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saphira (just a rough sketch)

Short story By: kitteh

Tags: Slave, Master, Neko

saphira is a neko who was raised to be sold , her fate was to be a servant and she accepted that. little did she know her new master had other plans for her.

Submitted:Feb 9, 2012    Reads: 241    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

The moonlight shined through the cracks of the stone walls as the night air drifted in ,sending shivers down her spine. She could only imagine what the moon looked like for she has never seen anything outside of those four gray moss covered walls she called home. She lay curled up on a bedding of old mildewed straw ,the moonlight glistening off her snow colored fur. Her ear twitched as the sound of foot steps became present, she sat up eyeing the entrance to her room. A loud voice came from behind the door "in this room i have a very special girl that i'm sure will suit your liking". The man reached deep into his pants pocket removing a set of rust colored keys, he unlocked the door and swung it forcefully open. "What is that !?" an unfamiliar voice bellowed.Lookinng at the young girl inside the man chuckled "she is a neko, a girl born with the ears and tails of a cat but a human body none the less".Questioningly the unfamiliar man eyed the girl up and down and released a sinister smirk."Saphira,come here to me" the man ordered.
Looking at the ground shyly saphira approached the two men and softly answered "yes master?". The master placed a firm grip around the young neko's arm, spinning her around as to show the man what he would be purchasing, "i assure you she is of best behavior" . Saphira's heart filled with fear when the man voice filled with malevolence" sold".
Chapter 2
Saphira sat cross legged on her new masters cart patiently awaiting to leave. She had never been outside before and every thing caught her attention, she jumped when she heard a voice" go put this on ,I don't want anyone to see that tail and ears of yours, I get enough attention already" he handed her a light pink Lolita dress with a matching bonnet. They were the most beautiful clothes Saphira has even seen. "thank you sir" she said with a voice so beautiful angels would be jealous. The man smirked when he saw saphira wearing the dress. My, my that dress suits you nicely saphira, oh yes I almost forgot my name is Sebastian but you can address me as 'my lord', do you understand? "yes, my lord" saphira said with a nod. Good girl , now lets get going your new home is a good weeks away. The sound of the horses hooves trotting against the stone road made saphira grow sleepy, she lay her head against the old cart and watched the scenery pass by within minutes the neko was fast asleep. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING??!" Sebastian yelled as he snatched a handful of saphira's hair causing her to jerk up from her slumber. "Did i say you can sleep you dumb bitch?". Saphira starred in shock at the mans remark, she has never been spoken to in such manner. Sebastian cocked his hand back and with a demonicgrin slapped saphira causing her to fall back hard against the carts railing. Saphira's lip began quivering as she was holding back her tears she replied in a broken voice"i..im sorry my lord". Sebastian reached over to saphira and pulled her tightly against him , she could feel the warmth of his breath along her neck " i see i will have to train you to my own liking, i have no patience for a disobedient pet as yourself.


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