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The Arachnoids-Prologue

Short story By: Katniss

Catriona. The Irish form of Catherine. Meaning pure and clean in Greek. But this is anything but what 15 year old Catriona is. For one, she isn't Irish, she's American. Also, she isn't pure at all. She's does everything you wouldn't want her to do. Peircings almost everywhere on her face, hair always black, with a different color at the ends almost every month. She's wild, not pure. When she is bitten, things go wrong. Well, not exactly wrong, she's still the same old Catriona as before, just different. Confusing? Yes. A butt-load of fun? Hell yeah!
Please tell me if this idea is good! It's pretty different than other novels you may have read, but it's something I came up with while thinking of a spider bite I got, when I moved to Germany. Please point out my mistakes, and the things you like about it. Thanks! :)

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The Arachnoids


Arachnoid: Resembling or related to an arachnid. If you were to look the word up in the dictionary, that's one of the definitions you would get. But this is what I think of the word: Arachnoid: A person who is bitten by or stung by an arachnid, usually gaining something from this experience, either good or bad.

I was bitten by a spider when I moved to my new house. At school, my friends would call me Spider Woman as a joke, but I felt like there was more. I can't climb up walls, or shoot webs out of my hands. Okay, maybe I can, but not like Spider Man. I'm what you would call a shifter, I guess. I change into a spider when I feel like it, and sometimes when I don't want to. Anything wrong with that? Yeah, I guess you would say. Just imagine, being in a girls locker room, surrounded by arachnophobes. All of the sudden you turn into a spider, oh not just any spider, but a black widow. Screaming and shoes trying to squash you. Absolutely horrible. Luckily, I escape every time, but it's still torture.

So maybe, I guess it's pretty cool. I communicate with arachnids and can make them do things. It's pretty awesome, to come to think of it. I enjoy this more than I thought I did. Well, I guess this is all I ever asked for and more, even though I never asked for this nasty bite.


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