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Excerpts of the King's Daughter

Short story By: Kayla Coleman and Tyler Bussmann

Just some excerpts from my novel I am writing called The King's Daughter. Just to see if you are interested in reading the rest of the book, the first 7 chapters are posted on my wall.

Her mother had protected her ever since her birth, because she was gifted and nobody else could know. All royalty had powers, except for her father, and according to her mother, her too. Arabella the princess of her father’s kingdom has rarely traveled outside of the castle and city walls on her own. But once she is kidnapped by a man madly in love with her and hunted down by assassins, she finds the key to why her mother always protected her, a key that could force her to rethink her life and uncover a father who has a hidden secret that nobody would have ever guessed. And once the only living person that knew her secret slips from her hands, can he be trusted not to give her away?

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Excerpt One:

"Inigrid?" I asked as I tightened my bodice on my dress. I looked up to find her pouncing around the training room with her sword posed in her hand. "Inigrid?" I asked again. I laughed as she suddenly froze and stood upright staring at me.

"Yes?" Her voice caught by her laugh.

"Can I fight you blind folded?" I asked curiously.

"Uhm. I am not so sure about that Arabella. As long as you know what you are doing I suppose." She fumbled with her bottom lip then replaced her sword to its sheath.

"Please. I know what I am doing, Trust me."Her lip twitched into a smile and she finally nodded her head. "Sure thing Princess."

She finished tying the back of the cloth to my head and all I could see was blackness, but within seconds, I could picture the vibrations coursing through the ground, and the heat given off by her body behind me. My abilities had kicked in.

"Are you ready?" She asked nervous. I nodded my head not speaking, and as soon as I felt her pounce I was on it. She held up the fight until suddenly I lost her. Shifting my head left to right I called out, "Inigrid?" There was no response. "Inigrid?" I heard her laugh and suddenly the body leapt at me, springing a sword at my chest. The heat and vibrations weren't the same as before but I thought that she had only done something to trick me. I dodged the blow easily and maneuvered through the hay bales, climbing fast. As I jumped off the lowest one, I did a tuck roll onto the ground and was about to perk up when I felt a slight stab in the back.

"Hey! No physical touching with the swords!" I shouted as I ripped the cloth off and turn around. Puzzled I stumbled backwards losing my balance for a moment but he caught me.

"Nice to see you to Arabella." My whole world spun into swirls and I felt as if I was falling from the top of my tower.

"Nevar." I whispered right before my world went black.

Chapter 12

"Hello?" I sat up clutching my head to make it stop hurting. The blurred figures slowly came into focus and I stared, eyes narrowed, blankly at the man kneeling at my side. "Nevar." His name escaped my lips. "What happened?"

"Apparently, I am too much for you to handle at once. You fainted." His familiar soft smile comforted me as he helped me stand up. I commanded my head to heal and within a few seconds my head completely cleared. "Oh my god! Nevar!" I shrieked as I launched myself into his arms as he swooped me up and twirled me around in his arms.

"There's my Arabella." He smiled as he tilted his head to kiss me. His soft light brown hair brushed against my head as he leaned down to pick me up and kiss me. I stopped confused.

Inigrid cleared her throat thank god and Nevar set me down, keeping his arm wrapped around my waist, I turned to look at Inigrid.

"Inigrid! How long has he been here?" I asked anxious. She only smiled. "Inigrid!"

"This morning he arrived. I let him rest and bathe before he would come and see you." I made eye contact with her slowly back out of the training room

Nevar squeezed my side and I looked up at him. He caught the worried look in my eye and said, "You said it was urgent Arabella." I bit my lower lip guilty.

"Yes. I did." I lengthened my words so that they dragged on. "But."

Nevar narrowed his eyes and glared at me. "But what?" Why did he have to be so handsome when he is angry?

"But you have not heard?" I asked startled. He furrowed his brows. "That I was kidnapped, and held captive for five days, give or take a day. And that the only way how I got back was that I escaped, and rode back on Thea." Nevar's jaw dropped and he rushed to my side looking me over.

"Were you hurt?" I shook my head. But his kiss still pressed at my mind.

"No. But Inigrid was there too. She was by my side all the time, well most of the time." I shot her a smile and she smiled back then left the room.

"Arabella, what happened? Why did they take you?" He asked beginning to grow frustrated.

"Did you know that you are irresistible when you are angry?" I ask absently. As soon as the words slipped, I remembered his last words to me.

He asked confirming, "Am I really?"

"No." I shook my head.

"No what?"

"Why did you kiss me back? You aren't supposed to have feelings for me." I let his memories come back to him as I broke out of his arms. "This will never work." I repeated his words and dashed out of the room.


"You are always in the same place when you run away." Nevar said as he approached me under the large apple tree in the orchard. I tilted my hood down more to hide my face as I took another bite out of my apple.

"I have no where else to go to." I contradicted. I could sense him shrug. "Arabella. Those words." I tensed up at the tone of his voice not wanting him to continue. "I meant them, all of them." I pushed back my tears, guarding my face so he could not see me when I cried.

"Then why did you kiss me back?" I asked trying to listen to the rain. "Because I suppose I was overwhelmed, caught up in the moment. It didn't mean anything, it wasn't supposed to anyways." I let his words sweep past me and off the cliff I was standing on. "Arabella. Are you even listening?" Nevar shouted. "I love you, but it will never work. I am in the army. You are a Princess for God's sake, and I am not even high enough rank to be considered as a husband! No home to provide, no money, no future! You are best off with anyone other than me." I cried silently to myself, my face soaking wet like the rest of my cloak in the rain.

"Just promise me one thing." Nevar added after a pause. "We will still be friends." The worst line I ever wanted to hear. I stood up, my face hot with tears, he was obviously startled, but I grabbed him, and kissed him. Then turned and stormed off to my tower saying. "It will never turn out that way."


I received a letter under my door early in the morning from Emeline that was sent from Nevar. As I opened it and readthe contents I didn't know what to make of it. It could be the last chance I got to see him before he left back for the army. I had to take my chances.

Excerpt Two:
I opened the book on my desk and tried to focus on the foreign language again. Nothing made sense to me, but the language still looked familiar to me. I couldn't make it make sense.
"This damn thing!" I shouted as I flipped the page. Right there on the side of the page was a note. I held it up closer to my face so I could read it.
Once they existed then they disappeared of the face of the planet. Now they are back, and they rule the kingdoms with their powers. All of their powers together inside one human is their powers times one hundred. Then, then they can rule over every being at their own command.
The words were hard to decipher, but as soon as I finished reading the passage I could not help but gape. Someone wanted to kill all of the gifted to wield our powers? What kind of evil mind would do this? I left the room, going to the only place I knew could help.
I found Father Simon praying over his pedestal in the cathedral. "Hello Father." I bowed as I entered the hall.
"Aw! Your highness." Father Simon smiled up from his book to look me in the eyes. "I am in dire need of your help Father." I pleaded. Father Simon glanced at me awkwardly then spoke. "For what your highness?"
"May we talk in your office?" I asked. "Of course," He led me out of the great hall and through a small door into his office. His office packed with ancient books and records rotting on their shelves.
"What is it your highness?" He asked curiously. I set my voice to a whisper. "I need you to tell me what language this is, and I know you will know, so no need to lie to me." I handed him the small journal and watched him open it and flip through the pages.
"Where did you receive this?" He snapped. "That is none of your concern. I need you to answer my question."
He sighed taking a seat at the table covered in books and records. I saw resent flash through his eyes, which made me even more furious. "Tell me." I repeated.
"It is a forgotten language, among most. It is the Seinyun language. Known only by those whose lives revolve around the religious thoughts. It was banned by law, everywhere when what it focused on killing, became the main powers everywhere. It focused on killing all of the gifted, to harness their powers into one being." I sat shocked. I already knew that much, but this time it all made sense.
"Father, you can not speak of this to anyone." I whisper. "I mean it Father, no one." Father Simon looked deeply into my eyes, sealing my word. "I need to know everything you do about this and I need to know everyone else who knows." I demanded.
Father shook his up and down. "Yes, your highness." He frowned. "The first person I know who knew of this, who studied it with all their heart. I know they did not believe in it, but they wanted to stop it. Your Mother Arabella, knew everything about it."
Excerpt Three:
"Emeline!" I laughed as she walked into my room.

"Hello Arabella." She returned my laugh. Inigrid showed up and I helped her pick out one of my dresses.
"Your complexion will go great with this," I held up my bright blue silk dress to her and admired the fabric. "Here try it on." I handed the dress and the corset to her to try on behind the screen.
"Oh my! You look gorgeous!" I gasped as she stepped out from the screen. The blue silk billowed out from her waist, and rippled down to the floor in smooth waves. Her corset displayed the curves that I never knew she had because of everything that she always wore. The white flowers on the fabric of the corset brightened her dark brown eyes.
"No, no I can't wear this. This is yours Arabella."
"No I insist Inigrid, please. I already know what I am wearing." Emeline helped me into my burgundy dress with the white birds that glided over the waves of silk. I looked over my shoulder into the mirror at the back of the dress, part of the burgundy fabric tied up at the base of my corset with a big bow, revealing the white fabric underneath to match the corset.
"I just love that dress." Inigrid said in awe. I helped Emeline twist up Inigrid's fine blonde hair, and then curled mine down my back.
"It is time to leave." Peter appeared at the door. "The carriages are prepared." I laced up my white boots and headed down the stairs, Inigrid close behind.
"Will my father be joining us in this carriage?" I asked praying that he would not.
"No, he has requested one to himself." Peter said before he shut and latched the door.
"I don't believe that I have ever ridden in a carriage before." Inigrid commented through the silence.
"Well, do you enjoy it?" I asked sarcastically. She smirked at me and I laughed.
"I prefer horseback riding. This is too bumpy." I could make out the outline of her face as the curtains on the carriage slid shut. We rode the rest of the way silently, hearing nothing but the sound of the wind howling outside of the carriage.
"We're here." I say as I peered out the window. I sat back so that Inigrid could look out the window to see my cousin's palace. The thin wall that ran all the way out around his home was just a shadow in the dark.
"It is so grand, I mean, not as nice as yours but this is beautiful too." Inigrid commented in amazement. "Well, it's because my Father's is completely surrounded by high walls for defense, and Merek doesn't care about defense, he believes if this place goes to ruins then he can just build a new one, which we don't have the money for, or he will just come and live in ours which us a ridiculous idea." I paused a moment as the carriage slowed. "Therefore, his is more open to the surroundings, showing off its beauty."
The carriage pulled to a stop in front of the palace and the door opened as a hand helped us down out of the carriage. Light flooded the black air from the palace lanterns. I smiled remembering the old palace. "Good evening your highness." A butler helped us down out of the carriage. "Good evening." I held one hand on my crown as I stepped onto the hard ground. Inigrid followed close behind. I pulled my burgundy wool cloak closer around me, a thick gust of wind blowing pasts us.
"Winter is definitely coming." I shivered.
We both walked up the front steps onto the front entry porch. I watched as my father's carriage pulled up behind ours and he got out dressed in his nice robes and crown upon his head.
"Come on." I whispered as I grabbed her arm and walked into the palace. I could hear Inigrid gasp as she looked up to see the new crystal chandelier and the freshly polished white marble floors with swirls of red and burgundy. The two grand staircases met up in the middle with beautiful red carpeting. "I wish my father would fix up our entry hall." I muttered as we stepped further into the crowd.

Excerpt Four:

"Princess Arabella!" The familiar shrieking voice stopped me in my tracks. I could feel her presence trying to grab a hold on my mind but I blocked her out. Stupid gifts, stupid powers. I tried to keep walking away from the voice but a small hand caught onto my shoulder and spun me around.

"Oh Princess Estenella. So pleased to see you." Her name rolled off my tongue with distaste. "I saw you dancing with my brother, quite the pair you make." Her bright red lips parted in an attempt to grin. "Yes…" I rolled on examining her attire. She wore a dark purple dress with small black ribbons wrapping around the base of the dress. Her thick black sash sucked in her waist to make her appear twice as thin as she already was, giving her the appearance of a sick child.

"I just love your dress." She jumped in. "Did you have Helda make it for you? I might just have to steal her from you! The best my seamstress does is this shabby dress." I tried to suppress my laugh behind my cream colored fan so she would not grow angry. Her dress must have cost just as much as mine did. But that went to show how well Helda could make a beautiful dress for me.

"It was nice talking to you, I will see you again soon." I curtsied holding onto my silver crown. I glimpsed up upon her head for a brief moment, noticing her rather large gold and silver crown upon her head. I still preferred mine. With a whish, I spun around and walked away heading nowhere.

I found myself walking through the front doors to get some fresh air but as the doorman pulled them open, a large gust of wind and a gust of freezing ice blew into my face causing me to stumble back. "Oh, I am sorry my lady. I should have checked first." The man apologized. I waved it off and walked back down into the ballroom.

Excerpt Five:
I stood as well but moved further out into the plains farther away from the camp. I took out my sword and messed around with it a little, swinging around and flipping. As I stopped to catch a breath leaning over my knees I heard someone approach. I spun around and met the sword of my opponent. Taking on the challenge I fought the shadowy figure whom had their cloak pulled over their face as they sent me pinned to the ground.
I thought for a moment, then swung my leg up and pushed the sword to the side bringing my sword to theirs as it clattered to the ground. The figure bent over, picked it up and walked away. I shook my head thinking it was some weird nightmare and grabbed my sword and walked back to my tent.
As I sat on my cot in my tent I studied my scratches on my body that I got from the raid. I had about an inch long small cut on my arm and I gently held my hand over it as I focused my powers to heal. Slowly I felt the skin knit back together and as I glanced down my skin that was pink as new.
I excused myself early from the dinner and went back to my tent to read some of the journal before I went to sleep.
I began to shut the book slowly when I thought I heard a footstep. Shaking it off I continued to close the book and shoved it in the bottom of my bag.
I almost screamed when I heard the voice, "What do you have there?"
"Nothing." I closed my pack.
"You know, I didn't believe your guard when she announced you, I tried to lie to myself. This is my territory, the only place I could get away from you and this torturous reality, kind of like your orchard. But then your blue eyes that I remembered so much. But I kept saying no. Then when I fought you, not only your moves, but also your initial in your sword. You are really good at leaving a trail you know." I looked up into his dark brown eyes, but they lacked something, they seemed absent to the situation. They showed anger. What was he getting at?
"What are getting at Nevar?" I clenched my jaw.
"Why your came here."
"I am only here for a few days on my way to the west. But what does it matter to you Nevar? You seem so torn or something. You are the one who left me saying that it would never work because of rank. Then all you can say is you love me. Then you don't want me to be in the same area of land as you for six days. What is it Nevar?" I released my jaw as soon as it started hurting.
Excerpt Six:
The commander called out. "I think we have another branch coming towards us! Slow down!" I brought Thea down to a trot as everyone slowed down. "State your branch!" The commander declared. One man rode forward from the other branch that looked like their commander. But instead of saying anything he waved to his men and they attacked. It felt just like the time before with the black market people, but this was intentional and they had twice the men as us.

I sped forward drawing my bow and loaded an arrow. I aimed at a tall man riding on a brown mare, shot, and he fell to the ground getting trampled by the other horses. Another man near me shot an arrow and as I glanced over I noticed Nevar on his horse shooting constantly drawing an arrow, shooting. I matched his pace and soon I was knocking men down faster than him. As I reached back for another arrow I found a problem. I didn't have any arrows left.
"Nevar! I'm out!" I shouted over the screams. He just shrugged.
He pointed behind me "Watch it!". I spun around drawing my sword colliding it with the man's shoulder. I pulled it out as the stench of blood filled my nostrils. The man collapsed to the ground.
"Thanks!" I shouted absently over my shoulder. I jumped off of Thea and chased into the crowd of men with my sword drawn for attack. As I raised my sword to swing at another man fiercely, I felt a sharp pain rise in my upper arm across my shoulder. I turned around to see a woman holding two blades in her hands. I glanced over my other shoulder and realized she sliced both sides in an x motion. Furious I put my sword back in it's sheath and pulled out two double bladed knives from my arm holsters and attacked her. I dodged as she sliced at me and I swung out my leg tripping her. As she fell to the ground I plunged one of my knives into her chest. Pulling them back out she heaved. I stood there for a minute staring into her blurry eyes, until she was gone which brought me back into reality.
I pulled a mans arm over my shoulder sending him landing on his back then ran after another girl who was screaming as she ran at me with a sword. I knocked the sword to the ground and brought my foot into her face landing her on the ground. A small blade whizzed through the air as I heard it pass by my ear. When I looked down she had two blades in her heart. I turned around to see the commander standing over me with four more in hand.
"No problem." He forced a small smile and disappeared into the crowd. All of the sudden the crowd dispersed and the remainder of the men fled, bleeding and hurt. I scanned the area calling Thea but there was no response. I called her again running this time jumping over the dead bodies and screaming people. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of metal. I found Thea wheezing struggling to stand on all four legs. I rushed to her side to see she had an arrow in her side that pierced through the leather of my saddle, and a long cut down her right thigh. I gasped as I quickly pulled the arrow out of her side. Thea reared up letting out a cry of agony. I glanced around to make sure no one was watching and quickly held my hand over the arrow wound, closing it. Then on my thigh.
I immediately regained my energy and I mounted her riding to catch up to some of the others. 'I need to get my arrows back. I am out.' I gestured to my empty arrow sheath on my back. They stopped and we got off and I went around pulling my arrows out of dead men. A few people groaned but I felt inhuman. I had no emotion towards them. My powers were taking over. I nodded to them and we walked back to our horses. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted the girl who had attacked me though. I walked over to her corpse and studied her features. She had blonde hair tied up in a bun like mine, but she had darker olive skin and her features resembled a cat in a way, a predator. As I reached down to grab her two knives on the ground next to her I caught a glimpse of a marking on her neck. It looked like a coiled cat hunched over a dagger. I captured the image in my head and ran back to meet up with the others.
"I think I have one of your arrows." One of the other archers handed me one of my arrows, the tip drenched in blood.
"Thank you." I took it and wiped it off on my pants then put it back in my sheath.
"No problem."
When I took of my shirt to get changed I realized the blood was dripping through the back. I sat down on my cot and closed my hands over my eyes focusing on the cuts on my back. I felt the power serge through me as it stitched together the wounds. But it didn't feel right when I was done. It didn't feel completely healed. I stood up and stretched my shoulders. It didn't hurt but it felt tight. I sat back down and tried to focus my energy on it again but it didn't work.

if you would like to read more I have my first seven chapters posted, and if you have questions, just comment and ask me :)


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