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Bones in The Closet (naughty office scene)

Short story By: KingofErotica

excerpt from my book No Limits by Ross available on Amazon.

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"Good Morning, Mr. Marks. Please take a seat."

"Good Morning, Dr. Carter."

Looking around her office, I thought to myself, there is no way this woman has read all of these books. From floor level to the ceiling, nothing but books on top of books. I was impressed. Everything about her seemed very orderly, as if she lived life by a check list. Interrupting my thoughts was her punctual, yet sultry voice.

"So what exactly is it that is ailing you Mr. Marks?"

"Wow," I said, taking in a deep breath, "I don't know exactly how to say this."
"Just relax and speak, say whatever it is that is on your mind."

Reluctantly, pushing out my words as provolone is pushed through the grater, I mumbled, "I think I'm addicted to sex."

"Excuse me? I didn't quite get that."

"I think I'm addicted to sex," this time, blurting it out.

"See, was that so hard?" She said, with the most beautiful set of teeth I have ever seen, housed by a pair of lips that were screaming "kiss me."

"First things first, I would like to congratulate you by making what is the first of many steps to finding a solution to your perceived dilemma. To get a better understanding of your situation, I will have to ask you a series of questions regarding your sexual history, secrets and hidden desires. Are you comfortable with that?"

Thinking to myself, hell, I'm already here, might as well let it out. Sighing, I said, "I'm all ears Doc, ask away."

"When did you lose your virginity?"
"I officially lost it at 18. However, I was dry humping and kissing as early as 11 years old.
"Tell me more," she said, with a seductive smile.
"My first partner was experienced, she taught me everything," I continued.
"How old was this woman?" Dr. Carter asked in a rather calm voice, considering the topic.
"She was 26 years old I think."
"So how did it happen, in detail?"
"In detail?" I asked.
"Yes, in detail, please."
"Well, at that time, I was a ward of the state. Every summer my foster parents would take a trip to Tennessee for a two week church convention. In their absence, Sister Meeks was asked to house sit and look after me while they were gone. I really had a crush on Sister Meeks. She was my height, about 5'10, light skin, greens eyes and nice big lips with a button nose.
"Her eyes looked as if she always knew something you didn't know.
"With all of that said, that isn't why I crushed on her."
"Why did you crush on her?"
"I was so turned on by her lower half. She had virtually no stomach, wide curvy hips and her butt was big. Really BIG.
"When I came down stairs to hug my foster parents bye, she was in the kitchen getting food ready.
"Sometime after they drove off, she said, 'Come here and give me a hug boy', but her front half was to the stove.
"'Sister Meeks, how can I hug you, you are turned away from me?'
"'Simple, sweetie, hug me from the back,' she said. I didn't think anything of it, but when I hugged her, I tried my best to keep my lower half away from her.
"She then reached back, grabbed me by my elbows and said, 'A man has to hold a woman tighter from the back,' and pulled me closer until my penis was hard and erect against her big soft cheeks."
Shifting one leg over the other and clearing her throat, Dr. Carter asked, "So how did that make you feel?"
"It felt good physically, but I was embarrassed that she felt my hardness against her. So, I left abruptly, heading up the stairs."
"What happened next?"
"Well, my dick wouldn't go down, and by now, I had developed this habit of masturbating whenever I was anywhere by myself. So I began to stroke my dick slowly."
"Were you thinking about Sister Meeks?"
"Most definitely. I always thought about her when I stroked it."
"About 5 minutes or so goes by, and I hear her say, 'You have a pretty big dick to be so young, baby.' I opened my eyes, and tried to put it away, but she had already had her hands around the base of it.
"That's when I noticed she was naked. She took over stroking it for me and started to whisper in my ear."
"What did she say?"
I noticed Dr. Carters voice was getting a little softer.
"She was telling me that she was going to train me to be a real 'dominant man'. How to fuck a woman right. How to use my dick, tongue and mind to not only discipline, but to reward.
"Little did I know, she was training me to be what she called a Dom."
"So Sister Meeks was into BDSM?" she asked.
"Yes, apparently so."
"Strange sexual appetite for a church going woman, but continue, Mr. Marks."
"So, she told me to grab her by her neck, look her into her eyes, and tell her to 'suck my dick bitch.'"
"WOW! Did you?"
"At first I refused. Pleading, she said, 'Please daddy,' and placed my hand on her soft ass cheek, near her now wet vagina and sat back slowly on my fingers. I began to feel her moistness."
"And is that when you obliged, Mr. Marks?"
"Yes. I told her, 'Gag on this dick, bitch,' and she shook her head no.
"I was confused.
"She said, 'When your sub refuses to do what you ask, you grab her hair a little tighter, not for pain, but for control.
"You take the tips of your fingers and give her a slap. It's not to cause pain, but to get her attention. Once you get her attention, you kiss her slow, deep and passionate, and you tell her again.
"That was the first lesson. She sucked my dick and swallowed my cum when I mastered it. Then she put what looked like a dog collar and leash around her neck. She had me hold it tight while she rode me. As she rode, I noticed every now and again she would shake. I didn't know at the time, but she was having orgasms.
"When I got ready to cum, she rode it faster, assured me she was birth control, and I came inside her.
"Every day all day, for those two weeks, we were having sex and she was teaching me new things. One group of lessons were for everyday sex with typical females, the other for what she called herself, a 'sub'."
"Oh my! Mr. Marks, that is a lot to digest. So what are you thinking, now that you finally got that off your chest?"
"I'm thinking of masturbation."
"Really? So, the thought of Sister Meeks still makes you want to touch yourself."
"No, Doc."
"Call me Jane, Mr. Marks."
"Well, this time, I want to jack my big dick and think about you."
"Mr. Marks, that is highly inappropriate," she said, reaching fast for her phone.
Damn! I thought, is she about to call security?
"Doc," I said, "I apologize if I offended you…" she raised her hand to cut me off. "Sara. Sara!! Listen, I want you to cancel my next two appointments. This is going to take longer than I thought. Ok, thank you."
Hanging up the phone, she took the pin out of her hair and began to undress. I watched in amazement. She was 5'9, hazel eyed brunette. Nice big perky breasts, tight abs and a big bottom. She crawled over to me, stood up between my legs, looked me in my eyes, and said, "Your secrets are safe with me," while taking off my tie. Tying it around her neck in a knot, she handed me the loose end, saying, "I want to be your little slut," as she knelt between my legs, pulling out my dick and stroking it.
"Is that right?" I said.
"Yes daddy."
"I'm not sure how this is going to help me in the lonnnggg ruunnn," I said, shivering slightly as she began to slurp on my man hood.
"Mr.Marks, I feel you need to act out these urges, to see if this is part of you, or something that manifested because of your incident," she said, in between gasps while taking mouthful after mouthful of me.
"On one condition."
"What's that, daddy?" she said.
"Open your fucking mouth and gag on this dick, bitch!" I said.
As she began to open it wider I slid my dick deeper.

This was how my sessions started with Dr.Carter. I would come in, she'd welcome me as if she had never seen me before, we would then engage in some kinky, off the wall dirty talk, and commence to fucking like there was no tomorrow. Life was good for the both of us. Not many shrinks can say they get the fucking of their life once a week, and not many patients can say their shrinks pay to see them.
Pulling my wet dick out of her mouth, I stood her up and began to slap her big, juicy ass over and over. You'd think I'd be used to it, but I'm still amazed at how big her ass is for a white woman.
Must be something in the water nowadays.
"YES BABY SLAP MY ASS JUST LIKE…" putting my hand over her mouth, I rammed my dick into her pussy, nice and rough, just as she likes it. She begins to bite my hand as my other hand is around her throat. Her sweet tunnel spilling over with excitement.
I ask her if she's enjoying the pounding, she looks me deep into my eyes and lets out a long moan. I take a handful of her hair, wrapping it carefully around my fist, placing my hand on her lower back I begin to stroke her slow and deep, just as she likes it, before she cums.
"I want something new this time."
"What's that?" I said, secretly hoping it wasn't more time. I still had one more client, and I could tell I would need a serious nap after this session.
"I want you to cum in this pussy."
Just the thought of it almost made me lose it, I had to slow down and start counting my strokes.
"I'm not… I'm not going to be able to do that," I said.
"I'm on the shot, don't worry," she said.
"So fucking what?" I said. It was growing nearly impossible for me to hold back my orgasm. As she leaned back and began to rub my head she whispered in my ear "I'm paying for this big dick right? You better come in my pussy."
"Speaking of pay," I said between strokes, "I'm going to need extra."
"DONE!" she said.
"Now fuck me nice and steady with that big black dick. MMMMMHMMMM, just like that!"
"I'm about to explode baby!"
"Hold it a little while longer, I'm about cum!" she said.
I began to hit harder and deeper. Soon, she began to squirt on my dick.
I let it go.
"That's right, daddy, fill this pussy up! MMMM."
She began to cum again as if my orgasm was so good, it made her have one. After letting go what I thought was the last bit of man juice I had in me, she began to suck the rest out, slowly, with a devilish purpose until my cock was back up and ready.
"Slide that big dick in me one more time," she said.
"No!" I said laughing. "You do this shit every time I got to go," I said, half chuckling.
"I know," she said with her lip poked out, "You got to run and give my good dick away." I let her get away with calling it hers, what harm was she causing? We both knew the truth. Bending seductively over her desk, pen and check book in hand, she asked, "How much do I owe you?"
"Eight hundred."
"Eight hundred?" she asked.
"Yeah, Misses 'I'm on the shot', just in case you aren't, we will already be set."
"I ain't got to lie to your ass," she said.
"Funny how the South Philly accent come out after some good dick," I said, laughing.
"Kiss my ass," she said, while playfully bending over.
I kissed the left cheek, grabbed my check, and got the fuck out of there.

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