't felt like me, whoever that was, in weeks. I felt a dried out version of that girl who had woken here a few months ago. After a year and a half of living in that horrible box I finally caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror that had been hanging in the room. I never felt the need to look in it. He was going to basically rape me no matter how I looked. But as I past by it one day I noticed it wasn't the girl who looked back at me almost two years prior. This girl had lost some of her color and most of her weight. That was when I decided it was time for me to get away from that awful man!

Once we were back in 2356 where I knew for sure there were more time machines, it would be his last time having me put on those skimpy outfits and parade around my tiny room like an animal just for his pleasure! I was done with it! He came to me that day with a red silk in his hand. He tossed it to me and I shamefully put it on. I did a little dance which made me want to barf and he took me to the bed. Afterward he had just lay there like usual.

I had been practicing for weeks, jumping from the bed to the one spot he always stood when he hit that little green button. Every time he came into the room I thought of anything other than my plan for that would have been a waste. And it had paid off! He stood on that spot on the carpet. He bid me farewell like he would any other day. But he wasn't expecting me to jump. I was out! The smell of fresh air was almost so intoxicating that I forgot what I was doing for a moment! I snapped back to what was happening and began to run! Considering he wasn't expecting me to jump on him, he was shocked. I was able to run about a block before he began yelling at me.

I ran past startled humans and strange animals, all the while wondering why no one was helping me. Finally, I came to a right turn and took my chance of getting off what looked like a main street. At the end of the alley way there was a small wall but with all the adrenaline pumping through my body I cleared it with no problems. On the other side, I caught the attention of a group of people. I must have been some sight in my red silk dress. No doubt I was drenched in sweat. I looked for a brief second on where the largest clearing between the people was and ran for it.

The places I was passing seemed very old as if someone wanted to keep the past alive. They looked a lot like the buildings from my memory. I didn't see any floating machines outside the homes I passed but when I glanced through the windows, I saw many machines. Some were moving, some were stationary.

I knew I had to get out of these garments to stop drawing so much attention to myself. I rounded a corner in what looked like a neighborhood to see an older woman taking clothes from a wash line. I snuck in real close and when her back was turned I grabbed jeans and a t-shirt. Quickly, I rounded another corner and found a secluded spot to change. I had had enough embarrassment with my body, I didn't want more strangers seeing me naked. I walked around a while longer but, afraid that the man might recognize me, I took some boys hat that was left on a bench and bunched my hair under the cap. By the time the sun began to go down I realized I was hungry. I knew I hadn't eaten since breakfast and began searching for some kind of food.

I saw a vendor pulling carts of food into his store, some with bread and fruit, others with cheeses and other various items. I timed it out so that while he was taking in the second cart I was next to the third which had bread and apples. I shoved a few apples into my pockets and ran off with a loaf of bread. I returned to the park where I had taken the young boys hat and sat behind a tree. I bit into one of the apples and was surprised at how juicy they were. After finishing off the first apple I turned my attention to the bread. It was flaky on the outside and somehow warm on the inside. I wondered how they made them stay fresh for so long. I ate enough to feel like I could burst. Then I made myself a bed below the tree and fell asleep.

After a few days of sleeping in the park I became paranoid that the man would find me so I started sleeping in different areas and looking for time machines. I finally found one. The woman who owned it seemed to be young. She had red hair and was short. Most people that walked by said hello to her and she would wave back with a smile. I felt bad just thinking about taking her machine but I had to go home! I watched her for a while, learned her schedule and tried to figure out how to work the machine from a distance. Eventually, I figured the best time to take it. That night I stalked up to her house and opened the door to her machine.

On the inside it looked a lot like the cars that drove past. But it had a key pad that seemed to be attached to screens labeled "Year", "Month", and "Day", which was different. There were controls, all labeled. As I looked around I saw something that made my blood go cold. It needed a key! How could I have been so dumb to think I wouldn't need one? I sat on the floor of the machine and felt bad for myself. With my head resting on my knees I began to cry. I was so close! Now I was going to be stuck in this strange time for the rest of my life! I lifted my head and wiped my eyes. As I moved I saw the light from a lamp post outside catch something shiny. I stood up and walked to it. It was the key!

I released it from it's hiding place below the dash and pushed it into the ignition. Before I turned it, I clicked the numbers on the key pad to the beginning of the year 2013 since I had no clue which month I was taken from in 2012 and didn't want to risk running into myself. I held my breath and turned the key. It was surprisingly quiet. My heart began to race as the machine clicked and clucked while it warmed up. Outside, lights came on as the owner ran out of her door, screaming and yelling at me to get out of her machine. Before she could get to the door, a huge white light flashed and the house was no longer in front of me. I was rushing through time!

In moments, I was in a little field without the machine. I walked to the nearest town, past buildings similar to the ones in my mind, and found the police station. When I walked up to the counter the woman behind it smiled at me and said, "Can I help you miss?" I couldn't speak! My tongue felt like cotton. The woman's smile began to fade. "Miss?" she asked in a worried tone.

Finally, I blurted out. "I was kidnapped." The woman stared blankly at me, as if trying to slow my quickly spoken words in her mind. I took a deep breath and said again, "I was kidnapped. I was drugged and can't remember anything." I thought it best to not tell anyone about the time travel part. They might have thought me to be crazy. I almost thought I was crazy. "The man that took me told me my name was Cherry. But it doesn't sound right. Can you help me?"

The woman stood up from her chair and walked around to me. "Of course! Come with me, dear. That must be horrible to not know anything about yourself." I followed the woman past the counter and into the back rooms. "Sit here, miss. I'll check your fingerprints and see if your name really is Cherry. I'm sure someone's missing you somewhere." She took my fingers and placed them onto a touch pad, rolling them back and forth. After a few seconds, the computer's screen popped up with a picture and name. "Your name is not Cherry, it is Diana Home. You have been missing since February 5, 2010."

I stared at her in shock.That lying bastard!"Do you know where I came from? How old am I? Do I live with someone?" I looked around for a moment then asked, "Where am I now?"

She looked at me with a sad smile. "You don't know where you are?" I shook my head. "You're in Pennsylvania. In Reading to be exact. Now, as to where you are from..." She glanced at the screen. "You were taken from Sierra Vista, Arizona. Wow, you have come a long way!" She paused while she was reading, then said, "You are twenty seven." She clicked around on the computer a few more minutes before saying, "I e-mailed the police in that area. You will be reconnected with your family in a few hours."

"Family?" I asked hopefully.

The woman smiled and said, "Your daughter misses you."



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