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The Girl With The Gift.

Short story By: Kairi

It's about the average life of a girl, turning out to be not anything she'd ever expect.

Submitted:Jun 22, 2009    Reads: 163    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Once upon a time there was an average girl in an average world. Nothing was ever different for her. Her name was Seraphina. Seraphina was a regular 15 year old girl. Well at least thats what she thought. Seraphina had beautiful, long, straight brown hair. Her eyes were exoticly shaped like almonds, and were an abnormally large size. Her almond eyes were a diamond blue color, she had always gotten compliments on her wonderful eyes. One day when Seraphina woke up, getting up a bit earlier then normal, she got dressed and packed up her books, said "Bye" to her mom and then left.

Today was normal, but usually she would ride the bus to her school, but instead she walked through the woods. She occasionally walked because she could see the sun start to rise from the top of a boulder. Seraphina was a very earthy girl, she loved nature. While she was walking to school she had seen a very bright bird heading in the same direction. Seraphina chased after it, she kept running and running, until she tripped and fell into a spring. The water in the spring was surrounded by small moss-covered boulders. It was dark, despite what time of day it was. It was domed by long tree's. "Magical..." she had said, and it was. Seraphina had taken a moment away from looking at the mystical area to check what time it was. Her cellphone said 7:15, "Oh no! I'm gonna be late!", Seraphina talked to herself. She hesitated on leaving, but knew she had to go. Seraphina sprinted to school, hoping not to be late. Luckily she wasn't. When she walked through the doors she saw the office clock said 7:26 a.m. Her friend Maya tapped her shoulder from behind giving her a scare. "Ahh! Oh, hi Maya.", Seraphina said."Hiya! Seraphina why are you so late today? And what's wrong with your eyes?!", Seraphinas' excuberant friend spoke. Seraphina was confused by what she meant, until it hit her like a dodgeball. "Ow! Um, I gotta go Maya I'll ow, see you in class.", Seraphina had been rubbing her eye all day. Never succeeding on making it feel better. Until her best guy friend Jakob had came up to her and said, "Hey Phi. Whoa your eyes... they're um", He tried to explain. "I know. I don't know whats wrong with me... i just keep seeing sparkles on my fingers.", she told him. Jakob held her face in his hands and looked at her sparkle surrounded eyes. Seraphina grabbed his hands, she blinked slowly... "What's wrong with me!?", She cried. "Nothing Phi, nothing. Phi!" He yelped as Seraphina passed out into his arms.

When she woke she was dizzy, and breathing heavily. She moaned. "W-w-what happened?", she asked confused. "You passed out glitter eyes", he said grinning. She then remembered everything that happened. Then she fell back asleep without knowing. In her dream she had been in the spring again. "Seraphina, you have been given the gift. The gift is showing the brighterside to every bad time, to anyone who needs it.", said an angelic voice. "What do you mean? Why me? Glitter?" Seraphina asked confused. "The glitter is a symbol of metamorphosism. It's gone by now. You will change the world Seraphina, that's why you have been chosen, I am Allabelle by the way, I am a fairy of chosen ones. I will come check on you, and any time you need me i'll be there. Goodbye... Seraphina", the fairy smiled and poofed away. She then woke up. "Ahh!", she screamed. "Phi, are you okay? Here your head needs to be higher", Jakob put his arm around Phi's head. "Thanks.", Seraphina said. "Just rest." Jakob said.

The next day everything was normal again, and six weeks later Seraphina was like the schools guider, or confidant. Seraphina and Allabelle had become great friends. All was perfect and Seraphina was finally happy with everything, now that she has her purpose.

The End ;)


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