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Nightmare or Vision (a dream of mine)

Short story By: KulSteph

A dream I had,please read,this is for you to know that I ain't dead. I am very much alive. And occupied. So if you have any free time please read this awesome and really horrible at the sametime dream that I had.

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I wanted to breath fresh air when I woke up. It was any normal Saturday as usual. I brushed my teeth and combed my hair I also took a shower. Changed into another pair of pajamas because I was so lazy to put on better clothes. I got outside,the sky was turning blue,the sun was rising. I heard some noise from my right hand side of view. I couldn't believe what I was seeing it was a..... ZOMBIE!
It came walking to a neighbors house so far away from mine. It was at the starting of my street. I ran inside and got a gun. I couldn't control what I was doing. I got the gun and pointed at the zombie, it was still knocking at the house that was away from mine. He knocked, well hit hard actually, and a woman,a teenager opened the door. She was sleepy it seemed like it and when she saw that horrible face heard that terrible moaning and smelled him. Well who wouldn't be horrified to see him. She was pushing the door shut. But it was hard to do it when a 200 hundred ex-human man hungry zombie was punching right inside to eat her and who ever was inside with her. Then as the zombie was about to push right in and eat her I pulled the trigger and I hit the zombie. As if it was no big of a deal. I did excellent,headshot. It was really nothing that is what I felt. Nothing.
Then the vision blurred and I was at Garcia Middle School in my rd period class in Mrs.Hernandez's class. Klarissa was the daughter of the zombie I had double killed with a headshot. She was yelling at me.

"You killed my father!"
"Actually he was already dead,I just did him a favor on sending him back to where he can rest in peace." I said the words in such a calm voice that everyone kept quiet except Klarissa.
"How could you? He was a human!"
"No,Klarissa,he wasn't a human as you say he was a zombie."
She kept quiet,thinking,that obviously I was right.
Then it just came to me,an idea and that it could be true.

"He bit you didn't he?!"
She looked at me in disbelief and yelled "NO HE DIDN'T!"
"He didn't," as if trying to make herself believe that.
"Show me the bite,Klarissa,show me."
"Well then." I stood up everyone looked at me and I got her sweater that she almost didn't wear. Just when it was really cold for her. I pulled it with such a force that it came out immediately.
And I saw it. She was bitten.
I examined the bite. And without knowing what I was actually saying I said, "You have about 3 hours to survive then you will be a zombie."
She looked at me with such sadness that she was about to suffer so much.
Then the vision blurred again.

I was running to a warehouse. Following a bunch of people. The sky was dark, I suppose it was night. There were buildings around me I had never seen. The building's windows broken. I heard guns and bombs in the distance and more glasses shattering. I couldn't believe what was happening. I just couldn't control myself. I was running with the people when I entered to the cellar a woman said, " Alright people here we will be safe!"
She was about to close the stowage door when I said, "Please I need to look for my parents,they are in a building trapped."
She thought about it. The she asked, "Are they bitten?"
"No,there not bitten." I replied to her question.
"Alright then I will close the doors come back as quick as possible okay?"
"Okay I will."
I got outside and a person was following me. I didn't care who he or she was. Or how they looked I just wanted to look for my parents. Then I found a trashcan that was so big and full of sharp objects I couldn't explain how that could be in the middle of this horrible dream. I just got a big knife. A really big one,one that I never saw it existed. But it did. Zombies came toward me and my partner.I swiped my big knife and killed them cutting her heads open and their brains spilled on the floor.
A group of kids came walking,marching in the same pace.
A group of kids that I knew. It was Ester,Luigi and some other dudes from P.E... class back at Garcia. It was strange,but then I remembered that anything was possible in dreams.
I ran,my partner still running behind me. We got on a building so big that I couldn't see where it ended. Sadly the windows were mostly shuddered,if they were there the building could maybe look cool. We entered and I knew where my parents were, at the seventh floor.
We took the stairs because mostly all the electricity was going off without anyone alive running the electric building. I pushed the doors,the bombs were so close before the screams and gunshots.
I walked slowly and looking for my parents. Then my parents came running,happy to see me. I was so excited to see them again. Then out of the shadows. A zombie came and attacked my father.
"Dad!" I screamed and my mom went to the rescue. It wasn't helpful but the opposite of that. The zombie bit my dad and my mom. The zombie started to eat anything that it could off my dad's body (who was still aware of what was happening). "
I was getting closer then my mother said, "Stephanie,no back off. You can't help us."
I couldn't believe what my mother was saying, I thought that maybe it was because of the bite that my mother was saying stuff.
It wasn't. She was serious.I was crying right now, "What?! No, I can't leave you and my dad here. With that!" I pointed at the zombie.
"No,Steph it was destiny who did this. Go save the rest of the world who are still alive. I will be okay,I promise."
I knew she was not okay,she wouldn't ever be. I cried more and couldn't believe what my mother was saying was actually true, I have always believe that this day would have come. I prepared and all my friends didn't. I survived and now I just couldn't. Won't let my mother here alone with that monster.
"NO! Mom come with me now!"
"No,sorry I can't."
Then my partner picked me up from where I was kneeling. Not even noticing that I was on my knees. I followed her. Then I woke up. My room dark. I checked my phone clock. 5:13 a.m..
Wow! What a dream? Now I have to get my uniform and get ready to school. This day was going to be epic.


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