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"Leaving Edon" is a short story about a princess named Trinity who meets her true love in a dark,haunted,mystical forest.

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Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Trinity. She was the royal princess of the land called Edon. Edon was ruled by her loving parents King Udon and Queen Myste. They loved their daughter very much and gave her nothing but the best. You see, Trinity was a gifted princess. With her hands, she could heal any mortal injury she came across. Because of her special ability, her parents kept Trinity very sheltered through her entire life. She lived 12 years locked in a high tower where no one could find her. When she reached her 16th birthday,her parents finally let her go. They told her she could be free as long as she remained at the castle, in their care. In much dismay, she agreed to this promise and gained her freedom. However, one day, Trinity went missing in the Haunted Forest of Edon. Trinity was scared but she tried to hide it, for the mystical beasts that reigned in the forest could smell fear. As she hurriedly tried to find the right path, she came across a young man of her same age badly injured. She immediately ran to his side and surveyed his injury. She found a horrific stab wound in his lower side and three claw marks on his thigh. As she looked upon his face, she increasingly began to fall in love with him and decided to help him. She gently laid one hand on the stab wound and the other on his thigh. Once before, she had healed her father from a deadly snake bite and what she had to do was sing the song of the moon healing pixies. The song rang:

Heal the wound;
Heal the sting;
Hear the song;
I wish to sing.
Suffer not this shame;
Suffer not this pain;
In the name of Edon;
You shall go and reign.

As she, once again, sang this song the young rider awoke from his painful slumber and looked into her trusting eyes. She immediately felt his power increase and he grabbed her wrists and slammed her into a tree. "What spell have you laid upon me, witch?" he asked violently. She gasped at the pain throbbing in the back of her head, but it soon subsided for she had been healed. "I will not ask again, woman." the rider said. He unsheathed his dagger and pressed it close to her throat. When she spoke, her words came out in fear. "Sir, please, I forbid you not to kill me. For all it will do, is resurrect me. I am a healer of the moon pixies and I laid no spell upon you. If you truly hate the healing I have performed on you, it will suffer me not any remorse to take it back and leave you in your deadly previous slumber." The rider slowly withdrew his dagger from her throat and resheathed it. "How could such braveness come from a puny woman as yourself?" the rider asked mockingly. As he began to walk away, she called out to him. "Rider, I beg of you your help. You see, I am lost in these treachorous woods and cannot seem to find the right path. In return for my favor, I beg you to offer me a ride into safety and back into the Edon kingdom." He took one look at Trinity and began to chuckle. At last, he said: "Miss, I beg you tell me your name, so I may offer you correctly." The girl stood up straight and dignified and proclaimed,"I am Princess Trinity, daughter of King Udon and Queen Myste; heir to the Edon throne." The rider's face went pale white and he quickly fell on his knees. "Please, milady, forgive me for threatening your life. You must understand I had not an idea to whom you were." She walked to him, and lifted his face up at her. He gazed into her bright greens eyes and intently listened to what she said. "My lord, please do not apologize for a crime not committed. You are the one who has rescued the princess and has found great favour in her. Now, if you will, take me somewhere; anywhere besides these mystical forests. I do not care where I am at...as long as I am there with you." He then stood up and cupped her face in his hands. He drew her closer to him and then sealed their newfound love with a kiss. He picked her up and put her on his horse and they rode away towards the opposite direction of Edon. She clinged to him tightly and let the wind take them away....


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